Williams endorses McMurtry

Roger H. Williams/Opinion

Approximately two years ago Rick Nowlin approached several citizens to prepare a study in regard to the condition of the Natchitoches Parish Roads and a possible solution as to how to solve this issue.

I served as Chairman of the committee, and Alan McMurtry was Vice Chair. The two of us represented Natchitoches.

Charles Cloud, Goldonna
Donna Isaacs, Campti
John Masson, Cloutierville
Wayne Pleasant, Marthville

These six represented the Natchitoches Parish Road Study Committee.

Many hours of study and research went into this project. A written report was prepared and submitted to the President and Council. The report included:

1) Securing funds necessary for maintaining and repairing the roads.
2) Equipment necessary for road repairs.
3) Personnel needed to accomplish the job.

The Council chose not to act and consequently nothing was done, thus the roads remain in a deplorable condition and a solution as to how to fix them remains elusive. The voters of Natchitoches Parish could have had a chance to vote on these recommendations if they had been given the opportunity. It was never put on the ballot of the next election.

One member of the road committee, Alan McMurtry, is now running for Parish Council District #3. Alan is a graduate of NSU and has a Masters Degree in Finance.

He moved to Houston Texas and as a Certified Public Account spent years working in the financial business arena, raising money for capital projects and assisting corporations in raising funds through bond issues.

I worked with Alan McMurtry on the road committee and I found him to be an excellent team member. He is a very good communicator with an impressive background in finance and corporate matters. Alan would be a most valuable member of the Natchitoches Parish Government.

Therefore I heartily endorse Alan McMurtry for election to Parish Council District #3 and I ask that you give him your consideration and vote in the October 12, 2019 election

8 thoughts on “Williams endorses McMurtry

  1. Their lawyer is ADA Mansour. He is already on the Parish payroll. You are obviously a Richmond troll and are interested only in spreading political disinformation. That is shameful, Sir.

    • I believe you are referring to me. Actually, as I have posted on this forum, I have not settled on a candidate for parish president, or for sheriff either. So, OBVIOUSLY you are wrong again! Shame on you for making that false allegation.

      However, as I have posted, I do have preferences for each of the council seats. I just posted as much the other day.

  2. From what I have seen, read and heard, McMurtry is head and shoulders above Kilcoyne in experience and intelligence and eminently more qualified to serve the needs of the parish on the Council.

    • Intelligence? I don’t know either one well enough to comment on that. Wondering what makes you such an expert to pronounce one is “head and shoulders” smarter than the other one.

      As for experience, I know this. Kilcoyne actually ran a road crew, and mcmurty has actually sued us taxpayers.

      • Yep 18 years Supervising a two man logging road crew. Guffaw!
        And the rest of his “experience” is very spotty. The president won’t need the council to tell him how to maintain a logging road or any other kind of road. The president will have that covered. The president needs a council that is familiar with financing and sourcing funds for large construction projects.

      • And to correct your mischaracterization: the man did not sue the taxpayers!

        Quite to the contrary, he sued Nowlin and Richmond for going around Council and misusing the taxpayers money. He should be applauded not derided for seeking to stop that practice for now and evermore. Sir, you don’t seem to have a grasp of the facts.

        Looks like John Richmond has been buying votes with selective road repairs.

        And THAT’S a fact Jack!

      • You are 101% right! I’m not in Dist 3 but I urge voters there to please send us Kilcoyne.

        I guess Miss Polly thinks Nowlin and Richmond are paying the lawyers out of their own pockets. No, we taxpayers are footing that bill.

        `As I understand it the lawsuit is based on some purchase of rock to fix a road, apparently a repair much needed so people could get down that road. Under section 5-04 item E, of the Home Rule Charter, it states the president can transfer funds within any department. That’s what President Nowlin did.

        I also went back and read Kilcoyne’s announcement, he did a lot more than just supervise a road crew. Besides, given that our roads are so terrible maybe the council does need someone who knows what he’s doing.

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