Silent Majority Not Kneeling For Anything But God

By Royal Alexander/Opinion

America was founded by people who refused to kneel or bow to anything but God. I would have thought that point had already been made by our American history.

We didn’t kneel to the British during the American Revolution, we did just the opposite. We defeated them and their tyranny and created our own new country. We certainly didn’t kneel to Hitler and his evil spread of Nazism, we did just the opposite. We defeated him and crushed the Nazi menace, freeing the world. And, during the extended Cold War period, we didn’t kneel to the spread of communism by the Soviet Union, we did the opposite. We economically and militarily broke that country. America has also thwarted and rebuffed many other instances of tyranny and oppression worldwide too numerous to list here. Likewise, we are not now kneeling to the insanity occurring in the country today as the result of a false narrative of “systemic racism” and “white guilt.”

Originally, we were told that the kneeling in sports venues across the country was “in protest of racial injustice.” (Please recall how former NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow, was harshly criticized for kneeling in prayer, while Colin Kaepernick is widely praised). However, we are now well past demonstrations protesting the death of George Floyd and calling for police reforms. That early effort was replaced by the rioting and destruction we witness daily—a mob-driven force whose threatening demands include defunding police, eliminating law and order, and undermining the legal and political framework of our society—enabling this chaos and anarchy.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are engaged in domestic terrorism. This conduct has been embraced and enabled by a national Democrat Party that calls them “peaceful protestors.” BLM has proudly admitted “we are trained Marxists.” BLM is headed by people who seek to tear down our form of government and free-market economy and replace it with some form of socialism, which is almost always a precursor of communism. One of its leaders stated in past months that, “if America doesn’t give us what we want, we will burn down this system.”

We have watched athletes, entertainers, corporations, and others be cowed, quickly fold, and grovel when attacked by BLM/Antifa and the national media for their perceived failure to adequately “apologize” for racial injustice and white “privilege.” We have also watched regular, hard-working Americans lose their jobs merely because they voiced a dissenting opinion or did not immediately offer sufficient self-loathing and public contrition for America’s “sins.” It is timely to recall the words of Frederick Douglass: “Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down,” Douglass said in a speech in Boston in 1860.

They demand we kneel; to genuflect—a solemn gesture that for centuries has been used to demonstrate faith in and worship of Almighty God—in order to appease these American terrorists. No. Not now. Not ever. This is tyranny. This suppression of speech is what a dictatorship looks like. Americans don’t bow and kneel to tyrants. We defeat them.

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58 thoughts on “Silent Majority Not Kneeling For Anything But God

  1. Under Obama/Biden, child separation was not a blanket policy. They were only separated “when authorities had concerns for their well being or could not confirm that the adult was in fact their legal guardian.” “Under the past administration, some border crossers were occasionally prosecuted and were thus separated from their families.” There was “broad discretion on who should face criminal charges and federal prosecutors rarely went after families.” Sessions said the Justice Dept would prosecute 100% of illegal border crossings in a zero tolerance policy. Adults went to jail, kids to detention centers, some to foster care. This badministration has kept these poor people “in these processing facilities for much longer than they should be.” Even Reagan thought Japanese and Japanese Americans kept in internment camps (during the hysteria driven, racial prejudice) was a failure of political leadership. So you see, the totally inhumane treatment of these families is his policy, not Obama’s. And yes, the Obama administration built these cages intended for rapid turnaround, not for the total separation of all families as a policy. Some may never be reconnected. That is truly intolerable.

    • We can have 50,000 people in tiger stadium but can’t have 10 in line to vote. Something sure smells fishy to me. Already declared an emergency for November, maybe I know where the smell is coming from.

      • Our can go stand in line to vote. My hubby will have a very hard time doing so. He does not go in stores. We are very rarely around friends. He has a very hard time with a mask, in fact a mask is not recommended for COPD patients. Mail in would be great for him. I have chronic bronchitis. It’s very difficult for me to wear one but I struggle through it when I shop. In fact I usually wear a full face respirator mask. He is over 70, I’m 65, so tell me again what is wrong with mail in ballots? You stand in line as we always have, we will mail in our vote. What is the big deal? Just Vote. Stay well.

