East Natchitoches School of Fine Arts presents Night of Celebration

The East Natchitoches School of Fine Arts (the former L.P. Vaughn School of Fine Arts) will present its annual “Celebration” on Tuesday, May 7 at 5:30 P.M. in the East Natchitoches Elementary School gym.

Students will be judged on a four-point rubric. Three East Natchitoches Elementary teachers will judge the students. Winners in each category will receive a trophy for first, second, or third place.

In the vocal solo, dance, and violin category, Darvey Allison will perform “Castle on a Cloud.” Performing “Almost There”, Mariah Silvie will showcase her talent. Saniyah Braxton will sing “A Million Dreams.” Doing a tap dance entitled “Sweet but Psycho,” Simone Robinson will tap for her talent. Playing the violin will show case the talent of Matthew Dawson as he plays “Apache.”

In the instrumental keyboard and drum category, Alayla Bradford will play the drums to “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High.” Jarin Pikes will play his drum rendition to “Grove 5 Slow”. Not to be out done, William Johnson will play his drum solo to “Grove 6 Slow.” Collin Achord will also play a drum solo.

Also, in the instrumental category are keyboard students. Bayla Procell will play “Chopsticks.” Emily Metoyer will play “Ferris Wheel” by Fabdr. Jacob Smith will play “Runaway Rabbit.” Aaliyah Perry will play “C D E F G March.” Shayla Simbron will play “Amazing Grace.” Phillip Massey will play “Hallelujah.”

The group category will include the drama duo, Olivia Curl and Chloe Kelly. The guitar class, playing “Camptown Races” will include Zoe Gay, Ryan Procell, and Levi Aton on the guitar. Ending the evening showcase will be the art class who will each paint a slightly different version of “The Blue Dog.” The art class includes Lathan Johnson, Kylie Cason, Barbara Clark, Journey Ashlock, Sierra Robinson, Joseph McDowell, Isabell Fuller, Aaliyah Goston, and Valentina Forkner.

Danny R. Von Kanel is the Director and Coordinator of the East Natchitoches School of Fine Arts. Chrystal Davis is the principal of East Natchitoches Elementary School. Mr. Dale Skinner is the superintendent of the Natchitoches Parish Public School District. The public is cordially invited to this year’s celebration.

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