Area Gideons Are Handing Out Bibles at The Christmas Festival

Members of the Gideons International, long known for their mission of placing Bibles in hotels and public areas, are handing out Bibles during each weekend of the Christmas Festival Season. Edwin Crayton, a member of the Natchitoches Gideon camp, was hard at work Saturday, December 12 as he has been for the past several Christmas Festivals.  He was joined last week by Gideons from Pineville, 6Monroe and Frisco, Texas. Last year, the Gideons gave away 10,000 Bibles over the Christmas Festival weekends. They hope to match, if not exceed that number, this year.

2 thoughts on “Area Gideons Are Handing Out Bibles at The Christmas Festival

  1. I was wondering if that was Mr. Edwin I could not really tell with the mask, Such a Godly man who really has a heart and cares of the lost especially children.

  2. Thanks for you efforts Edwin. I know several Gideons, they get out and do a lot of “leg work”
    and in a non-denominational way. ( especially nice since there does not seem to be a local ministrial Assoc. in this area)

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