Old Bethel Baptist Church will celebrate 172 years

Old Bethel Baptist Church will celebrate its 172nd Homecoming on Oct. 6 at 10 a.m. with a service preached by Bro. Jack “Bubba Jack” Mills III. Bubba Jack grew up at Old Bethel. His dad Bro. Jack Mill Jr. was the pastor at Old Bethel for 15 years (from 1986-2001). They lived in Shreveport and drove down to Natchitoches every Friday for the weekend. Bubba Jack was raised with five sisters, Monique, Sarah, Becky, Rachal and Debbie. They all shared chores around the church property from cleaning the church to mowing the grass. Bubba Jack has lots of fond memories of Old Bethel. Bubba Jack is the manager of Clara Springs Baptist Camp in Pelican, along with his wife, Mandi Reames Mills, who manages the Food Service at the camp. They have four girls, Makayla, Jenna, Julia, and Hope, also have a foster son, Bret Blair. Bret started out as one of their staffers, now he lives with them. We are proud to have Bubba Jack bringing the message to us on our 172nd Homecoming. If you are former member of Old Bethel or just to want to visit, please come join us on Oct. 6. We will have a meal immediately following the worship service in the Fellowship Hall.

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  1. It is so great to see a church celebrating 172 years of doing God’s work in the community. I have had the pleasure of knowing Bubba Jack and Mandi since before they were married, and I love them both. They are doing a great work at Clara Springs Baptist Camp and it is such a beautiful place now, with all the new buildings and things that Bubba Jack has worked so hard to build.. God called them there, and they are serving God and ministering to so many there. I believe the people who attend on that special anniversary day will truly receive a blessing;

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