Natchitoches Parish Tax Assessor announces retirement

Dollie Mahoney announced May 1 that she will not be seeking reelection for Natchitoches Parish Tax Assessor. She has worked in the Assessor’s office for a total of 38 years (23 as a deputy, 7 as a chief deputy, and 8 as tax assessor). This is the end of her second term in office, which she will finish out until it ends in 1 year and 8 months.

“This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve made,” said Dollie. “The people I’ve worked with all these years are my family. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many people who have come through the office over the years and I leave with so many fond memories. It’s been a huge part of my life.”

Message from Dollie To The Citizens of Natchitoches Parish:

When you have spent 37 years of your life, walking up the same steps, into the same building and same office it is certainly hard to think that there is another path for you. With much prayer and thought, my husband, daughter and I have decided that this will be my last term in office. It has been a joy and a pleasure to serve each of you. I have not, nor will I ever take it lightly for you putting your trust in me to serve as your Assessor. To all of those that I have worked for and with over the years, I say thank you because it is definitely a team effort to get this job done. I do plan to complete the rest of my term and then move on to whatever God has in store for me. I must say to my husband Joe and our daughter Shari, you are the reason why, and to God be the Glory. Again, thank you to all of the citizens of Natchitoches Parish and May God Bless You Always!!

Dollie Charles Mahoney
Natchitoches Parish Assessor

5 thoughts on “Natchitoches Parish Tax Assessor announces retirement

  1. Mrs Dollie— We will forever thank you for the wonderful beautiful smile and wave and support you have shown to Marthaville and our “Good Ole Days Festival and Parade”. Your profound and friendly and so efficient office staff and especially YOU will forever be remembered. God Bless and Thanks for people in leadership like YOU. ‘Fuzzy and Karen”

  2. Congratulations Dollie Charles Mahoney on your retirement.
    Blessings in your future endeavors

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