The Spirit of Northwestern Band Brings Precision and Superb Music Every Season!

By Kevin Shannahan

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One of the signature sounds of the fall season, band music, has been in evidence on the NSU campus as the Spirit of Northwestern Marching Band puts on the final polish for the home opener against the Midwestern State University Mustangs Saturday, September 7.
The Spirit of Northwestern Band has been delighting audiences for over 100 years with their superb halftime shows at every home football game. In addition to the musicians, the band’s 342 members include a flag line, dancers and color guard. One can hear the rehearsals all over Natchitoches each morning during the football season, truly one of the nicer things about life in our city!
On the field, in 12+ hour practices and in the classroom, these exemplary young men and woman are putting in the hard work that leads to true excellence. Several band alumni are serving as music teachers in the Natchitoches School system, bringing their love of music to the younger generation. The NSU Band also sponsors several band camps throughout the summer for high school musicians.
The Natchitoches Parish Journal extends its best wishes to the Northwestern State University Band for a successful year. Fork ’em Demons!

4 thoughts on “The Spirit of Northwestern Band Brings Precision and Superb Music Every Season!

  1. I was in the “Spirit of Northwestern” in the late 80’s-Early 90’s. I have friends that I talk with every day that originated in that amazing group. Keep up the amazing work and keep making memories.

  2. Our granddaughter Leah Morace is a freshman at NSU, and loving it! She is very committed to her music and the band. We are very proud of her and all her hard work thus far. Continued Prayers and Support. Granny and Grandpa Montgomery Pineville, La

  3. Love the article and support! However, the term flag line is the same thing as color guard. The term color guard is preferred, because they spin more than just flags. They spin rifles, sabers, and use many other props according to the show. I can’t wait to see the first show!

  4. Remembering back some years ago, our band had an embarrassing number of 50-75 members. It is a delightful and wonderful experience seeing and hearing almost 350 young men and women marching, both in line and step, across the field showing their professional and musical talents. The band and their professors should be commended and deserve recognition for such an outstanding display of talent. Thank you “Spirit of Northwestern” as you continue your journey. You make us proud! VERY PROUD!

    It would be an extraordinary experience if the City proclaimed “Spirit of Northwestern Day” saluting the band.

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