The 2020 Natchitoches Car Show 14 Years of Cars and Family Fun!

Kevin’s Gallery

Downtown Natchitoches was filled with several thousand visitors as the 14th annual Natchitoches Car Show, put on by the Historic Downtown Business Association, was held October 3. The event featured something for every automotive taste as the show featured 416 cars ranging from all original parts, to lovingly restored, to imaginatively configured art cars.
The Natchitoches Lions Club held their traditional split the pot fundraiser to raise money for the Lions summer camp, an eminently deserving cause. Top-notch live musical entertainment could be found throughout the day on several stages.

The “oldest” car at the show was a “page right out of history”, a replica of the Flintstones car from the movie that drew a delighted audience of classic cartoon fans of all ages. As for the non-prehistoric vehicles, the honors for oldest car was shared by several 1915 Model Ts. One of the more interesting vehicles was also the only combat veteran in the show, a 1942 Willys MB Army Jeep owned by retired Army NCO Richard Bullock. The Jeep was used by the US Army in Europe during WWII. A careful examination of several spots on the Jeep shows signs of quick welding as the vehicle was put back in service after battle damage.

The Natchitoches Car Show has grown over the past 14 years into one of the largest and most eagerly awaited events held in the city as well as a popular destination for antique car aficionados.