AG Landry’s office arrests city councilman on alleged election fraud

Emmanuel Zanders (Source: TPSO)

By Austin Kemker

Shared Courtesy of WAFB TV in Baton Rouge

WAFB is reporting that Prosecutors say a Louisiana city councilman illegally registered nearly two dozen people to vote in his district as he sought re-election last November.

Emanuel Zanders, a councilman in Amite, Louisiana, has been arrested and charged with eight counts of voter fraud, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry announced Wednesday morning.

Landry says Zanders allegedly urged 22 people to list vacant lots as their home addresses in order to attempt to increase the number of people who were eligible to vote for him.

Zanders “purposefully manipulated citizens into illegally changing their voter registrations,” Landry said.Zanders won re-election to his Amite, Louisiana council seat by just 19 votes.

He received 206 votes while his runoff opponent, Claire Bell, received just 187 votes.

Landry says his office, in conjunction with Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin’s office, began investigating the case in October 2020 after receiving a tip from the Tangipahoa Parish Registrar of Voters.

“Few things are more American than our right to vote,” Landry said. “And, with that, comes the mandate for open, fair and transparent elections.”

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  1. A women was shot and died as a result of this fraud! A white women who was serving her country killed by the very country she was defending! An unarmed women who posed a threat to no one! Her blood is on the hands of democratic party and every person who supported this treasonous act!

    • She wasn’t protecting our country yesterday. Yes she was a veteran. She should not have been at the riot. She shouldn’t have been breaking down doors, breaking windows to gain access in an attempt to disrupt and destroy one of my govt institutions. Very sad she lost her life.

      • Wasn’t a riot,it was a protest Republican style! No burning buildings,businesses or police cars. No beating people or ripping people from their cars and beating them. PROTEST!

  2. So? After stealing a presidential election it’s whatever it takes to win! Election fraud in Louisiana? Probably a Democrat!

    • And of course you and all the rest of your losers, would rather have the Coward Boys in charge”. You lost fair and square, but because the Loser you follow, and worship, is in fact a coward, crybaby, traitor, you would overturn the votes of millions. How sad!

      • You are one stupid pos! Millions of votes were fraudulent entered in districts of five states. Districts know for corruption and stealing. Why do you think the Democrats choose those? It’s because they were poor, uneducated people who would do anything for less than minimum wage! Based one your post, Phil I can tell you ate one of those people! You are best best argument as to why ignorant people should have to past a literacy test before voting! The sad thing is that the Democrats have been using people like you as stooges for years! So, crawl back under the slime from which you came!

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