Supporting Goodwill® on Earth Day benefits environment, fosters economic growth

Earth Day is the perfect time to reflect on how you can positively impact the environment and create a healthier planet. One way to do this is by donating to and shopping at Goodwill Industries.

According to a recent Forbes article, fast fashion, while convenient, is harmful to our environment and the planet. The rapid mass production that most retailers undergo creates a surplus of inventory, much of which ends up in landfills. Nearly 13 million tons of clothing are sent to U.S. landfills every year. That’s enough to fill an entire football stadium 14 feet deep. While sitting in landfills, clothing leaks toxic chemicals and dyes that contaminate soil and groundwater.

By donating and shopping second-hand at Goodwill, you’re taking a stand against fast fashion and practicing a sustainable lifestyle that helps the environment. Shopping at Goodwill gives items a second life and gives people a second chance by providing skills and job training as well as placement opportunities for those facing challenges to finding employment.

In addition to clothing, you can shop for items such as furniture, electronics, home décor and more. Reuse keeps items out of landfills and helps slow production. Last year alone,

On Earth Day, Goodwill will collaborate with sustainable fashion influencer Rachel Cole to spread awareness about how shopping at Goodwill fosters a sustainable lifestyle. The nonprofit also collaborated with Buzzfeed producer and home décor influencer Ashley McGetrick during Earth Week. She provided a step-by-step visual guide to transform a vintage record player into a jewelry box, encouraging reusing and recycling through secondhand shopping at Goodwill.

In addition to benefiting the environment, supporting Goodwill also helps people in your community. Eighty-seven cents of every dollar spent at your local Goodwill stores across North Louisiana goes toward creating employment and job training opportunities in your community. Last year, more than 700 individuals werer placed into sustainable employment.

About Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana

Goodwill is a nonprofit leader in providing education, training and career services for people with disabilities, such as physical or mental disabilities, lack of education or work experience and homelessness. Goodwill is ranked 11th on the Forbes 20 Most Inspiring American Companies list, the only nonprofit to be included. Since 2010, Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana helped place more than 50,000 individuals people in jobs.

Goodwill Industries of North Louisiana’s, 11 retail locations provide not only affordable goods and services, but also jobs for those in need and revenue to support Goodwill’s charitable mission. Goodwill also multiple job resource centers, equipped with job-search experts, computers, Internet access and telephones. Goodwill believes that work has the power to transform lives by building self-confidence, independence, creativity, trust and friendships. Everyone deserves this chance.