According to Kris: How to Dress for Success with Mario Fox

By Kris James

Although he may be a resident of Natchitoches, Mario Fox is no average Joe. After leaving at the age of 19 and joining the Army, Fox obtained his realtor license while in Washington, DC and strived for success. After 10 years he moved back Natchitoches and is now the assistant broker at the ever-growing Rhodes Realty. But Mario’s knowledge of Real Estate wasn’t the only thing he picked up. He learned that the first impression you leave is important and a lot of it has to do with how you dress. Mario is a firm believer of “dress how you would want the world to see you.”

“Nobody going to buy a million dollar home from you if you don’t look the part,” he said.

Anyone that’s gotten the chance to meet Mario, knows he knows how to wear a suit. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him on a good Friday morning to discuss why style is important and how to create dapper looks in the workplace. Even that morning he greeted me in a custom “Obama blue” suit, a crisp white button-down and a knitted turquoise tie (SEE IMAGES BELOW).

KJ: Everyone doesn’t know how to wear a suit, and look good wearing one. How did you get introduced into the art of suit-wearing?

MF: My first four suits came for Burlington, that my wife purchased for me. I got them tailored and started creating my look, but it wasn’t until one of my mentors told me “Fox you gotta get some better suits.” People who wear nice suits can tell a good suit just by quality. I couldn’t afford it at that moment so I continued to sell real estate until I could buy my first custom suit. At that point, I saw the difference of the texture and quality and I never looked back.

KJ: What are some details you should look for when getting a nice suit?

MF: You should always make sure your jacket fits you. You don’t want it too tight but never big and boxy. Custom suit jackets have functional buttons, even small details in the treading. Pants are your preference, I personally don’t like the highwater look.

KJ: What’s your favorite add on?

MF: I put a lot of energy in ties. I don’t think a lot of business people realize how important a tie is. Everything from the color to the pattern on the tie. For me, I know every situation is different. If I’m headed to a meeting I wear bold dominating colors. Not just the color but the knot is important too, for example, the Windsor knot is more aggressive, but the prince fox knot, which I named after myself, is fun and modern.

KJ: Last question, What are 5 tips everyone should know

MF: 1. Dress according to the seasons, velvet or corduroy do not work in the warm seasons.

2. Every man should have a suit in their closet.

3. Don’t overdo it. Keep it simple and classic. There are ways to look good without doing too much.

4. If you can’t afford custom suits find a good tailor.

5. Last but not least, find your own style and be true to who you are.

For someone so, young Mario has proven that no matter where you come from you too can succeed. Different situations could have taken him down a different path but he wanted more. He wanted to move not just for his wife and kids but for his community.

“Dress the way you want to be acknowledged” – Mario Fox

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