Notice of Death – December 26, 2019

Alex Hayes
September 20, 1993 – December 20, 2019
Service: Saturday, December 28 at 11 am at the Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Grant Shields
December 19, 2019
Service: Saturday, December 28 at 1 pm in the Winnfield Funeral Home Chapel

James C. “JC” Meshell
August 10, 1934 – December 24, 2019
Visitation: Friday, December 27 at 5 pm at Warren Meadows Funeral Home in Many
Service: Saturday, December 28 at 2 pm at Warren Meadows Funeral Home Chapel
Interment: Spring Ridge Cemetery

Casey Patton Grizzle
June 25, 1971 – December 25, 2019
Visitation: Friday, December 27 at 5 pm at Trinity Baptist Church
Service: Saturday, December 28 at 2 pm at Trinity Baptist Church
Interment: Friendship Baptist Cemetery

Caspian Joseph Dauzat
December 11, 2019 – December 11, 2019
Service: Friday, December 27 at 10 am in Lamartiniere Cemetery

What’s New at Ben D. Johnson Educational Center?

Greetings from the Ben D. Johnson Educational Center! We are excited to share some of our 2019 successes with you!

JANUARY: We opened the Legacy Cafe offering a menu with fresh, whole ingredients that are locally sourced when available. So far we have made over 5,960 orders.

APRIL: We started the Legacy Youth Workforce Development Program. The 16-week program offers young people, ages 17-24 years old, leadership and occupational skills training with support to overcome barriers to employment so that they may enter and remain in the workforce.

MAY: With help of The Good Food Project of Alexandria, we started the BDJ Center Garden which has produced 221 pounds of fruits and vegetables.

JUNE: We became licensed by the LA Board of Regents as a proprietary school.

SEPTEMBER: We had our first group of Legacy Youth Workforce Development Program participants graduate and a second group began.

YEAR TO DATE: We have had 20 dedicated volunteers donate more that 200 hours of their time.

Continue The Legacy
We hope you will consider supporting us as we work to transform lives and build community. You can get involved in one or more ways; help us spread the word, eat at the Legacy Cafe, buy a t-shirt, gift card, or bumper sticker, partner with us, volunteer, or donate.

$10 Helps provide food for 1 student for a day
$30 Helps provide 2 students ServSafe Certification training
$60 Helps provide 2 students uniforms
$100 Helps provide training supplies needed for 1 student
$150 Helps provide 1 month of educational software
$600 Helps provide funds for a graduation ceremony
$1,500 Helps provide 1 month of tuition for 1 student

*All donated funds will be used to support the Ben D. Johnson Educational Center*

Ben D. Johnson Educational Center Board of Directors
Claire Prymus, JoAnna Cooper, Jennifer Brossett, Edward Ward, Janice Bolton, Neeru Deep, Brad Haigler, Ron Helaire, Marcus Jones, Lori Wheat


A St. John the Baptist Parish woman was arrested on multiple traffic charges following a pursuit in Natchitoches and Rapides Parish on Saturday afternoon according to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office.

On Saturday afternoon December 21 shortly after 4:00pm, NPSO Deputy Jared Kilpatrick clocked a 2009 Lincoln MKX traveling southbound on I-49 south of Natchitoches, speeding 94 miles per hour in a posted 75 mph speed zone.

Deputies stopped the vehicle, however, the violator partially exited her vehicle shaking her head “no”, waving her hands in the air then re-entered the vehicle driving off traveling southbound leading deputies on a pursuit reaching speeds between 80-90 miles per hour.

Additional Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Deputies began responding to the area while Louisiana State Police, Troop-E Alexandria was contacted for assistance.

The pursuit continued approximately 24-miles over into Rapides Parish near milepost #109 where State Police deployed tire deflation devices to disable the vehicle.

Soon afterwards, State Police and NPSO deputies took the operator of the fleeing vehicle into custody without incident.

There were no injuries.

Tamisha Chantel Roberson, aka/Tamisha Bickham, 43, of the 600 block of Revere Drive, Laplace, La. was transported and booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center, then transported and booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center charged with Speeding 94/75, Driving under Suspension Flight from an Officer and an outstanding Probation Violation Warrant by State Probation and Parole Agents.

