Parish Council may put Police Jury to a vote

Parish Council Chairman Rodney Bedgood added an item to the agenda to consider putting an item on the ballot to let the people of Natchitoches Parish decide whether they want to stay with the Home Rule Charter form of government or go back to the Police Jury. Bedgood said he put this item on the agenda for Monday night’s Parish Council meeting, April 15, because some of his constituents asked him to give them the chance to vote to change the form of government back to the Police Jury.  The Council will address this item in their May meeting.

An item to consider approving a proposed engagement letter from Thomas, Cunningham, Broadway and Todtenbier failed with a 3-2 vote (Paige, Hoover, and de Graffenried voted no). The engagement letter is for services in connection with the audit of the Parish’s control and compliance areas identified in the Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s Statewide Agreed-Upon Procedures for the fiscal year ended Dec. 31, 2018.

An item was tabled until next month’s meeting, which would authorize the Parish President to sign and execute a cooperative endeavor agreement with the residents of Beau Vista for the resurfacing of Beau Vista Road, pending the approval of a budget amendment for the Parish’s portion of the funding. The residents requested bids, which came in at roughly $18,000 to fix 500 feet of road. However, there is no treasurer to put a budget amendment together for this project, or another cooperative endeavor agreement with residents on Kayla Drive for a similar project, which is estimated to cost $34,000 for 800 feet of road.

Another item was tabled for the Council to consider approving a resolution to declare the Solid Waste Transfer Station as “surplus property” and to authorize the advertising for proposals to lease and operate it. Council members requested a copy of the RFP and lease agreement before voting on this item.

Other agenda items included:

Authorize Parish President to enter into an agreement with a management consulting firm for the provision of temporary accounting services required due to the departure of the Parish Treasurer. Parish President Rick Nowlin told the Council he will have a candidate to present to them at the May meeting to fill this vacancy. However, if the candidate doesn’t accept the position for some reason, this agreement for temporary accounting services would come into play.

Declare a 1985 fire truck surplus and to authorize the Parish President to sign the title so Fire District No. 4 can donate the truck to Rapides Parish Fire District No. 18

Amend and reenact ordinance to change the percentage of meetings a member of a Parish board or commission must attend in order to remain a member of the board or commission from “absence more than 75%” of the regularly scheduled meetings in any calendar year to “absence more than 25%”

Adopt 2019 budget revisions for the Operating Budget

Adopt millage(s):

Ad Valorem tax for general government purposes- 1.73 mills (In) and 3.47 mills (Out)

Road District #40- 5 mills

Health Unit Maintenance- 3 mills

Parish Library- 8 mills

Public Buildings- 3 mills

Award bid for crushed concrete to Regional Construction LLC

Approve canvas, returns, and declare the result of the special election held in Sales Tax District No. 2

Award contract leasing three dump trucks

Award bid for Phase I of Payne Subdivision Project to Cross Keys Construction LLC of Shreveport in the amount of $200,426.71. The state Facility of Planning and Control approved the reduction in the project scope to bring the cost of the project within the funds available at this time. This means Phase I is being divided into two separate projects. The first project budget is approximately $267,000, which amount includes the Parish match of approximately $67,000. Public bids were opened April 10.

8 thoughts on “Parish Council may put Police Jury to a vote

  1. How about we just vote out the ones that we know are just there to keep a seat warm? Paige and Hoover for sure have to go, since they only seem to have their own selfish motives in mind and have zero interest in doing anything to improve this parish. Going back to a police jury isn’t going to fix any of the current problems.

  2. Changing the form of gov’t will not increase the revenue in any way. This is politics and power, as usual. Don’t fall for it, look for the REAL reason this person is (and has been) trying to change it.

  3. It doesn’t matter what form of government we have in Natchitoches Parish. Until the elected officials do what we have voted them in for nothing will change. Perhaps the best thing that could happen is the next election (no matter what form of govt we have) the voters decide it is time to get rid of everyone in office now and get some qualified and concerned people to run this parish.

  4. Do not vote to change back to police jury! This is just a tactics to avoid term limits and the Same ones can stay in office!!!! And why donate surplus to another parish better off them this one? They need a fire truck DID IT CROSS ANYONES MINE THAT WE NEED THE FUNDS BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE? Sell them the truck, lease them the truck,trade for something! Just don’t give the damn thing away are we that well off! Does anyone thing ANYTHING through? Come on………..

    • Put the truck up for auction and sell it to the highest bidder. I am sure that those trucks sell for a lot of money, which can be put back into the budget for other vehicle purchases.

    • Several of them are about to be out of a position and health insurance because their term is up. Switching back to Police Jury would keep the same people in place. I think we need fresh ideas.

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