Jim Kilcoyne is seeking the seat of Parish Council District 3.

Kilcoyne brings years of management experience to the table. He worked 18 years for International Paper Company which included 8 years as supervisor of the road maintenance crew. Kilcoyne inherited a crew in the red and in a few years turned it into a revenue-producing entity while still meeting all road maintenance needs. He was responsible for 500 miles of road scattered through 13 parishes. With only a two-man crew and limited resources and budget, Kilcoyne had to think outside of the box to get the job done.
“I plan to spend time with the parish road crew and the supervisor out on the roads. I have enough experience to know what can be done. I will be able to recognize opportunities to maximize production and can’t be fooled being told what can’t be done,” Kilcoyne said.

While roads are the single biggest issue, it is not the only responsibility of the parish council and parish president. The department of public works is responsible for the roads and for solid waste. But there are other department and services that must be administered, have their needs, and which offer opportunities to manage the overall budget in an effective and efficient manner for the good of the parish.

Kilcoyne has both private business experience and experience working in the public sector. He was a teacher in public schools, 7 years in Red River Parish, and served as Director of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at NSU for 8 years.

“As director of the SBDC I had to manage personnel and a budget, which was funded with public money from several sources. I had three “bosses.” NSU was the host entity with its set of policies and requirements. My direct supervisor was a vice-president at NSU. The university provided administrative services and matching funds. My other two “bosses” were the state, through Louisiana Economic Development, state funds, and finally the Small Business Administration (SBA) a federal agency providing federal funding. We also received private donations, which were placed in our foundation account and came with a completely different set of rules how the funds could be used. So, I fully understand how to conduct operations, get the job done, while adhering to a host of requirements, rules, and policies,” Kilcoyne said.

District 3 is mostly inside the city limits and as such is also served by city services. That does not mean the people of the district do not deserve stalwart representation on the parish council. To make the most of the limited budget and resources the council needs to set aside differences and all pull in the same direction. There are opportunities to forge alliances and enhance those already in place, such as with the city, Northwestern State University, and with private entities.

“We are all residents, and taxpayers, in the Parish of Natchitoches,” Kilcoyne said. “I see this as an opportunity to serve as a voice of reason on the council. To be able to listen to the other council members, to the parish president, and to the various department heads, and offer non-biased suggestions to solve problems.”

Kilcoyne holds degrees from Louisiana Tech, Northwestern State, and LSU-Shreveport, and various certificates from the Universities of Houston, Toledo, and Memphis.

The people of Natchitoches Parish deserve a government that works for them. This is not about the council members.

“Parish residents, the taxpayers, are our customers,” Kilcoyne said. “The council wouldn’t last long as a private business by not meeting the needs of customers. I will have one litmus test on any proposals, and that is, does this best meet the needs of the people of Natchitoches Parish?”

Kilcoyne is financing his campaign, no donations solicited, and has no campaign manager.

“I am not interested in the political aspects of this, I only care about doing a great job for Natchitoches Parish. I am pragmatic and only interested in getting the job done,” Kilcoyne said.

Election day is October 12, 2019. Please exercise your right to vote.

10 thoughts on “Jim Kilcoyne is seeking the seat of Parish Council District 3.

    • I am married to Dr. Margaret Kilcoyne, Dean of the College of Business and Technology at NSU. And I worked at NSU too, though not currently.

  1. Donna, thank you for the kind words and the show of support. As for our joint efforts as you mentioned, YOU deserve all the credit for that. I was just happy I could assist.

    Yes, I hope, if elected, I can help make a difference for the betterment of the parish.

    Keep up the great work you do for people who need a “hand up.”

  2. Jim, it has been a pleasure working with you over the years for the betterment of those in Natchitoches parish. Whether it was small business development classes in Natchez and Campti or technical and financial outreach events through Campti Field of Dreams, you have always supported economic development and entrepreneurship initiatives
    throughout Natchitoches Parish and beyond. You understand the importance of small businesses and job creation and their economic impact on the local, regional, and national level. You would be an asset in our continued growth and development. You also understand that we need good roads to move those goods and services so I know you would make it a priority. Good luck on your campaign and thank you very much for your efforts to improve the quality of life in our community!

  3. Get the job done.

    I like that and would be a welcomed change to the bickering, backstabbing, and suing the parish others excel at.

  4. Good luck Jim!! I’m not able to vote, as I’m living in the great state of Texas!!! I’ve known you for years and think District 3 will benefit with you! Love ya

  5. Mr. Kilcoyne seems fully qualified to serve on our council. I am impressed by his mixture of public and private work experience. District 3 needs someone who chooses cooperation over contentious lawsuits.

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