Roberson is on probation until 2022.

The vehicle was impounded by a Rapides Parish wrecker service.

Roberson said she did not want to walk back to the arresting officer during the initial traffic stop.

Roberson remains in the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center awaiting bond.

We thank Louisiana State Police, Troop-E Alexandria for their assistance during the pursuit and apprehension of Roberson.


A special meeting of the Natchitoches City Council will be held as follows:

DATE: Friday, December 27, 2019
TIME: 9:00 A.M.
PLACE OF MEETING: Natchitoches Municipal Building, 560 Second Street, Natchitoches, Louisiana, 71457


#055 Mims Ordinance Authorizing The City To Lease A Portion Of A Building Located At 200 Rapides Drive To Youth & Families Empowerment Services, LLC, Setting The Terms And Conditions Of Same, And Authorizing The Execution Of The Lease By The Mayor, Lee Posey, After Due Compliance With The Law, And Further Providing For Advertising Of The Lease And An Effective Date.

#056 Nielsen Ordinance Restating The Policy Of The City Of Natchitoches Regarding Sick Leave And To Amend And Reenact The Personnel Policies Manual Of The City Of Natchitoches To Amend The Section Entitled “Sick Leave”, Providing For Advertising, Further Providing For Severability, And Further Providing For A Repealer And Effective Date Of Ordinance.

#057 Morrow Ordinance Authorizing The Mayor Of The City Of Natchitoches To Award The Bid For Caustic Soda For The Water Treatment Plant (Bid No. 0622)


#058 Morrow Ordinance Approving The Exercise Of An Option To Repurchase Or In The Alternative An Extension Of The Option To Repurchase In Favor Of The City Of Natchitoches To Repurchase A 15.0 Acre Tract Of Land In Section 74, Township 9 North, Range 7 West, From Ledet’s Louisiana Seafood, L.L.C., And Authorizing The Mayor, Lee Posey, To Exercise The Option To Repurchase And Repurchase The Property, Or In The Alternative Execute An Extension Of Option And Any Other Documents That May Be Necessary, And To Provide For Advertising.

#059 Harrington Ordinance Approving The Acquisition Of A Tract Of Land Situated In Section 138, Township 9 North, Range 7 West, From Chester Corley, For The Total Consideration Of Three Hundred Thousand Seven Hundred Three Dollars, Authorizing The Mayor Of The City Of Natchitoches, Lee Posey, To Execute A Cash Sale Deed On Behalf Of The City For The Acquisition Of The Tract And To Execute Any And All Other Related Documents That Might Be Necessary And Proper, To Provide For Advertising, And A Savings Clause.


#098 Batiste Resolution Authorizing The Mayor To Advertise And Accept Bids For La-6 West Turn Lane And J-Turn (Bid No. 0624)

#099 Harrington Resolution Authorizing The Mayor To Advertise And Accept Bids For Building Renovations At 720 Sixth Street (Bid No. 0625)

#100 Mims Resolution Authorizing The Mayor To Execute Change Order No. 1 To The Contract Between The City of Natchitoches And Prothro Construction , LLC For The City Council Chambers Renovation Project (Bid No. 0611)

#101 Nielsen Resolution Authorizing The Mayor To Execute A Certificate Of Substantial Completion To The Contract Between The City Of Natchitoches And Prothro Construction, LLC. For The City Council Chambers Renovation Project (Bid No. 0611)


The next scheduled City Council meeting will be January 13, 2020.

Are We Ready for the Twenties? And Will They Be Roaring?

By Joe Darby

First, I hope that you all had a blessed, enjoyable and safe Christmas, that all of your Santas were good to you and that you — if you played Santa –were good to your elves.

Now, to the topic of this week’s column. We are just about ready to start on a new decade. The Twenties!

If you have already read more than one or two of my columns you will know that I am a genuine geezer. And that means that my Mamma was born quite a long while ago — on June 23, 1909, to be exact, in New Orleans..

