ACT scores from St. Mary’s Class of 2020 released

The results of the ACT scores of the Class of 2020 at St. Mary’s Catholic School are in and are showing almost the same as the 2019 average scores, although still higher than local, state, and national averages.

The average ACT composite score of the Class of 2020 is 22.52, down 0.19 from the Class of 2019. The St. Mary’s ACT score is 5.22 points higher than the Natchitoches parish average of 17.30; and 3.82 points higher than the state average of 18.70; and 1.72 points higher than the national average of 20.80. The highest individual ACT score in the class was a 32.

“We are very proud of the Class of 2020,” said Andrea Harrell, principal at St. Mary’s School. “Despite the virtual learning the students experienced this past year, I think the students maintained a high quality of education excellence.”

In an effort to further improve ACT scores and the school’s academic curriculum, Harrell said a five-year strategic plan has been developed and will have sub-committees of parents, community members, and teachers to address all facets of the school including academics.

“We hope to look at our curriculum and the ACT curriculum to ensure alignment and rigor,” said Harrell. “When this is done, I believe our students will perform even better on the ACT test.”

According to Harrell, students from the Class of 2020 earned an average of 24 hours of Dual Enrollment credit (earning college credit while still in high school) and received over $600,000 in scholarship money, not counting TOPS (Taylor Opportunity Program for Students).

St. Mary’s School is accredited by the Louisiana State Department of Education and AdvancED Accreditation. It is also a member of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association and offers Dual Enrollment credit through Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, La.