        • Vicki, I will tell you again, if you are a legal resident of Natchitoches Parish, then call the Registrar of Voters and tell them your situation. You and your husband can legally do mail in votes. The parish office will mail your ballot to you and one to your husband. You vote, sign your ballot, have your signature witnessed, and follow the instructions to mail it back in to be counted. This is what has been done for years, not mass mail outs so everyone can vote by mail. Anyone who is not able to stand in lines to vote can vote this way. I told you earlier the way to do it, you seem to be more interested in fighting the battle of how we are trying to keep people from voting rather than listen to someone who is actually trying to help you. Now you know what to do, so please do it. You don’t have to take my word for it, just call that office and let them tell you, since you obviously will not take my word for anything.

    • Vicki, I finally found something I can agree with you on, at least partially. I think these people are kept in facilities far too long, just as you do. However, I am tired of people being rewarded for breaking the law. I believe they should never be allowed to enter at all. If they are coming because they want a better life, then they should stay home and work for a better country and a better life for themselves. They are coming here for several reasons. Mexican drug cartels are sending people over to facilitate their movement of drugs into the USA. Gang members find it much more rewarding to rob people here than in their own country, and again there is more money in it for them. Others find that welfare assistance in the USA is much better than the money they make in other countries. Others know they can get free education for the children they have. They know there is a system in the USA that will support them, and support them very well due to the good-hearted nature of the some of the people in the USA who welcome them with open arms though there is no need to give them so much. Free college? Really. My son was a US citizen and he had to take loans to attend college because we could only afford so much of the expensive cost of dorm, meals, books and so forth. And then he had to pay those loans back, with interest from his salary. I ask you, how is that fair?

      So I do agree with you on not separating families, keep them together outside of the borders of the USA and tell them there is a legal way to come into the country, and that is the only way in. THE ONLY WAY! I’m all for helping people, but the USA has been used and abused by illegals coming into the country for too many years. They bring disease that we have all but eliminated here, but that’s ok with you. The gangs cross illegally, but hey, we are being racist again, how dare us! Our tax dollars go toward supporting these families and therefore assistance is cut for military veterans who need help, and American families who have hit hard times and need temporary help. School systems have to do away with needed teachers so they can bring in bilingual teachers to teach those who don’t speak English because the school doesn’t have the money for additional teachers.

      Other countries close their borders to people who want to live there when they have reached a limit as to the number of people they can help. They simply don’t let them in if the government is going to have to support them. How is it you folks believe it is ok to reward LAW BREAKERS. Our government is having to borrow money by the millions, and part of it goes to support these illegals. Yes, it’s great to live in a country like the USA and I believe I’m blessed to have been born here. But I also know I have to work to support myself, my family, and pay taxes. I do resent my tax money being spent to support people who come here without legal papers. It’s just wrong that I have to do that. I remember when your own Bill Clinton was president. If a company was found to have hired any undocumented workers (you know, illegals) then that company received a huge fine. Every employee had to provide papers for their personnel file that they had the right to be in the country and a right to work. When I say every, I mean even US citizens had to provide a birth certificate. That was your guy wanting this. How did the party become so bleeding heart liberal? Elected officials must vote using some common sense in deciding whether we can afford to do something. There are street people everywhere, living in boxes, eating out of dumpsters. Why are we not helping those people more? Because there is not enough money. They are cutting veteran benefits, after promising those that put in 20 to 25 years at low pay because they were promised that they then would be taken care of for the rest of their years with retirement pay and medical benefits. They paid for those benefits, yet now the government is taking some away, with a reminder that they will lose more. Now, is that fair? I don’t think so, yet you think it’s ok to just let anyone and everyone cross that border, and how dare that man build a fence. I think that fence is the smartest thing any president has been brave enough to do. We cannot afford to support half the poor countries of the world. I hate that they are poor, but they have to fix their countries, not come in an break or bankrupt ours.