So the date and place of her birth situated her perfectly to enjoy and play an active part of the last years of last century’s Roaring Twenties. Daddy was one of those silent types, who didn’t talk much about his youth, but Mamma loved telling stories of the late 1920s, riding with friends in the rumble seats of their roadsters (that’s a small convertible car for you youngsters), dancing the Charleston to jazz music, wearing her hair bobbed short, the whole bit. She was indeed a genuine Flapper.

That decade was called the Roaring Twenties because it was a time of rapid growth, in technology, events and achievements. Cars were becoming quite common, most everybody had a telephone and later radios, electric refrigerators, washing machines and many other gadgets of the new modern world.

Also, the Twenties were probably one of the better decades of the last century. Compared to other decades, which were characterized by war, depression, oppression, loss of freedom in many countries and many natural and man-made catastrophes worldwide, the Twenties of 100 years ago were not too bad of a time at all.

Lindbergh flew the Atlantic! Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs for the New York Yankees, an unheard of feat at the time. Other sports were becoming ever more popular. Brilliant, if silent, movies were enjoyed by millions all over the Western world.

It all ended, of course, with the stock market Crash of 1929, which quickly led to the Great Depression, the rise of dictators and later, World War II.

And here we are, about to start our own Twenties. But we can hope that our Twenties will be a tolerably nice decade also. Maybe terrorism will begin to fade away, the economy will continue to be healthy, that people worldwide — and us Americans, too — will learn to get along better. I can’t say I am overly optimistic that these good things will come to pass, particularly the part about people getting along together. But, we can hope, can’t we.

Yes, we can hope that the 2020s will be peaceful, prosperous and plentiful for all of us. And we can all play our small little parts in trying to make it so. Happy New Year and New Decade, my friends.

Kiwanis begins Coats for Kids drive, will run through January

Kiwanis is once again hosting the Annual Coats for Kids drive. The drive will run through the end of January. We are collecting new and/or slightly used coats for local children in need this winter. The coats will be delivered to the School Board Office to be distributed. Drop off locations will include Waskom Brown, City Bank, BOM and Alliance Compressors.

Please contact Heather Martin for more details: 318-357-1520

Knights of Columbus make donation to St. Mary’s School

Knights of Columbus Grand Knight John Scott presented St. Mary’s School Bursar Melissa Frye with a donation for the school. This was the Knights’ final installment on the $18,000 annual pledge to the school. The Knights have supported St. Mary’s School for over 100 years. The weekly bingo conducted by this organization of Catholic men allows for donations to numerous charities in addition to St. Mary’s School. This includes the Women’s Resource Center, Natchitoches, ARC, and Coats for Kids. Those on hand for the celebration included students Mallory Lee, Jace Miley, Sarah Stamey, Damon LeGrande, and Mason McCart along with Fr. Luke LaFleur.

Christmas Eve Services at FUMC

Kevin’s Gallery

From “Christmas Eve: Beer & Hymns” at the Cane River Brewery to the traditional candlelight service as well as a contemporary service, families had an eclectic range of choices this Christmas Eve at Natchitoches’ First United Methodist Church.  For the traditional candlelight service, the church was illuminated by handmade candelabras made by expert woodworker Tommy Covington. FUMC Choir Director, Dr. Nicholaus Cummins, was joined by his wife Whitney Cummins in leading the congregation in“Silent Night”.  Whitney also performed two solos during the service. Linda Higginbotham was the organist. FUMC Pastor Rev. Doug de Graffenried led all three services assisted by Rev. Clair Carter. Both services at FUMC concluded with the congregation singing “Silent Night” as they left the sanctuary with lighted candles.

Families from First United Methodist Church were joined by community members for the inaugural “Christmas Eve: Beer and Hymns” held at the Cane River Brewery. The facility was filled to capacity for the service as the congregation sang hymns and stayed afterwards for fellowship.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal is donating the night’s photography. Copy protection is off and anyone may download any they wish.


Santa brings toys to Natchez area youth

Dollar General and the Natchez Police Department teamed up to hold the Village of Natchez’s 2nd Annual Christmas Toy Drive. Every year on the Saturday before Christmas toys are handed out to everyone to make sure all the children of the community get a gift for Christmas. No matter how big or small, a thoughtful gesture means the most to all.

