According to Kris: Be Iconic This Halloween

By Kris James

Good Wednesday stylers! Before we move into Thanksgiving and Christmas, there’s another holiday that we love and tend to forget: Halloween. No matter your plans this year, you’ll be familiar with the pressure to find some kinda costume that’s somewhere between cool and obscure, or overdone to death. If you want to stay relevant this Halloween, then dressing up as one of 2019’s hottest pop culture references is all you have to do. I’m here to take some of that weight off your shoulders. I’ve compiled a small, but mighty, list of fashionable 2019 Halloween costumes you can proudly wear and ‘gram on October 31.

Most people tend to fall into two categories on Halloween: The ones who go all out, and the ones who do a cat-ear headband for the thousandth time. Last year my cousin and I decided at the last minute that we were going to a Halloween party and we didn’t have anything to wear. Our last-minute decision was to go as Men in Black and it was a hit. Everyone thought it was a good idea without knowing that a new MIB movie was coming out this year. So, of course, I can see that it will be a big hit this year. With the inspiration below, you definitely will be remembered.

In the second season of HBO’s Big Little Lies we were introduced to Mary Louise Wright, Celeste’s mother-in-law, who might have been scarier than Streep’s previous alter ego Miranda Priestly. From her trench coats to button-up shirts, plus grandma cardigans, Streep’s character is a… character. If you dress up as Mary Louise this year, please bring your best side-eye game and most passive-aggressive backhanded compliments.

Perhaps no better representative for all things country than Houston’s very own Megan thee Stallion. This costume isn’t for the weak of heart or knees, but if there’s any day that it would be acceptable to don a pair of ass-less chaps to channel your inner hot girl, let it be Halloween!

Game of Thrones has officially ended so this might be one of your last chances to dress up as your favorite character. Nathalie Emmanuel’s character Missandei met an unfortunate death, but she was a warrior nonetheless. You’ll stand out in the crowd among all the White Walker costumes, which is very overdone.

It might have been earlier this year when the nightmare of Jordan Peele’s Us premiered in theaters, but the fear factor of Red and the rest of the Tethers is as strong as if we watched the film yesterday. Take the spooky season to the next level by strolling through your town in her signature red jumpsuit. Just don’t forget your scissors and throaty growl.

The iconic Grady Twins from The Shining will forever continue to give me chills. But what do you expect. It’s Stephen King!