Hospice of Natchitoches and Many Holds Its Annual Candle Lighting and Memorial Service

The Hospice of Natchitoches and Many held its annual memorial service at the chapel of Natchitoches’ First Baptist Church Thursday, November 14. The service is an annual event that commemorates the memories of those who were under the hospice’s care who passed away in the previous year.

The families, friends and loved ones gathered together to share memories. In a moving ceremony, a candle was lit and then the flame was passed from person to person as they named the individual in whose memory they were attending the service. Buster Jordan, the Hospice’s Minister of Music, led the congregation in “Amazing Grace” as the ceremony concluded.

The Hospice of Natchitoches and Many offers its services to individuals who have received a terminal diagnosis. Hospice helps the person and his or her family and friends deal with the medical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the situation. They do everything possible to ease the burden on the patient and those around him or her. With hospice, there is no need to face the situation alone. If you, or anyone you know has need of hospice services, please contact Hospice of Natchitoches and Many at 318-214-0944.