Kenny Cox re-elected to serve another term in House of Representatives

Dear Friends,

I am honored to have been re-elected to serve another term in the Louisiana House of Representatives. I take your confidence to heart while serving in the legislature. My family and I cannot express in words our sincere appreciation for your continued support. I will continue to serve the citizens of District 23 with honor, pride, and integrity. Thank you all once again!

It’s truly a blessing to serve you in Baton Rouge.

Lt. Col. Kenny R. Cox U. S. Army (Ret.)
State Representative District 23
Desoto, Natchitoches, and Red River Parishes

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9 thoughts on “Kenny Cox re-elected to serve another term in House of Representatives

  1. Should have read,” No one worth coming out for, dead weight stays in place for another term.” And yes I’m a veteran so I can say it about the pentagon chair polisher.

    • True. I was just going to ask how I managed to miss an election as I try to vote in every one of them. Come on writers, say it the way it is and don’t give those fake headlines. We really do like to read the truth in news.

      • I guess technically, it’s not a fake headline if it’s just a letter from someone. But a better “headline” would have been “Kenny Cox Shares His Appreciation for Another Successful Re-election.”

        Speaking of re-elections, how many terms has he served in Baton Rouge? I first met him 4 years ago at a veteran’s Day program at Natchitoches Central, and he seemed like a local celebrity then.

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