EZ-RYDR coming to Natchitoches

EZ-RYDR is a subscription-based ride share service that puts safety first with thoroughly-vetted drivers and other features. This start up company launched in Oxford, Miss. in October, 2018. It’s now operating in Starkville, Miss., Ruston, and will be in Natchitoches as soon as a fleet of drivers can be established. This could be as soon as a few days, according to CEO and co-founder Kyle Staude.

Kyle started EZ_RYDR with three other co-founders: CTO Jeff Tindall, Marketing Director Austen Cain, and VP Brad Beard. Also on board are advisors Jay Worthy and Tom Pecora.

Staude said they plan to offer their services within Natchitoches City limits initially, but plan on expanding throughout the Parish. Of course, rides will cost a bit more to the outer areas of the Parish, but isn’t it worth it to avoid a DUI?

“We’re a car service that cares,” said Staude. “Our focus is on the underserved and often times overlooked rural college towns. We want to bring a sense of community to what we do.”

EZ-RYDR is currently recruiting drivers for the Natchitoches area. For more information go online to ez-rydr.com or https://www.facebook.com/ezrydrllc.

5 thoughts on “EZ-RYDR coming to Natchitoches

  1. I think it’s a great idea to have some sort of public transportation. This is the first place I have lived that didn’t. It isn’t all about ppl that drink & need a ride from place to place, think about the disabled, elderly, & those with no transportation or who live away from shopping, banking, etc. I just hope the drivers are screened to the max.

  2. how much is a ride from the Pub to Mama’s ? because for most of the people
    in town they will all drink and eat on Front street which is all walking distance to each bar,unless your younger and go out to Antoons or want an MMA fight and go to JJ’s now the only other place to drink would be Chilis.Would it be possible to get a price list ?

  3. Finally ! this a great to see in town.But the majority of fun bars and places not
    to get stabbed or hang out with minors are right on Front Street and very accessible by foot .This is a great idea though and I hope it works out .

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