      I have always been taught, do not reward bad or poor behavior. Yet we as a nation do it all the time. We have to stop. We have borrowed too much money, printed more money which devalues the dollar, and soon we will not be the USA, we will be part of another country. Do you want to be owned by the Chinese government? I certainly don’t. I guess that is why I’m called a conservative. I think the government should spend our tax dollars like I spend my own. If I don’t have the money for it, I don’t buy it. I help my neighbors and those in need in every way I can, and I don’t much of a savings because I do help people with food and clothing and money that is needed to pay bills, but I know when to stop. I can’t support them and not pay my bills and keep my house in good repair. That would be completely foolish on my part, in fact a little stupid. Yet, that is what liberals expect our country to do. It’s like we don’t have the money, so borrow or print it, never realizing how that hurts the citizens of the USA. We take in plenty of people legally, and if people want to come in, apply for it, and come in the right way. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished in my life. I raised two children as a single mother, and I did it without government assistance. More people need to feel that pride and learn a new attitude. America has been good to all the people. It’s just that, like the police when they discovered the one bad apple that killed a man in cold blood, there are bad apples that treat people badly. But all of us that are good to people are beginning to get tired of more and more coming in, people that need help, then loosing on things we earned because the government is having to support illegals coming into the country. We don’t let them starve, but we have more than enough. We don’t have the money or the jobs to support any more of them coming in. CLOSE THE BORDERS NOW! and then families can stay together. Let them go and work together to make a better country in which to live.

      I believe you need to think some things through completely and realize why it’s not possible to help the world. We are a rich nation because we worked for it. Some are richer than others, because they are smart people and they worked hard for the money. I’m just an average American woman, doing my best in a world that seems to want to drown me out. It feels like because I’m a conservative, I’m looked down on as being selfish. But I believe in neighbors helping one another. Do you? I believe if there is no money and our government is overspending already, how do we afford to bring in more people to support? I know liberals don’t think that way. Obviously they believe money grows on trees.

      • Money doesn’t grow on trees for us but it sure is handed out freely to kazillionaires by this badministration. And really, how many gang members do you think come across the border compared to legit folks just trying to escape poverty, abuse, gang threats. They are just looking for a better life. Very few comparatively speaking. Maybe we should just rid the White House of all the Repubs right now, today since at least 6 have already been under investigation, indicted, in prison and arrested. Individual 1 has a lot facing him already. Maybe he should be the first out the door. Not a bad idea… Same logic. Stay well.

        • You pulling things out of thin air will never end, and there is no sense trying to talk sense into you. There are a lot more of the cartel members coming in than you will ever admit, so go live you life believing in Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and the other millionaires that are wanting more for their pet charities than caring about you or your family. You are blinded by the ones who feed you the lies, and won’t accept the truth. I loved the last night of the dem convention. Who spoke in addition to poor Joe. His son Hunter who became rich with Joe’s help, and you know you can check that out. Then my absolute favorite, a murderer. A woman the dems recognized as a leading citizen. She and her group of prostitutes murdered a real estate agent, torturing him before the murder. And she was a speaker for the dems. They really are sinking to new lows.

          How strange and pathetic that anyone would believe their drivil. A murderer recognized as an asset to society? Oh my word. I feel so sorry for those who cannot see what is right in front of them. SAD! But I’m done trying to explain to you. You mention investigations. Well of course they are being investigated, the dems are scared and they need the power back.

  2. The Civil War began, and it ended. The riots and destruction of property of the taking of human lives began one man was murdered by a rotten apple in a police department, and that man has been arrested and will go to trial. The ones whose property has been destroyed did nothing to that man. The ones murdered by the ones who riot did nothing to that man. They are all innocents brutalized by BLM and antifa. Anyone who says these two groups are good groups need to really study who they are and what they do. Yes, black lives matter to me, for I believe all men and women are the same inside. It’s the way people act and treat others that makes them different, no matter the color on the outside. These two groups were founded and are funded by Marxist followers, and if you believe Karl Marx was not a racist, read some of the things he wrote. I refuse to write anything he wrote, or copy it, because it is horrific. I don’t believe in using that language. But because one of the groups was smart enough to pick a name, ‘Black Lives Matter’ that we can believe in, they are supposed to be a good group. Have you ever wondered how antifa manages to show up at certain events or hot spots to further the violence? Have you ever noticed that they are all dressed alike, and have been from the beginning? Have you ever noticed that they have plenty of money for hotel rooms, but they can be there at the riots for days, looting, burning, and killing innocent people all in the name of what? White people are evil? We want justice for Floyd? Or is it that they are believing lies told to them by liars? What do they want? Can we really do without policemen? Without someone to make sure that the evil among us does not kill or take all of our belongings? What are we supposed to do? Kick the duly elected president out of office to satisfy some people? I think not. The main thing wrong with so many of the ones burning and killing is HATE, red hot HATE for white people and for black people. They respect nothing. They have no regard for little children, innocents in this world! They just burn and kill and destroy because that’s what is in them, HATE. There are things in this world I don’t like, but I’m a respecter of people, of ownership, of other’s beliefs, of rights of all people. Just because I believe something, I don’t believe you have to believe it, but with all that is in me, you BETTER respect my rights and beliefs as much as I respect yours. The problem, groups are trying with force to make people give in to them, and it won’t work. If they have the understanding of what it takes to make things better, let them stop the evil and come to the table to talk. And if you think all people of color are discriminated against, I will tell you now there are as many black men that I respect as there are white men. I hate that these men of wisdom have not been able to reach the young radicals, for they could surely teach them something. What a shame.