Three outgoing Parish Council members skip meeting, again

Patsy Ward Hoover and Chris Paige were the only Parish Council members that showed up for a Special Called meeting Monday evening, Dec. 23. With no quorum the meeting was over before it could even begin. Paige said it’s a shame things came to this, stating that he felt that some people are just bitter over losing the election and have chosen to hurt the Parish by not showing up to the meeting.

Parish President Rick Nowlin provided everyone with a briefing (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW) that explained how certain agenda items (SEE FULL AGENDA BELOW) may be affected by the lack of a meeting in December. The same three Council members failed to show up for the regularly scheduled meeting on Dec. 16. Nowlin said there were staff members that delayed their Christmas trips to try and have a special called meeting so these items could be taken care of.

The failure to approve these agenda items pertaining to Head Start, budget amendments and the Payne Subdivision sewer system could have financial ramifications for the Parish Government that could lead to disaster, according to Nowlin.

The new administration will be left to pick up the pieces at their first meeting in 2020.

I have some matters that I feel would be of public interest.

By Russell Rachal/Opinion

As you are aware, there has been a concerted effort by the Natchitoches Parish President, Rick Nowlin to get a Special Meeting called for the Natchitoches Parish Council. Mr. Nowlin called a meeting for Thursday, December 19, 2019. Councilman Chris Paige and Councilwoman Patsy Hoover were the only Council members in attendance. There was an outcry of a certain news outlet that the Council members receive $500 per meeting, and since the members that were absent should be required to pay the money back. The truth is, per the Home Rule Charter, Section 2-04A the salary of each Council member shall be $500 per month. This is not $500 per meeting.

Mr. Nowlin called another Special Meeting for Monday, December 23, 2019. Councilman Paige and Councilwoman Hoover were in attendance. Council members deGraffenried, Bedgood, and Rachal were not in attendance. I was not in attendance for either meeting for a variety of reasons. The first reason is during the November 2019 Regular meeting, I made a motion to amend the agenda to appropriate the necessary funds to have an amended audit for 2018, and a full audit for 2019 to disclose any theft, embezzlement, payroll fraud, misappropriation of funds or any other discrepancies. Councilman Paige voted to not allow this motion. I subsequently voted against the approval and adoption of the 2020 Operating Budget for the Natchitoches Parish Government. There was numerous debts incurred in violation of the Home Rule Charter Section 2-10A(9) which states that any debt incurred in any manner authorized by law shall be approved by the Council. Mr. Nowlin hired the law firm of Gold/Weems to represent the Natchitoches Parish Government in two separate lawsuits that were filed on behalf of two former employees without the approval or knowledge of the Council.

The second reason that I was not in attendance was that Mr. Nowlin was trying to get the Council to adopt the Payne Sewer System and to create a Sewer District for Natchitoches Parish. I don’t feel that Natchitoches Parish needs to be in the sewer business when there are no plans to assist any other areas of Natchitoches Parish except Payne Subdivision. We can’t maintain our roads as it is, much less adopt and maintain a known failing sewer system. Per an email that Mr. Nowlin sent to two Council members behind my back that I am in receipt of, he stated that due to the Louisiana Community Block Grant relative to the Payne Sewer System, there is approximately $100,000 for engineering fees that the Parish may be responsible for. These debts were incurred without the knowledge or approval of the Council.

The third reason is if we were to approve the amendment to the 2019 operating budget, we would justify the illegal and immoral unauthorized expenditures that Mr. Nowlin and the Administration committed without the knowledge and approval of the Council. As it is, without this, the Louisiana Legislative Auditors will be required to audit the Natchitoches Parish Government because the budget will not balance on December 31, 2019.

The fourth reason is the meetings were called in violation of the Louisiana Open Meetings laws. In Louisiana Revised Statute 42.1-42.13, and the Natchitoches Parish Home Rule Charter Section 2-06 special meetings shall be held on the call of the Parish President, the Chair, or presiding officer of the Council. Notice of special meetings shall comply with state law. To meet a public emergency affecting life, health, property, or public safety, the Council may meet on the call of the president. This is also supported by Louisiana Attorney General Opinion 08-0129. The Council Chairman, Mr. Rodney Bedgood advised that he never received an agenda nor authorized the Special Meeting. These meetings were called by the Parish President, Mr. Rick Nowlin. These meetings were not called due to an emergency, but for the apparent reasons of covering improprieties and poor decisions.

