The Walls Left Behind

Dane Terrell/Opinion

This week, Joe Biden took the oath of office and became the 46th President of the United States. Though it was tested, the peaceful transition of power that our nation has held so dear for nearly two and a half centuries has once again taken place. I do not write today to dismiss President Trump’s accomplishments, or to cast aside his policies. I do not come to gloat on the victory or to stand over those that chose him with their vote. Had it not been for a once in a century pandemic, it is quite possible that Mr. Trump would be sworn in today for a second term. The pre-pandemic economy was truly historic. His administration deserves accolades for Operation Warp Speed and the corresponding vaccine that promises to save hundreds of thousands of lives world wide. He received the second most votes of any presidential candidate in the history of our nation. As I said, I do not wish to take anything away from President Trump. I do not write today to talk about the wall that he built, but the walls that we have built.

Our nation today is truly a divided one. Perhaps more so than any time since the Civil War. We have divided ourselves into two camps. Red vs Blue, Conservatives vs Liberals,  Republicans vs Democrats. We have separated ourselves from those that do not share our own views. We have lost friends and perhaps even gone so far as to cut family members out of our lives over the fights and arguments of the last four years. We have all but given up on the idea of starting with the places that we agree. Choosing instead to not only highlight our differences, but to question the motives of those with whom we disagree. We have built walls that seem insurmountable and impenetrable between ourselves. We have come to the incorrect conclusion that our side is always right and the other side must always be wrong. I am here today to tell you that these walls are not indestructible.

On June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan marked the end of the Cold War in a Berlin speech in which he said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Today, I call upon all of us to end the war which we have waged upon each other. Let us pledge today to begin where we agree and build from there. Let us soften our words and our hearts. Let us reach across the isle to hold the hand of our fellow Americans. After all, we are not enemies, or even adversaries. We share a common goal. A more perfect union, a land of opportunity and promise, a time of peace and unity. The time is now to show the world that our country is more than just impossible ideals. So now we must ask ourselves, what will it take.

It will take both sides coming together with open hands and hearts. It will take both sides standing up to the fringe elements of both parties. It will take compromise, it will take teamwork. It will take bravery, and it will require grace. We must show tolerance and understanding. We must pick those up that need our help. We must show our children and grandchildren that we can work together toward a common goal, and that what makes us the same far outweighs what makes us different. We must make them believe that they can be anything that they want to be, and we must make it so. We must refuse to attach the labels of politicization. We must avoid posting that which corrodes and instead post that which holds us together. We must sow the seeds of truth and destroy the weeds of doubt in each others’ motivations.

I will start today. I will reach out to those with which I have severed ties. I will ask for forgiveness and I will show grace. I will refuse to focus on that which seeks to divide us. I will lift up those in need. I pledge allegiance to the republic, one nation under God, indivisible, and vow to seek liberty and justice for all. Will you join me? Friends, Let us tear down these walls!


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  1. Re the National Guard..
    On Friday the National Guard released another statement to say that all troops have returned to using Capitol buildings for their break areas and that they had been informed that the initial request for them to relocate “was made without the knowledge of the Congressional members.”

  2. Time will tell. Biden will probably prove that President Trump was the best President we have had. But until then, we must pray that he does as least damage as possible. We must be tolerant, loving and kind to his followers who fail to see how devastating his policies will be to our nation. But we must never back down from speaking the truth!

    • I kinda think that you may want to hold out the olive branch as decided as it appears we are the Majority has choose our President. Personally I lived with the 24/7 365 never ending tweet storm ⛈ from Trump …. I can take some quiet

  3. I was convicted this morning! God reminded me my heart should be purified gold💛 I trust GOD no matter what is happening politically. Believe it or not, HE’s ALL ABOUT POLITICS and I believe THE GOVERNMENT WILL BE ON HIS SHOULDERS! I pray for anyone and the decisions that contradict HIS WORD! We are ALL guilty of not taking the HIGH ROAD sometimes…. and hitting below the belt is a DEAL BREAKER! Praying more than ever for those who are lost, and decisions that are hurting others🙏🇺🇸 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Be AWARE of what you’re supporting and it’s aligning with THE BIBLE! I’ve been praying for CHANGED HEARTS no matter what side “you think” you’re on….. GOD FIRST🙏🇺🇸

