Christmas Festival Weekend December 12-The Crowd is Back!

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Saturday, December 12 saw a welcome influx of visitors to our city as attendance at the Christmas Festival and other events that day rose to nearly the prior year’s levels. Visitors shopped and dined along Front St. and enjoyed musical entertainment on the Riverbank Stage. Santa heard children’s gift wishes at the newly renovated Santa House.

The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Northwest History Museum welcomed visitors as did Fort St. Jean Baptiste. The Natchitoches Historic Foundation held its long standing and popular Christmas Tour of Homes showcasing exquisitely decorated local historic homes. Local boaters entertained the crowd with a parade of lighted boats on the Cane River. The Riverbank was packed as Johnny Earthquake and the Moondogs closed out the evening’s musical acts followed by another one of our community’s incredible fireworks shows.

15 thoughts on “Christmas Festival Weekend December 12-The Crowd is Back!

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  3. Being a member of this community is embarrassing… millions dead because of covid-19, yet the City of Natchitoches forges ahead with this super-spreader event. Thousands of people shoulder to shoulder without masks on for the benefit of the very few people who profit from this season. The same few who profit by using the impoverished bodies of Natchitoches residents as front-facing employees in the midst of a pandemic. They don’t even pretend to enforce masks. It’s a farce.

    I understand why ignorant people are facilitating this event. Their representatives have abandoned them. How can people be expected to stay home if they will still have to pay their bills and the government offers no financial support… I digress.

    I’m very much looking forward to leaving very soon.

    • “Millions dead?” According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 1.6 million deaths from covid in the ENTIRE WORLD. And that’s assuming the reporting can be trusted. When you leave, go someplace where you will be safe from the propaganda.

      • What, 1.6M isnt enough for you? The US has almost double the next country’s cases. Double. Go figure. Only an uncaring moron would have let a virus, a pandemic run so rampant through our country unchecked. Oh. Yeah. I forgot who’s in “control”. The end is in sight finally. I’m so glad that Pfizer at least took no government money for research and development. Pathetic what our country has had to endure for the last 4 years and what a grand finale for this failed experiment in autocracy. Never again America. For any that may be interested, a special aired on ABC called The Shot. Race for the Vaccine. I’m sure you can find it airing somewhere. Happy holidays. Please wear a mask. Stay well.

        • Funny timing on the whole deal. Pfizer comes up with the vaccine days after the election and was also a huge contributer to the old SNIFFER’S campaign! Sounds like something the democratics would pull.

          • Ok…so a winning pharmaceutical company that backs a winning candidate with a winning vaccine to save lives is a bad thing? Let’s finish turning Georgia blue.

  4. Great job on displaying the one place not to eat at on the riverbank. Not a single soul in that kitchen has on a mask. SMH!

    • Exactly!!! People Think Covid is joke!! And then to be smiling like its okay not to wear a mask. I know where I won’t be stopping.

          • It’s all so sad. Should’ve been way more covid relief by now. Guess the ultra rich are enjoying their big fat tax cuts while others are struggling to keep their house and put food on the table. Folks should not be opening their restaurants for dine in during a pandemic. Personally I think the Christmas Festival should not have happened this year cos of covid. But the booth at the riverbank would have been ok I guess had they worn masks. Have a Happy Holiday season. Safe distance. Wear a mask. Stay well.

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