John Huffman’s Journey

By Brad Dison

On the morning of July 9, 1865, 130 to 140 passengers boarded a train from Paris to Boulogne, France, on the first leg of their journey to London, England. Among them was popular writer John Huffman, whom most of the passengers easily recognized. John’s literary works were often satirical, humorous, and, more importantly, brought attention to the plight of the poor and destitute. His most successful book was a short ghost story, the first printing of which sold out in just five short days.

Most of the passengers, including John, travelled first class. Through the forests and fields of northwestern France, they glided over the tracks on what was described as a beautiful day. In Boulogne, they boarded a ferry and crossed the English Channel. Everyone aboard “seemed happy and delighted,” with the trip. One traveler reported that “although I have preformed the journey on many occasions, I don’t think I ever had a more delightful trip, as the sun shone out brilliantly the whole of the time we were afloat, and the sea was without ripple.”

At about 2:30 p.m., they arrived at Folkestone, England, where they boarded another passenger train bound for London. Clickety, clack, clickety, clack. Mile after mile, the train traveled at about forty miles per hour through the beautiful countryside of southern England. Between Headcorn and Staplehurst, about 60 miles south of London, the railway line crossed a small valley through which the River Beult flows. During the winter months, the River Beult held enough water “to float a ship,” but, during the summer months, the water dried to a trickle and the river basin was a muddy mess. On this summer afternoon, little water passed under the simple iron bridge.

At the River Beult bridge, the passengers heard a “deep and heavy” noise and felt “two terrible jolts.” As the train’s engine crossed the iron bridge, several of the passenger cars derailed and crashed into the muddy riverbed below. Only a singe passenger car remained connected to the engine but it was dangling precariously from the iron bridge. John occupied a seat on this dangling car.

Fearing the dangling passenger car would come uncoupled from the engine and crash down upon the heap of other wrecked passenger cars, the occupants quickly scurried out of the windows, John among them. Although they were all in shock, every able-bodied survivor hurried to the remains of the shattered carriages. The scene was one of death, destruction, and chaos. Twisted metal, wood, and train wheels projected from the water. Luggage and other personal items floated in the shallow water. The serenity that the passengers had known the whole of the trip was shattered and replaced by the moans and screams of the injured passengers.

John ran to give whatever aid he could provide. He yelled for someone to give him some brandy for the injured people but none could be found. John removed his hat and filled it with water. He washed the faces of the injured and gave them water to drink. Still in shock himself, John ran to every person he could find and tried to provide as much comfort as was possible. John tried to calm everyone around him and struggled to remain calm himself.

John and the other uninjured passengers helped the injured to the bank of the river. They carried the ones who had not survived to the same bank. They carried one woman to the bank who had been crushed to death by the passenger car. Her panic-stricken husband searched through the wreckage and screamed “My wife, my wife!” When he came upon the crushed, lifeless body of his wife on the bank, he collapsed beside her and cried uncontrollably. John looked away and continued helping the injured. A total of ten people died as a result of their injuries. Had John and the other uninjured passengers not rendered assistance, the death toll would have been much higher.

John never got over the Staplehurst crash. Although not physically wounded, he suffered from bouts of nervousness and shakiness for the rest of his life. Three months later, John was to be a guest at a dinner with other writers but could not attend due to the shock he sustained in the crash. He avoided travelling by train, which was the main mode of transportation to destinations outside of London. John Huffman died five years to the day from the Staplehurst crash. His children attributed his death, at least in part, to the Staplehurst train crash. On the following day, newspapers around the world announced the death of the author who wrote such novels as “Great Expectations,” “Hard Times,” “Oliver Twist,” “Bleak House,” “A Tale of Two Cities,” and, his best-selling book, the aforementioned ghost story called “A Christmas Carol.” John Huffman’s full name was Charles John Huffman Dickens…Charles Dickens.