    • Hey have no regard for life. They take innocent children from their parents, lock them in cages. Continually they’ve tried to take away your healthcare. And now they are still trying even during a pandemic. Obviously they dont want a fair election. Afraid of the outcome, I suppose. They try to take away our voting rights, voting places..dang, even our mailboxes. They cannot continue their illegal behavior. All “the best” are either under investigation (including Individual 1), indicted or guilty and lucked out cos of covid. Enough of the rampant illegal activities. These thugs, thieves gotta go. Give em the boot. Vote Dem in 2020.

      • Vicki, Do you know who built those cages. Why, darlin, it was your very own Barack Hussain Obama and his vp Joe Biden. Poor Joe, it’s just a shame that he is being pushed around these days like he is going to be the next president. You can look in his eyes and see the lost look of those who have the beginning of dementia or Alzheimer’s. I’m not saying that to be mean or cruel, I feel sorry for the man and his family. Those are two things no family should have to go through, along with the hateful cancer that we see. But when one’s mind slowly empties out, and I’ve seen it in two relatives, it is heart wrenching. This is I believe what is happening to Joe Biden. You can see it in his face, you can hear it when he speaks and loses his place or his concentration. You see, at first, it’s not something that happens all the time, but when it happens, it is so evident. Take heed, and unless you want a socialist VP who will become president, find another candidate.

        But I really want you to look up the information about the so called cages at the border. Obama built them. Obama tried to take away my health care. I remember Nancy Pelosi saying, “We must pass it in order to know what’s in it.” Words so stupid I can’t believe anyone would speak them. Oh and as for the mail in ballots, what a sham. During the last election, they found enough voter fraud with the Dems, like the lady who voted in 4 different states, and all sorts of things, and Hillary still lost. Maybe honesty in voting should be tried, maybe there would be more of a chance to win if you did it legally.

        Now, Vicki, just so you know. When you throw out lies, I will rebut them when I can. You see I do more research than you do. You should not just take the word of the party you have joined. Go to the web, and look at various sites. Lots of sites that give you information. But don’t use Google as your search engine, because they have basically tried to kill some of the sites where you can find the truth. You have to search smart, not just take Schumer and Pelosi’s word for it.

          • Every day. It is part of who I am and as always, I want to know the truth of things. So, yes I do my very best to learn something every single day of my life. It may be something very simple, some new development, or how to do or make something. One thing I would like to correct now. I mentioned that AOC had 30 seconds to speak. I misspoke, she had 60 seconds and took about 90. I learned long ago to swallow pride and when I’m wrong, admit it. Is that what you learned? You never said.

          • Vicki have you noticed it’s not Trump supporters burning,looting, destroying history, beating people , destroying property or killing people?

          • Vicki is what you learned have do with the cages? Well. if not, Google the Associated Press and there you will see that what Michele Obama said about the cages.

      • Obama built the cages and also used them! Look at the support for up to birth abortion! Democrats give more to kill children then they do for homeless vets! You support that so you’re trash too!

  3. Dear people. Some of you are embracing finger pointing and a call to end the violence by counter violence. Some are upholding the violence associated with white hatred and revenge for past sins. I fear we are all trying to destroy one another. We as humans cannot solve these problems ourselves. Only One God can deliver us from this. So pray with all your hearts for peace. Please.

