To: Wes Rollo

I never thought in a million years I’d be writing this. I am lost for words, but I have so many stories and memories I could tell. Only the good die young, but you will live on forever. So many people care about you and love you Wes Rollo.

You were my little brother. The past 24 hours I’ve had so many flashbacks of memories we’ve shared. We fought like brothers, but cared for each other with no end. Even though you were 6 years younger than me, I came to you when I wanted to talk about something important or ask opinions because I cared about what you thought.

I remember the first day I ever met you so vivid, like it was yesterday. A trip to your house to help you and your dad with some graphs on your new boat. Ever since then I got to watch you grow to the young man you were.

Your mom and dad are so proud of you. I told you countless times that you are everything to them when you may have been “too old” to let them know where you were fishing or out and about! But it’s a fact you had no problem calling them when you caught a big one or big sack, grinning ear to ear!

You impressed everyone. You became one of the best in High School fishing, ever. That’s a huge accomplishment many will never achieve. You overcame so much at a young age. Everyone knew who you were, all over telegraph country.

We always argued back and forth on the boat but we always respected the others opinion when it came down to the end. I cant tell you how many hours we spent together on the water or woods. Constant phone calls back and forth about fishing and hunting made the basis of our friendship. We never had a dull moment.

I can go on and on. Your friends and family miss you dearly. I know whenever our time here on earth is up, I picture you being there waiting to give us the scoop on the lakes in heaven. I love you my little bro. Until we meet again.

Johnny Ledet

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