  4. Dane, thank you for your words. By and large they were very thoughtful and I hope our country can come together. It would have been nice to see these four years ago when Mr. Trump was elected. It would have been nice to see bi-partisan support for all of the good things he did for our country. Sure, he has a very abrasive personality, and certainly could have used his words more carefully (or some words not at all); but the bottom line is, he did many great things for the average citizen in the US, rather than for the big money corporations that all other presidents and 535 folks in congress always do (yes, I’m sure we can cherry pick some items to accuse Mr. Trump of this as well). Both sides are guilty of this. They all answer to big money and donors. I truly think many politicians get into it to change these things. In the end, it is impossible, because if you do not follow the party line on the side you are on, you will lose your seat. We had a President who did not have to answer to big money and donors and tackled tough issues instead of the easy way out (instead of kicking the can down the road-we still have things being promised that Ted Kennedy was going to fix in the 60’s). The fact is, all of these politicians are the very ones who create these problems and then have the nerve to campaign against the things they caused. Mr. Trump was a threat to both sides of the aisle because he wanted the gravy train to end for these politicians. He wanted to fix things. This is what a businessman does. He risked his fortune to put up with all he did. While he could have handled himself better, most everything thrown at him (Russiagate/racist/white supremacist/homophobe) was either made up or twisted. The double standard in our media is so obvious. The media can carry much of the blame for the divisive country. They throw anything out there to sell their product. Boring, good news does not sell. If one cannot at least admit this, there is no debate to be had. Just look at the results Mr. Trump’s leadership had for everyone in this country before the pandemic. There are terrible words, accusations, threats, and idiocy coming from both sides of the aisle (and the media). In the end, they are all guilty of dividing this country. They all have the platform to make these statements, and do; meanwhile, all of us pawns are fighting with each other in the trenches of society while these elitists bank on our fighting and our short term memory to be re-elected the next time around. Our politicians spend most of their time figuring out how they can blame the other side and how they can word things so us pawns believe them. Anyone who thinks pouring money into every problem is the answer and compassionate thing to do for our country (and other countries) is just not thinking this through. If you think our elitist politicians (and filthy rich hollywood narcissists) really care about these issues instead of getting re-elected (or revered by the public), you are fooling yourself. Most people will do the right thing and are helpful to their neighbor on their own But when government tells us how we will do this and how much they will take from us to “help” our neighbor, they are not following the constitution and are naturally creating a divide in the country in every way imagineable. Dane, I know you truly hope we can come together and the walls are torn down. I hope this can happen too!

  5. Most of us have some family members who we love but they are not trustworthy. You loan your unemployed sister your credit card to buy groceries and she also uses it to buy clothes and electronics. You loan your cousin your car visit the grandmother you both love, and he drag races it. We forgive these people, but we do not forget. We invite them to Thanksgiving dinner and attend their children’s baptisms, but we cannot trust them with a car or credit card again. Only God can judge Donald Trump’s soul, but he should never be trusted with public office again. I respect his followers by not demeaning Trump or them with nasty tweets, but we cannot in a quest for unity ignore the fact that our Capitol was overrun and desecrated by a mob of his supporters who believed they were following his orders.

    • Thanks, Lady Blue Dog, for pointing out that while most of us on both sides want to get to a place in America again where we may disagree but we don’t try to force our politics on others by violence, (and, yes, I include violence by Antifa) we have some legal business to which we must attend.

      In Trump’s upcoming second Impeachment Trial, we must seek an appropriate response for the damage he’s intentionally done to our democratic republic. For those who call holding Trump to account “revenge” and insist we must simply “move on,” I say there can’t be peace without justice for those who urged on and participated in the attack on January 6 that killed at least five people–attack intended to overthrow our democracy.

      The questions are simple ones:

      1. Did Trump help plan the assembly of thousands of people in DC for the purpose of contesting the results of an election that had already been certified?

      2. Did he gather with them at the Washington Monument and for two hours urge them not to allow that certified election result to stand, or “you won’t have a country”? Did he specify Mike Pence as the person who “had to do the right thing” and hand the election over to Trump, even though he had no Constitutional power to do so?

      3. At the end of his harangue did he direct them to “walk to the Capitol and fight like hell”?

      4, Did the crowd obey his instructions?
      5. Did Trump go back to the White House to watch the violence unfold on TV, and then ignore for hours frantic calls for help from Republican Congressmen who were fearing for their lives after the mob took over the Capitol? Did the rioters chant “Hang Mike Pence”? Did they have a gallows set up on the Capitol steps? Did they intend to murder Nancy Pelosi?

      6. Did several rioters openly admit after being arrested that the reason they stormed the Capitol because Trump told them they had only one last chance to “save their country”?

      We already have plenty of direct evidence that all these questions must be answered in the affirmative. By the time of the trial, we’ll have much more evidence damning to Trump.

      Will it be “revenge” to impeach such a President?

      No. It will be a Constitutional duty.

      The only question is whether 17 GOP Senators will have the courage to do the moral thing, to do the correct thing legally, to do the thing necessary to protect the future of our democracy for all all our citizens.

      Or will enough of them vote as they did in the first Impeachment Trial and effectively say “Nothing’s wrong if a Republican President does it.’?

      • Now that they are no longer needed to a photo op, the National Guardsmen at the Capitol are being discarded like the pawns the DC elites view them as.