    • Ms. Old RN, I agree with you. I have never done anything to anyone, of any race, yet I’m hated because I’m white. Isn’t that the same type thing the BLM and antifa are supposedly fighting about? Why can’t they see that violence only brings on more violence. Why do they hate me, I have never spoken badly to an person of color, I have never mistreated any person of color, I have never hated any person of color, yet I’m called a racist because I’m basically a conservative person. I am a God loving, God trusting person, and I know God gave man the ability to think and reason for himself/herself. This violence is getting us nowhere except it is creating more hate because of the murder and destruction of property. I don’t understand why the people can’t see. Why would anyone who lost their life’s work want to love the ones who destroyed it? Why would anyone who lost a loved one to a shooting by ones creating the mayhem want to love that person? This is not the way to peace! Anyone who thinks it is needs to adjust their thought process and put themselves in the place of the ones who are losing family and property. How would you feel? We need to act to stop this violence now! There is no other way, or we will end up just as we did in Civil War times. Instead of North and South, it will be Good against Evil, for evil is all I can call the ones who are destroying.

      • MHWEP. Thank you for your response. You eyes are open to the truth in these riots and with all this hatred. I have thought that it doesn’t matter if you approve of the insanity of anarchy with defunding the police, and asking federal agents to leave, that if you are white then you are the hated privileged. If you are democrat and white, you are still hated privileged. All of these liberals are taking the side of people who would just as soon as shoot you white democrat loyalists as look at you. Please people stop twisting the issue that this is all about police brutality, and the loss of innocent black lives. It goes much deeper than that. It goes so deep as the objectives of these groups is to destroy America. And you democrats are still American. So MEWHP, you have tried numerous times to explain the situation, and common sense has not helped one bit. So the scary thing is, if we can’t use words to find peace, then what, indeed, is the way? Truly sad.

  4. “Ex-quarterback Colin Kaepernick tweeted an Independence Day message reminding us that he always was a radical leftist, America-hating agitator. His national anthem stunt always was about deliberately dishonoring flag and country. “We reject your celebration of white supremacy and look forward to liberation for all,” tweeted Kaepernick about the Fourth of July, because, he said, “black people have been dehumanized, brutalized, criminalized and terrorized by America for centuries and are expected to join your commemoration of independence, while you enslaved our ancestors.” The above was copied from the Washington Examiner and they were quoting Kaepernick’s tweets. This is why he ‘took a knee’ during the anthem. He was dishonoring the flag and the United States of America. So would I ever kneel as he is kneeling. NO! NEVER! No matter the issues that we have to work through, no matter the disagreements we have, I will NEVER dishonor the flag, our Old Glory, and what it stands for.

    I agree that once there were slaves and that was wrong. It is wrong to own another human being, that is true. It was wrong for the ones who owned slaves to abuse those slaves. Violence against others is wrong, and as I understand it, that is why there are protests happening today. As Kapernick said in a tweet, “black people have been dehumanized, brutalized, criminalized and terrorized by America.” Well, America can’t do these things, America is our country. So some people in America may have done these things, but mostly in the past, I would say, though I admit some of that is still around today. But I have one question for those who agree with BLM and Antifa.

    Isn’t the death and destruction caused by the riots of these groups that is going on right now in our country just as bad as what went on back then? So how can it be justified by anyone? Especially since so much of it is directed at their own people, the black people we are accused of being so unfair too. Yes death in the black community is high, but a big majority of it is by the hands of their own. Gangs are a thing communities must deal with, and I’m not saying it is only black communities. To you that might sound racist, but I’m quoting a black minister who said that blacks must work together to rid the communities of the gangs in order to have peace. I acknowledge that there are gangs of every race and nationality.

    There is a misdirected focus on police killings, particularly of unarmed men. According to the Washington Post database, in 2019 there were 249 blacks killed by the police: 165 had guns, 33 had knives, and only 14 were unarmed. In 2016, Harvard’s Roland Fryer released a study of racial differences in police use of deadly force and found no evidence of bias in police shootings. His conclusions have been echoed by researchers at the University of Maryland and Michigan State University.

    In 2018, according to FBI statistics, there were 7,406 black homicides. When Floyd was murdered over the Memorial Day weekend, there were 85 shootings and 24 deaths in Chicago. Black Lives Matter, however, has shown little public concern over any of this violence. We should not excuse or overlook police abuse, but it’s unfair and unwise to demonize the police. Criminal-justice reform should focus on reducing black homicide rates and, to be most effective, must find a way to develop collaborative relationships with law enforcement. Too many lives are at stake to let the “defund the police” movement stand in the way.

