Gabe Firment – District 22 State Rep.

Tomorrow afternoon Congress will meet in joint session to vote on certifying the electoral votes for President of the United States. I want the citizens of District 22 to know that I share your concerns about the integrity of the election and have urged our congressional delegation to object to the certification of the electoral votes until we can be assured that the election was fair and that every vote was counted. If we lose faith in the integrity of our election process, then we are in danger of losing our great Republic itself.

Join me in praying this evening that the resolve of those voting on our behalf will be strengthened, and that our voices will be heard loud and clear in the hallowed halls of the U.S. Capitol. And let us not forget the eloquent warning of President Ronald Reagan: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed down for them to do the same”


9 thoughts on “Gabe Firment – District 22 State Rep.

  1. Thank you Gabe. It was not pretty today, not as bad as “peaceful” protests we have seen over the past nine months. Republicans who really care about protest though objecting to the Electoral votes would not have been the ones who disrupted that process. It will be interesting to see who are the groups responsible.

  2. We are watching what they do. Encourage violence at and in our own Capitol. Who does that? I wait for justice to come to those that have tried to overthrow our government. Are you satisfied? Dont blame your hated Antifa. Dont blame unarmed protesters. You yourself and others like you are to blame. Accept defeat like Dems did. Of course we disagreed. We went through the steps and Hillary even conceded. My God, you support all of this. You did not see us ever try to overthrow our own government. What is wrong with you? CINO.

  3. I pray every day for the preservation of our democracy. It has not been easy in the age of Trump. He had his day in court and lost. Let him try again in 2024. He should not make a mockery of our Constitution in Washington today.

  4. Produce some credible evidence of rampant voter fraud in the Presidential election. All you have is RUMOR and INNUENDO.

  5. Integrity??? Do you honestly think Trump has any integrity? Stop drinking the Koolaid and read the facts.

    • Integrity? I read, but what I read, very few facts there, very often no facts. We all know that reporters do not write the truth, but their opinion, so sorry, we don’t read “facts.” What I see and have seen are the facts, it’s what was happening, and those are the facts. I would like to quote your friend Vicki here, “Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.” In this case, I’m not believing what they write, I’m watching what they do and what they did. It was the truth, how can what you see on video after video, be called a lie. It can’t be. You are among the people who are drinking something, and it has affected your mind. If you see and still deny, you are among the ones who help perpetuate the lies of this election.

      I believe that the man named Donald Trump, President of the USA, did a phenomenal job as President, and would have done even more if he had not had to fight Pelosi, Shumer, other powerful dishonest dems, and the fake news media during his term as president. The lies told by the dems, and the fact that there was no working across the aisle to get things done, the only thing they were interested in was getting President Trump out of office. That was not doing anything to get things done for the USA. It was a shame that Pelosi was so filled with hate that she could not recognize the good done by the President.

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