Governor John Bel Edwards makes a Campaign Stop in Natchitoches

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Louisiana governor and candidate for a second term, John Bel Edwards, made a stop at Natchitoches’ Cane River Brewery as part of his election week statewide tour. The governor spoke to a capacity crowd of citizens, candidates and office holders Thursday, October 10. He was introduced by NSU Student Government Association President Jacob Ellis. Ellis was one of 13 Louisiana college students chosen to participate in the Lamar Governor’s Fellows Program where he spent the summer interning in a cabinet level agency. Governor and Mrs Edwards were presented a plaque from Katrice Lacour, conductor of the NSU Middle Lab Orchestra, thanking them for their support of the orchestra and music education in Louisiana. The governor then spoke to the crowd of supporters about his accomplishments and made his case for a second term. Lastly Governor and Mrs. Edwards stayed for the first few songs of the Brews and Beatles concert held after the speech.

11 thoughts on “Governor John Bel Edwards makes a Campaign Stop in Natchitoches

  1. Some folks will never see progress unless its directly in their front yard. They fail to see how Jindal embarrassed our state and left us with a HUGE budget deficit. We are now seeing work along I49. Not every road and everything can be fixed unless someone pays more taxes. Once again tax the ones that can afford it. I believe the tax rate on wealthy under Eisenhower was upwards of 60%+. A certain other party individual just gave a giant tax break to the wealthy. So, dont blame Gov Edward’s for our state’s problems. The former disaster of an administration under Jindal and the then and current do nothings here kept us near the bottom in everything. At least we are becoming less of a national joke. As far as over regulation, do you really enjoy the polluted air, water and land? Do you have any idea of how much wetlands we lose every day due to drilling, pipelines, etc. I think we need more regulations. Make the oil and gas companies pay our state what they owe. The oil spills continue to pollute our waterways and in the Gulf. The fishermen, shrimpers, crabbers have to go farther and farther out to find our much eaten and much enjoyed seafood. Of course that costs us more. So, think before you speak for less regulations. By the way, I drive a Prius, not a tank. Very much a gas saver. What do you drive?

  2. Yeah right, people before politics, you’re not mentioning high taxes, fees, bad highways, over regulation, out migration and bloated government employment. Real leadership..chuckle.

  3. I remember reading in the J T column of Natchitoches Times ( sorry to mention a competitor) that Governor Edwards did not pull his support for Natchitoches courthouse renovations even though Parish President Nowlin endorsed another candidate . Governor Edwards is one of the few politicians in this country who really does put people above politics .

  4. I can think of about 10 times off the top of my head that he has visited. Christmas Festival, announcement and then ground breaking for dorm at LSMSA, funeral for Sen. Long’s wife, last month…

    He has visited Natchitoches more than any governor in my lifetime.

    Not sure why he would talk about fixing roads owned by parish. The State has enough roads to deal with. He is already agreed to have the State help pay to repair our Courthouse.

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