    Just like in every community, every company, every group, there is possibly a bad apple. Chavin and Floyd had words before Floyd was murdered by the Chavin. They didn’t get along. They were basically two people with a history. It was an anger thing, and wrong. It was not the fault of all policeman that this happened. It was wrong and Chavin will be punished, just as he should be. This will be determined by a court of law. But how many innocent lives have been taken because of this? Far too many innocent people who had nothing to do with the crime committed. It is way past time for arrests to be made. If you don’t believe there is an force behind antifa and BLM, you are wrong. The groups are driven by people who want to see the USA destroyed. Why? Because they are full of hate. They are teaching and leading young people down the wrong road, a road filled with hate, destruction and murder, and there is no way to work out differences down this road. When will eyes be opened? I hope it’s not too late before the truth is seen and understood.

    We must not give in to violence. We, the silent majority, must find our voice and speak out against all that is happening today. We must stand up for what is right, and do our part to find a pathway to peace in our country. It’s heartbreaking to see all this violence. I was taught it is never right to destroy anything that does not belong to you. What this violence is costing this country, in addition to the COVID problems, will never be regained. Riots are causing destruction, they are not helping to work out any problem, not one. I am FOR POLICE and I need their protection. I am FOR GOOD GOVERNMENT, not an official who lets the mob do what they want. I am FOR PEACE, not riots and destruction. I am FOR LIFE, not murder in the streets. I am FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not it’s downfall by radicals.

    • Certainly I dont see anything radical about what he’s saying. Don’t you want to be treated with respect? There’s not really any place that talks much about this tweet except right wing media. People talk about injustice all the time. Are they all to be considered radical? Wow. Guess it is what it is.

          • I’m asking again, what are you trying to say? Are you talking about a tweet? If so, is it the tweet Kaperkack sent? I’m just asking what are you trying to say, then I have to ask, what exactly what did you say that was understandable? No, I’m not hidden, I just don’t want to be harassed by the likes of the people who make life hard for those who don’t agree with them. I trust you can understand that, as it is written pretty plainly. And there are those of us who have been almost terrorized with phone calls every hour of the day and night because we dared speak out. So yes, I’m here, giving my opinion, opposing the ultra liberal hate mongers. I know you can freely give your name because as a rule, conservatives don’t harass you if you think differently. It’s just the way things are, unfortunately.

            Just in case you are talking about the Kapernack tweet, of course you didn’t read anything about it in all the liberal newspapers, they don’t write about things like that. Kapernack took a knee to show his disrespect for the American flag, his disrespect for any white person, even those who have done him no harm, and his adoptive parents are white. How could he feel such hate? Back to the liberal newspapers, they don’t print much of the complete truth about things, only praising the loud mouths in Congress who believe it is their solemn duty to get President Trump out of office. Is that the reason they think they have been elected to office. I do have news for them if that is what they think. First, they have been in office far too long and can only do what they want to do, to heck with the people who voted them in to do work that would benefit our country. If you weren’t so blinded by your hate of the man, even you would see that he has done good for the country. But you can’t put that hate aside, even when you see the good, you deny it. What a shame that someone in this day and age fails to see any good in someone. I fear you are not just a Democrat, but are so far left we could almost call you part of the group that follows Bernie and AOC or whoever name the ex-bartender is called by. You see, I think she knows nothing, or they would have given her more than 30 seconds at the convention. Poor things, they didn’t know she is so pushy, she will always take more than she is due. That’s just the way it is. If people want a socialist government, MOVE to a country that suits you. Leave the USA alone. Learn from the past, then leave it there. If a person wants respect, earn it, don’t kill then expect people to respect you. Don’t destroy the life work of someone, the expect praise for it. When you respect others, it will come back to you. You can’t demand respect and push others over for it. I have never disrespected any person of color, and you can ask any one of them I know how they feel about me. Maybe that will give you some clue as to where I’m coming from.