I Still Believe

By Reba Phelps

Being successful in my career requires a lot of networking and relationship building. This totally works for me because of my extra extroverted personality. I count it a joy every single time I get to meet someone new and connect with them. Sometimes friends will become clients or clients become friends. If you play your cards right, and eat all of your vegetables, you can make many friends along the way that don’t have to be classified as either.

I have always felt like it was divine intervention when someone shares their story and experiences with me and I with them. Human connection is precious.

On one particular day I was meeting with a long time friend who had recently beaten cancer. I find myself praying for friends all of the time so I was completely elated when I found out he was in remission and had been able to attend a men’s retreat within his church and look forward to his much anticipated Christmas season.

He is, by gosh and by golly, the most sought after Santa in the South and he had thousands of children depending on him.

As we visited, he went into great detail about what all he had learned and experienced at the men’s retreat and even told me they have a lady’s retreat as well. I could see the peace written all over his face. He had a new light that was brightly shining and it was evident. He had a new lease on life and he wanted everyone to know.

As he was parting he told me about casting my cares on the cross and leaving them there. He learned that once you give something to God, don’t take it back. It was simple yet powerful. It was just a divine meeting of two friends talking about the goodness of God.

A couple of months went by and I would routinely see my Kris Kringle friend on Facebook visiting children in hospitals, showing up in photographs, visiting the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion and making spirits bright. My friend was born for this role and he takes it very seriously.

He has definitely been living his best Santa life.

Sometimes I would catch myself looking with pure amazement at the pictures he would take with children and they were just magical. Not the toddler pictures, they appeared to want to crawl out of their skin. The older kids though, stole my heart. It just brings you back to a time when all was well with the world at Christmas time. Nothing could go wrong or change your view of the holiday season.

Our Christmases tend to change the older we get. We lose loved ones, we have the stress of everyday life, and kids grow up and move on. I find myself fighting off the bah humbugs every single year.

This year was no different.

My Santa friend contacted me on a recent Friday and asked if I was at work that day. He was going to stop by and see me. I was traveling that day so we settled on meeting the following Monday. I could not help but feel excitement knowing that Santa was coming to see me. Who wouldn’t be excited about a personal visit from Santa during his busiest time of the year?

Monday couldn’t get here quick enough. But, something happened over that weekend. The annual pity party I throw myself during the holidays had set in like a heavy dark cloud. The party started eight years ago when my mother died and continued to grow after my divorce and half empty nest. Christmas time can be full of land mines. I was so down I had actually forgotten about Santa coming to town.

Until he came in…. with a wrapped present and a ho ho ho smile that seemed to be sent straight from the North Pole. It is extremely difficult to continue with a pity party when Santa walks into your office with a present. When he handed me the box he wanted me to open it while he was there.

I was trying to be polite and opened it gently but my excitement took over. When the wrapping was removed there sat a simple handmade wooden cross with four nails and a small leather bag with a tie string. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what he was going to tell me and the tears began to well up.

Remembering our visit earlier that Fall, he reminded me that I was to cast my cares on the cross. The small bag was so I could physically write them on a small piece of paper and leave them in the bag. Had I been in my office the Friday that Santa wanted to come by this cross would have not had the same meaning.

The cross was beautiful and deeply meaningful but my spirits were high that Friday. This cross was saved for me until I needed it the most. The following Monday I was at my lowest point this holiday season and I will forever feel like God sent Santa to deliver this extraordinary gift that is a precious reminder of where we should cast our cares.

Christmases will come and go. Family and friends will come and go but the cross is forever. I am so blessed to have Santa as one of my friends and I will forever believe…. In the cross.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” Luke 2:14


The beginning of the Christmas holidays provided the backdrop for the Natchitoches Parish Emergency Communications (NATCOM) 9-1-1 team to come together and enjoy an informal lunch as a precursor to the Holiday Season. Workers from the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office Communications Division, Natchitoches Police Department Communications Division, Natchitoches Parish Office of Homeland Security, and the Natchitoches Parish 9-1-1 Communications District came together to enjoy a “pot luck” lunch, and to share fellowship in preparation for the fast-approaching and busy holiday season.

