NPJ Teacher Feature: Frances Sarpy

By Holly Penta

Frances Sarpy, a 2nd grade teacher at Fairview Alpha Elementary, is “dedicated to making every child feel like they have someone on their side. She knows that kids face problems at home that the school may not be aware of and that the school may be the only positive influence or place they feel safe, so she makes an extra effort to ensure that each student feels welcome.

Although Sarpy has had countless “meaningful moments” during her 14 years of teaching, she says teaching a shy girl to read was the most memorable. Teaching children to read and watching their confidence grow is one of her favorite parts of teaching, but this particular case was special. One year, a little girl brought her imaginary friends to school to learn to read alongside her. She was so excited by reading that she told her imaginary friends about it. Once they heard, she said they couldn’t wait to come to school, so she brought them along. Sarpy played along, but before long the girl was confident enough to come to school without her imaginary friends and was an avid reader by the end of the school year.

When Sarpy was a new teacher, she was given some useful advice that she wants to relay to other new teachers. “You do not have to love kids, but you have to like them,” she said. “A clear passion for teaching will encourage kids to rise to the occasion.”

She believes that every child has the ability to lead and that it is the teachers’ duty to meet them where they are and nurture them the rest of the way. She said, “Every day is a new day to make a difference in a child’s life by showing how much I prioritize my students.”

She said she “absolutely loves” her job and it’s clear that her students absolutely love her.

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10 thoughts on “NPJ Teacher Feature: Frances Sarpy

  1. Congrats, Sarpy! I am very proud of you and your accomplishments with children. Thanks for making a difference!

    Kathy Anyan

  2. Marilyn Browning Congratulations Frances, very proud of you, I will have to tell Kim. ❤️❤️

  3. Congrats Sarpy on your recognition. You completely deserve it. You have always had a positive attitude towards your students and that’s hard to consistantly keep in our profession.

  4. We had the best time in Cloutierville with Sebrena having Mrs Sarpy as her teacher and even after her leaving to a other grade, she was a big help! We love your Mrs Sarpy!

  5. I have had the privilege of seeing you teach and I know the passion you bring to your class. Your students are fortunate to have a teacher that love her job and her students.

  6. Great Job!!! Meet you at Addison’s birthday party and I knew from just talking with you that you really “LOVE” children and teaching. Keep up the great work!!

  7. Go Frances! I know you make every day in that classroom count. Some of your students may have rough lives, but they are very fortunate to have your love and care at school. Keep up the great work! You are awesome.

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