      • Oh one more thing to google. Reparations. That is the word used for the take down of the country/ You will see if you read closely all the posts about BLM reparations they want: to take our money, take our property, send incarcerated prisioners free, defund the police, defund the military and give them the money, and the right to loot stores because this is what they deserve (insurance will pay the costs of the looting), and I may have forgotten some. Then look for pictures of their peaceful protest and see where they block highways with cars on both ends of the road and the cars caught in their trap are attacked with weapons that beat the cars with all kinds of damage. Look at the police precincts and court houses burned. They want lawlessness. And they hate white people. And they want to open the border to all the drug smuggling, gun smuggling and human girls smuggling and allowing criminals to flow into the country unpoliced. They want lawlessness. And the Democrats are behind this. Now listen to this? You live in Natchitoches Parish right? One day in an outlining community here in this parish, there was a man getting his house ready to live in. This home owner hired illegals to help him. One of the illegal criminals got into a truck and drove so fast he hit another car from behind, causing the car to leave the road and crash. The victim was killed. Did you hear about this? Was this on any national news? So see, you are being misled about the cages and the need for strict border control. Wake up people, please.

  5. Here we go again. The Constitution guarantees us the right to worship or not as we please. Kneel or not..
    Yes, we did not have to kneel to communism during the Cold War, we had a real leader. But now there are certain Repubs that are not just kneeling to but are lying prostrate to Russian guidance. Thank you, no. I will never support anyone that is a Russian sympathizer or operative. It is pathetically laughable that you continue to bring up God while supporting the most God-less individual to ever walk into the Oval Office. He is still disgracing everything considered American or Christian. You continue to bring up the few BLM protestors that say and do ignorant things. They are not the messengers. Some want to use that as an excuse to ignore the BIG picture. The person that has overtaken our White House is a sociopath. He is a racist, bigoted, misogynistic, tax evading, prolific lying, 6 time failed business individual, Qanon supporter, dictator and Russian adoring, narcissistic autocratic wannabe. And also you talk about Marxist views of a couple of founders of BLM while still supporting the serious and ongoing threat that is occupying the White House. I guess you support the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Boys, the American Guard and the like. You never say anything about these ones that are starting so much of the violence. Who are you to call yourself a Republican, an American, a Christian? We support the vast majority of masked BLM peaceful protestors that are looking for fairness in pay, jobs, healthcare, education, housing, etc. Get your knee off their neck. Obviously America still has a very long way to go on the subject of racism.

    • Under President Trump’s leadership, black unemployment reached its lowest level in history. He also signed the First Step Act, criminal justice reform that overwhelmingly benefited black offenders. Do you want that progress halted or reversed? Is your hatred for your president so great that you would have black Americans harmed? You support a political party which has used African-Americans for its own political gain, yet has done nothing to advance the black community. Your argument has no merit.

      • That trend started long before he ever lumbered into our White House. He always has the tendency to try to discredit who it was that actually started these trends.. Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The jobs numbers didn’t go into 2 digit numbers then either, even during a pandemic. Where is your guy as far as job numbers now? Just like everything else he inherits, he runs it straight into the ground. Soon he’ll just be an asterisk in American history.

      • Democrats have already been there. The first act bill was something added to (and retractions from) an Obama bill. Fact check it.

  6. Now truth is considered racism if it does not agree with personal opinion. Black on black crime is rampant. Clean up your own house before pointing fingers.

  7. “There are none so blind as those who will not see”. A very good article Mr. Alexander. I value your opinions, they are spot on. Thank you.

  8. He begins by discussing figurative kneeling, e.g., to tyrants, and then tries to use that in an argument against actual kneeling, such as in symbolic protests against tyranny. And then he claims the only appropriate kneeling is in the context of religious devotion. It’s a very confusing argument. In any case, it entails that kneeling to make a marriage proposal is immoral. Or even, it seems, to fix a kitchen sink (unless, perhaps, one is praying to God while doing it). He’s just really against all types of kneeling but one.

  9. Dear editor,
    Opinions are near the heart of democratic journalism, but promulgating false information serves no one. Let those opinion pieces stay on social media, or hire a fact-checker.

    Patricia Brown

  10. All true Americans should kneel to God and stand proudly with hand over heart to our American flag. If you have problems with this, take it up with your god. Thank you Mr. Alexander for your timely article.

    • What if their God tells them to kneel during the national anthem? You can’t judge based on their faith. What if my God says I can do anything I want as long as it isn’t a sin.

      • Lady Jade, if you knew anything about God and what the Bible says, then you should know that God is always with us, He never leaves us, and He has no need of a vacation. You don’t need to leave a message at the beep, He is always available, all we have to so is Pray, and He hears our prayer. Sometimes He says, “Yes, my child.” Sometimes, He says, “No, my child.” Sometimes, He says, “Not now my child, the time is not right.” But He is always there, and He always listens to our prayer. ALWAYS!