While most of us will be home celebrating and enjoying family and friends over the holidays, the emergency call takers and dispatchers, who staff the NATCOM 9-1-1 facility, will be vigil, standing ready to answer your 9-1-1 calls for help. Please take a moment to remember these dedicated individuals. All of us here at NATCOM, want to extend a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the other law enforcement, fire, and EMS public safety personnel throughout the parish. And to all of our residents, visitors, and travelers thought-out the parish, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and safe Happy New Year!

Southern Scripts: Expanding Perspectives for 2020

A national change agent in the healthcare industry, Southern Scripts’ extensive expansion and monumental achievements are just the tip of the iceberg for what this company plans to accomplish. Reflecting on their historic growth and ground-breaking achievements, Southern Scripts aims to continue down that same path in the year 2020 by focusing on their perspective. “By broadening our perspective, we can craft ideal solutions that foster growth in all measures,” said Chief Executive Officer LeAnn C. Boyd, PharmD.

A company is only as good as its people, and Southern Scripts continues year after year to attract and retain talent that embodies the company’s mission of being the leading disruptor in the world of pharmacy benefits. “Southern Scripts has experienced a 70% growth in clientele from the previous year, serving self-insured employers in nearly all 50 states. This is a testament of our transparent and differentiated business model,” said Dudley Cedars, Director of Operations for Southern Scripts. “We strive daily to be champions in the field of how pharmacy benefits are delivered and optimized.”

A handful of employees were recognized and honored at their capstone year-end event, held at the Friedman Student Union on the campus of Northwestern State University in front of nearly 300 attendees. Each month, Southern Scripts recognizes an employee that not only goes the extra mile, but also accomplishes remarkable milestones in their role that propels the company to new heights. The Southern Scripts Employees of the Month for 2019 are as follows: David Breazeale, Colleen Whitehead, Joshua Cotten, Leslie Leone, Pam Simmons and Stacie Rivers, Darcy Fiocca, Tracy Maricle, Katrina Mack, Shannon Allen, Ryan Kinler, and Danielle Coutee.

To have an organization with the margin of success Southern Scripts has experienced, a decorated and diverse line of employees is essential. Synergy is a result when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. An array of awards recognizing employees that have helped shape Southern Scripts into a banner year are as follows: Wilder Spearel (Leadership Award), Alex Stockholm (Innovation Award), Jasmine Doty (Stewardship Award), and Darcy Fiocca (Employee of the Year).

“I look at not only the opportunities for us as a company but also the tremendous potential of our incredible associates,” Spearel said, “I’ve never felt stronger about Southern Scripts, what we are capable of accomplishing, and the bright future that lies ahead.” Stacy Lambert, Vice President of Client Services, stated “The level of service Southern Scripts provides our members, clients, TPA partners, supporting brokers and consultants is beyond first class. This could not be achieved without the hard work from each and every one of our employees.”

Co-founder of Southern Scripts, Steven T. Boyd, PharmD, concluded the evening by reflecting on a record-breaking year, but also urging everyone to remain steadfast on accomplishing the goals that are indicative to future achievements. “Each employee of Southern Scripts should be proud, excited, and optimistic. This country is full of clients needing our 20/20 vision.

”Southern Scripts is a transparent provider of pharmacy benefit management services that guarantee employers absolute freedom, control, and choice to the structure of their health plan. Founded and governed by clinical pharmacists, Southern Scripts is laser-focused on delivering significant savings to their clients through straightforward pricing models and sound clinical management philosophies. Southern Scripts is approved by Pharmacists United for Truth and Transparency, a non-profit advocacy organization founded by independent pharmacists and pharmacy owners devoted to exposing the truth about the anti-competitive tactics of pharmacy benefit managers.

For more information on Southern Scripts, please visit or check out Southern Scripts on LinkedIn.

Notice of Death – December 23, 2019

Alex Hayes
September 20, 1993 – December 20, 2019
Arrangements TBA

Grant Shields
December 19, 2019
Arrangements TBA

Caspian Joseph Dauzat
December 11, 2019 – December 11, 2019
Service: Friday, December 27 at 10 am in Lamartiniere Cemetery

William LeRoy Rushing
March 03, 1927 – December 22, 2019
Service: Tuesday, December 24 at 10 am at Ashland Baptist Church