NSU student holds donation drive to help teachers in Childcare Centers

As a Child and Family Studies Major at Northwestern State University, Madeline Taylor is completing her internship at the City of Natchitoches Early Childhood Education and Development site, which focuses on helping Type 3 centers in Natchitoches. The staff works with all directors and teachers by providing training, support, and observations. They also help parents with low income fill out childcare assistance applications.

For Taylor’s internship project she is collecting items to help teachers organize their classrooms and is helping them receive more classroom resources.

Items needed include paper plates and bowls; magnetic numbers, letters, and shapes; clothes pins and tongue depressors; double sided tape, regular tape, and shipping tape; constructive trays; plastic school caddies; baskets and bins with lids; blank labels and blank name labels; sticky tack, sticky magnets, and velcro tabs; pocket charts; file separators and file folders; eyedroppers and magnifying glasses; pipe cleaners, coffee filters, ribbon, and yarn; sponges, cotton balls and chalk; cookie cutters, foil, and wax paper; plastic funnels and strainers; and building blocks, math counters and puzzles.

“I think my project will have a positive impact on the childcare center because things break and teachers run out of supplies,” she said. “I also feel like it’s time for new resources and a good Spring cleaning.

Anyone interested in donating can drop donations off at the Early Childhood Education and Development office (420 Fourth Street) Monday-Friday from 1-4:30 pm.

If any organizations or businesses are interested in collecting donations Taylor will bring a box to set up at their location. The deadline for the donation drive is April 1.