  11. GOD created all of us equal. and yet, black ppl are killed, imprisoned, and disenfranchised at a disproportionate rate. If you all would bow to God and hold up his commandments you’d love your black neighbor and treat them as you’d want yourself treated. You should be upset at the injustices too. Black Americans have been the victims of Domestic Terror since the founding of this country. Don’t use such inflammatory words until you know your history. Slavery, Hangings, Bombings, Tuskeegee Experiment. You’re column should be dropped. SMH

    • You are blind to the reality of today’s America. Or maybe you refuse to admit the truth. Our country and its systems are vigorously anti-racist. Our black brothers and sisters are indeed disproportionately victimized by violence, but it’s not white America committing the violence. Chicago, Baltimore and now Portland are prime examples of the domestic terrorism of which he speaks. The solution will be found in stable, two-parent families, rearing moral and responsible citizens.

      • Your need to fact check your assumptions. Black and brown skinnned Americans are disproportionally jailed while white Americans are released, given probation or found innocent for the same crimes.

        • I covered criminal courts in Jefferson Parish for many years for the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Jefferson is a pretty conservative parish but I saw absolutely no bias when it came to jury decisions or sentencing based on race. If the evidence indicated the defendant did it, he was found guilty. If not, he was found not guilty. Also, it is a documented fact that the BLM leaders have admitted that they are trained Marxists and that their ultimate goal is to overthrow the American system. These facts can withstand all the checking anyone wants to put them through. And the fact that blacks have been disproportionately the victims of violence in the past does not justify the violence being perpetrated against society today. And finally, many more violent deaths are inflicted during black on black crime in one year than police violence in a decade. Where is the outrage for those crimes? If the black community rose up with the same fervor against black on black crime, they would probably accomplish something.

        • Ms Vicki, you should sit in a Natchitoches Parish Courtroom and see how many black people are not in jail, but out on bond and walking the street. Do your research, for it is the same in most places. You seem to find so much information that is wrong, info put out by a liberal press. You shout loudly the propaganda that is fed to you by Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, OCS and others who are just tooting their own horn loudly and doing no work to better this country. Wise up, and check your own

    • Keisha: ” You have heard the commandment, You shall love your countryman, and hate your enemy. My command to you is: love your enemies and pray for your persecutors. This will prove that you are sons of your heavenly Father, for His sun rises on the bad and the good, He rains on the just and the unjust. If you love those who love you, what merit is there in that? Do not tax collectors do as much? Mt: 5:43-46. This is probably the hardest thing for a Christian to do. I wish none of the injustices had occurred to your innocent ancestors.. But then you blame all white people for these injustices.. Not every white person is like your accusations. The majority of nurses take all their patients lives, and suffering seriously. If injustice occurs to a patient or fellow co worker, this is not tolerated regardless. You can’t judge all white people as your enemy. I uphold life- all life. and was sickened by the video of George Floyd. But now I am sickened by the death of a 5 yr old boy shot out of pure hate. I am sickened by the deaths of a 4 yr old and a 1 yr old (both African- American children) being hit by stray bullets fired by black protesters. Your own people can’t keep killing out of hateful revenge for the deaths others caused. Please let the past die and forge ahead for peace. For in loving your neighbor as yourself involves the power of forgiveness, God Bless you and all who suffer and have suffered persecution.

  12. Thank you for a voice of reason in a time when others seem to be delusional about what is happening in our country! The silent majority is silent out of fear of being attacked, called racists for not ascribing to the belief that we are all racists, and having a different world view than what is being shown in the main stream media.
    Heaven help us get through this time of national insanity!

  13. Antifa is not an organization in and of itself. It stands for Anti-fascism which I would hope most people are. You either are anti-fascist or you are not. So make it known which one you are so we can see your true colors. Why does the npj share this garbage bigot on their site? It’s truly sickening

    • You are so correct about Antifa. I don’t approve of violence in any form. I do not agree with Royal either but everyone is entitled to their opinion. This is still America, isnt it?

    • Antifa is one of the most fascist organizations out there. Bunch of liberal arts majors dressing up like tough guys beating up women and weak people. Too bad they don’t come down here to the south. That would be a ball!

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