UPDATE: SWEPCO Updates Hornbeck and Natchitoches Area Storm Restoration Times

Sept. 4, 2020 – SWEPCO estimates power will be restored to 95% of customers in the Hornbeck area by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 8. Community-by-community restoration estimates are listed below.

“We know our customers are struggling in the devastation left behind by Hurricane Laura,” said Malcolm Smoak, SWEPCO president and chief operating officer. “Our crews are committed to working through this exceptional storm damage and getting your lights on. There is no holiday weekend for us or for folks without power. Thousands of line and tree personnel are working to restore power as safely and quickly as possible.”

Workers have identified more than 1,400 utility poles broken by Hurricane Laura, including more than 770 in the Hornbeck area.

Overall, 12 of 29 circuits serving the Natchitoches area have been fully repaired, One of the 17 circuits serving communities near Hornbeck has been completely fixed. Three additional circuits are 95% complete.

At 6 p.m. Friday, SWEPCO reported 17,300 customers without power in Central Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, including 11,300 in the Hornbeck area and 6,000 in the Natchitoches area.

Estimated Times of Restoration

Estimates are for 95% of customers who can take power. Many customers’ power will be restored sooner.

Hornbeck Area:

Leesville – Friday 11:59 PM – North to Anacoco & East on Hwy 111
Saturday 11:59 PM – Hawthorne to Foul Road on Hwy 8; Golf course to Tank Trail on 117 North

Monday 11:59 PM – East 28 & Slagle Road

Noble – Friday 11:59 PM – Ebarb School, North Toledo State Park, 191 South

Negreet – Saturday 11:59 PM – Hwy 476 & Hwy 191 South; Hwy 191 North to 1215 & Hwy 6 West to State Line

Hornbeck – Friday 11:59 PM – Anacoco – Hwy 111W
Saturday 11:59 PM – Hornbeck – Burr Ferry
Sunday 11:59 PM – Florien city limits to Hwy 463 to Hwy 191
Monday 11:59 PM – Plainview & Peason

Kurthwood – Monday 11:59 PM – North on 117 to Kisatchie fire tower; South to Tank Trail on Hwy 117 & Hwy 465

Hicks – Saturday 11:59 PM – To Simpson – parish line Tuesday 11:59 PM – Hicks to Slagle – Hwy 8 to Simpson; Hwy 121 to Leander

Many – Saturday 11:59:00 PM – South to Florien – East on 118 to Mt. Carmel Church
Sunday 11:59 PM – Hwy 6 West of Many, Airport, Shut Eye Road, to Negreet Road

Natchitoches Area:

10 p.m. Friday – Hagewood Hwy 6 to Hwy 504 Oak Grove community
10 p.m. Saturday – Hwy 120 Provencal and east to Cypress
10 p.m. Sunday –Hagewood Hwy. 6 to Robeline
10 p.m. Monday – Provencal and south on Hwy. 117 to Belwood

10 p.m. Sunday – Verda Hwy 122 to Montgomery; Verda Hwy. 471 and Hwy 122 to Dry Prong
10 p.m. Monday – Hwy. 471 Verda to Atlanta, La;

10 p.m. Saturday – Derry La Hwy. 119 to Melrose; Derry La Hwy 1 north to Cypress, La
10 p.m. Sunday – Derry La Hwy. 1 south to Marco

10 p.m. Friday – Many Marthaville Rd
10 p.m. Sunday – Many Hwy 6 runs east to Robeline Ft. Jessup area

10 p.m. Saturday – Marthaville Hwy. 120 to Robeline; Marthaville Hwy 120 to Natchitoches Parish/Sabine Parish line

Cane River
10 p.m. Saturday- Hwy. 1 south to Natchez and Hwy 1 bypass to I-49

Grand Ecore
10 p.m. Sunday – Hwy. 6 west of Grand Ecore and Clarence community, St. Maurice, Montgomery

10 p.m. Friday – Campti Hwy 71 south to Clarence
10 p.m. Saturday – Campti Hwy. 71 north to Fairview;
10 p.m. Monday – Campti Hwy. 480 east to Sandy Point

10 p.m. Monday – Colfax Hwy 492 to Rock Hill community, Meade Rd

Outage Update
Crews continue to repair power lines that deliver electricity from those substations to homes and businesses across Central Louisiana.

SWEPCO has restored power to 24,700 Central Louisiana customers. At the peak after the hurricane, 42,000 customer were without power in Bienville, DeSoto, Grant, Natchitoches, Red River, Sabine, Vernon and Winn parishes.

For all of SWEPCO, power has been restored to almost 119,000 customers, or about 87%, of those without power after Hurricane Laura struck SWEPCO’s service area as a Category 2 storm on Thursday, Aug. 27.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: SWEPCO Updates Hornbeck and Natchitoches Area Storm Restoration Times

  1. The article actually says you can apply for a credit for the days you didn’t have Suddenlink service AFTER THE POWER WAS RESTORED. So that would give most us 1 or 2 days if that. To me that would not be worth the effort and frustration levels we have in dealing with this company. Personally I am wishing for a new kid in town, ready to take on the complacency of the big boys that seems to be the norm in Natchitoches. Paying top dollar for service that sometimes seems not much better than dial-up is a bit maddening. One other BIG company lied to us and told us that we were getting all the glitz and glitter their company had to offer. Then what did we find out? We were paying for all that extra speed, the super service and all the glitz and glitter, but we were not getting any of it. We were hoodwinked by a great big giant in the computer and telephone industries and probably helped them become a big part of the television industry. Fiber optics end at the Cane and is not available in East Natchitoches.

    So what will happen with the 8 days we, at our home, were without power? Will we be charged for the 8 days we had no computer service anywhere in our home? Will Suddenlink play nice and say you could not utilize your computer service, so you don’t owe us anything for those 8 days? Or will they only say as they said in the article, If you notify us, we will give you credit for the days the power was back on, but Suddenlink service was not available? Will we be charged for the interruption of service when power was out, and the power outages seemed to run from a few days to it’s still out?

    Anyone have any answers?

    • Sorry folks, this should have been on the Suddenlink article. My iPad has seemed a bit confused since LAURA came through town. I cannot get it to the correct article.

  2. I live on Patrick Road in Point Place..we were fortunate to have power restored Wednesday, but it went out again yesterday( Friday) during the thunderstorm. There aren’t many houses affected by this outage, so I hope we can get power soon.

  3. I wish SWEPCO would stop sending emails that my power is on when it isn’t! Who goes out and checks this info? Nobody has been to my house!

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