Ben D. Johnson Educational Center recieves $3,000 grant from Weyerhaeuser

Ben D. Johnson Educational Center (BDJ Center) has been awarded $3,000 in grant funds from Weyerhaeuser. The grant to the BDJ Center will be used towards the Legacy Youth Workforce Development Program. The purpose of the program is to help young people ages 17-24 enter and remain in the workforce.

The 16-week program offers job readiness, financial literacy, nutrition, and food service skills training. During weeks 1 through 12 students participate in classroom instruction and hands-on learning at the center’s Legacy Café. During weeks 13 through 16 participants gain additional experience by being placed in an externship. Upon completion students earn their ServSafe and Legacy Food Service and Hospitality Training Program Certifications. Students earn a stipend while learning and are offered breakfast and lunch daily. The program is enrolling now and begins January 20th.

Claire Prymus, founder and Board Chair, “We are grateful to Weyerhaeuser for their continued financial support that helps us to fulfill our mission.”

Peyton Weeks, Winnfield Area Manager, “The Weyerhaeuser Giving Fund offers grants to support programs in local Weyerhaeuser locations. These grants seek to help cultivate growing minds and bodies, promote sustainable communities, and nurture quality of life in Weyerhaeuser communities. Weyerhaeuser is proud to support the Ben D. Johnson Educational Center.”

Pictured from left are Philip Gandy, Weyerhaeuser, Rachel Proctor, Weyerhaeuser, Dallas Russell, BDJ Center, Peyton Weeks, Weyerhaeuser.