Boys to Men Club Honors Veterans at NJH

The Boys to Men Club showed appreciation in recognition of Veteran’s Day for the service that was rendered to our country by purchasing them lunch for today. At NJH, there are 4 veterans who served, which are as follows:

Deputy Rodrick Johnson: US Army 4 years, Deployed: Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-04

Ms. Velverlon Holden: US Army, 6 years active, 2 years reserved, Deployed: Desert Storm 18 months

Ms. Leilani Chelette: US Army, 8 years, Retired in 2013. Deployed: 2009.

Mr. Donald Brown: US Army Sgt E-5 1985-93, Deployed: Honduras 1988-89, 46th Engineer

Pictured on front row kneeling are Larry Remo, Tylan Walker, and Jamarius Henry. On middle row are Ezequiel Cabrera-Vicente, Jakerious Demars, Nathaniel, Below, Jaylen Walter, Jermaine Thomas, Ronald Smith, AJ Scott, Fred Jackson, and Club Director Jermaine Thomas. On back row are Veterans Dep. Rodrick Johnson, Velverlon Holden, Lelani Chelette, and Donald Brown.