Parish Council approves zoning change to allow for construction of medical clinic in Robeline

The Parish Council adopted Ordinance No. 006-2020 at its teleconference meeting on May 18. The ordinance will affect a zoning change from I-A Industrial-Agriculture District to a B-I Business District for the purpose of establishing a medical clinic on a 2.62 acre tract of land along Hwy. 6 in Robeline. The Natchitoches Regional Medical Center is looking to build a medical clinic in Robeline. This is part of their mission to bring medical services to the rural areas of the parish.

In other business, Parish President John Richmond reported that Blanchard Road is still on the capital outlay list, however they have not been funded and is not expected to be funded this year. This project is on hold as far as the state is concerned and the rest of the state’s capital outlay budget is being delayed.

Other agenda items included:

Approve appointment of William “Bill” Dickens to replace Vicki Parish on the Waterworks District #1 Board.

The Council voted to remove Ordinance No. 008-2020 from the agenda. The ordinance is to remove last 1,130 feet at the end of Cloud Crossing Road from the Parish Road System. The problem is that a gate has been constructed and the land, owned by a Trust, is being leased. The Council wants to speak with the property owners before they vote on this agenda item.

Introduce Ordinance No. 009-2020 for budget amendments for the following funds:

Government Building Fund- move courthouse security capital outlay expenses to its own capital outlay fund. This will cleanup the budget, while making it more streamlined and transparent. This makes sure the project’s fund isn’t commingled with any other money within the budget.

Criminal Jury Compensation Fund

Law Enforcement Officer Criminal Witness Fund

Disaster Recovery Fund

Courthouse Security Capital Outlay Fund

Adopt Resolution 031-2020 to change the polling place for the July 11 Presidential Preference Primary and Municipal elections and for the August 15, 2020 City of Natchitoches election run-offs. This move is from the Council on Aging Building because statewide, Senior Citizen Centers cannot be used as polling places during the Covid-19 emergency. The new location will be the Masonic Lodge at 100 Masonic Drive.

Adopt Resolution 033-2020 in accordance with the requirements of the Community Water Enrichment Fund Program to support and cordially request grant authorization to execute and submit an application for the 2019-2020 Community Water Enrichment Fund Program for the Sandy Point 480 Water System in the amount of $300,000.

Authorize the Parish President to sign and execute an online subscription agreement with Dude Solutions Inc. which will allow Department of Public Works employees and members of the general public to have an online tool that tracks completed and ongoing projects performed by the Department of Public Works. After the trial run ends it would be $800 per month. We’ve got the money to put toward it with $55,000 per year we’re saving after our IT employee took another position and now we contract IT work out.

Authorize Parish President to enter into an agreement with Tony Tillman to provide services in the creation and execution of an agreement pertaining to the donation of the Payne Subdivision Sewer System from Total Environmental Solutions Inc. The government anticipates this costing $2,500-$2,000 (with his billable rate at $200 per hour).

Authorize Parish President to negotiate renewal lease for the Derry Solid Waste Site.

Authorize the additional $1,100 to the current amount of $7,500 for a total amount of $8,600 per year to the Natchitoches Parish 4-H Office.