        Politico reports that thousands of National Guardsmen were ordered to vacate the facilities on Thursday, “sending them outdoors or to nearby parking garages after two weeks pulling security duty…”

      • R. Allen, your rant here convinces me that because of people like you, who really don’t know what was said by everyone at the Trump rally, what was in the heads of those who stormed the Capitol that day, what Trump did when he went back to the White House, and who that person was who said Trump told them it was their last chance to save their country. I see you have a lot of points in your idea of what should be done in this case, but after a lot of research, from 4 until around 8, I found a lot of information on the rules of impeachment, and the rational in making decisions used by members on Congress, even those I have not especially cared for over the years. They at least used intelligence in making decisions regarding impeachment in different circumstances, and a number of them are looking at the thing you Trump haters want most, a second impeachment.

        Let me share with you a bit of information that I found. Conviction and removal from office would be up to the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans for the next week or so. Here’s how Trump’s impeachment — part 2 — could work. It’s pretty similar to the last impeachment, only moving a lot faster

        Members of the house would draw up draw up articles of impeachment and currently there are I believe 2 circulating,
        including one drafted by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) HA. Another drafted by Rep. Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.) calls for impeaching Trump for inciting an insurrection.

        It only takes a majority in the House to impeach a president, and Democrats hold that majority. At least one Republican, maybe a few more, might be open to it, too — Who know at this point. Trump left and Old Joe was sworn in. Trump is no longer President, Joe Biden is and he is ready to go to work they say. But wait…..what now?

        Trump could be impeached (and convicted, and barred from office) after he’s no longer president but that raises questions. Legal scholars are divided about whether it’s doable. Interesting to all you folks who hate and are shouting IMPEACH! When Biden is sworn in, Democrats will have a narrow majority in the Senate, thanks only to VP Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote. They could decide to hold a trial then, but would they want to, given all the other work Biden and congressional Democrats want to do? They need to get their Cabinet approved and in place, AND IF THERE IS A TRIAL, there is no other work going on. No selecting a cabinet. No working on the pandemic to try to get the vaccine done and out faster to say Biden came up with getting that vaccine to everyone. So why is this a problem? There is a tittle thing written and Congress is bound by law to follow, there is NO WORK DONE during an impeachment trial. Nothing would be happening during that time, and that is not good news for the Biden gang. He would not have a cabinet. He could do nothing, his hands are tied. Well golly folks, this is not how you wanted it to work out, is it.

        Even after they take the majority, Democrats would need 16 Republicans to convict and bar Trump from running for office again. Could they realistically get that many? Why hold a trial if he’s only going to get acquitted, He is no longer in office, nothing will happen.
        A lot of money spent, and a lot of time lost when Biden’s hands are tied, by his own party,, and no work can be done or none of Trump’s good work could be undone. They are in limbo, twirling their thumbs, waiting, wanting to do the things they have planned for the past 4 years. But during a trial to impeach. Congress cannot do anything.

        Even after they take the majority, Democrats would need 16 Republicans to convict and bar Trump from running for office again. Could they realistically get that many? So, why hold a trial if the same thing happens all over again. He gets impeached. He is no longer in office, so what do we do now?

        “Let’s be rational about this,” said Sen. Joe Manchin III, “Why go through the exercise again if it’s going to be futile?” Ahh, a man who has a little bit of sense. He knows they will literally throw away money, what is that saying? “Throw good money after bad”?

        So Mr Big, Mr. Allen, have you thought about what another impeachment would do? How it would play out? What good would it really accomplish? Is the little pleasure you get from seeing your hate of Trump really worth the cost and the loss of so much to you? Do you realize how long it’s been since Congress did much of anything for this country. COVID has already cost us so much, in lives and in the payments given to help people through it. Mommy borrowed from who? China. Priceless. The company who tried to destroy us and the rest of the world so they can be the most powerful nation will own us.

        I for one will admit, as much as I hate it, that Trump lost. Joe Biden is now President Joe Biden. Why will I do this when it tears me up inside? Because I wast the discord and the hate to end. The harm another impeachment trial would do is something totally uncalled for, and it will only harm out country.

        Don’t you think it’s better to win with dignity. Now Your 4 years, so be careful and don’t do things out of hate, that is never good and you never win when you do things that way. I say let your man take office, get his cabinet in place, but remember what it takes for him to do that. You will be the ones to tie his hands.

        By the way, the rules I read in impeachment proceedings, and it was a government page, says that they can impeach a President removed from office, but there was nothing I could find in impeaching a man whose term is up, leaves office, and another president is sworn in.

        Also I heard a man describe the rally that day with President Trump. He was in the middle of the crowd, all was peaceful when a small group broke away and headed to the capital. He said compared to the numbers there, it was a small group. There was no plan to do what these thugs did.. no one condoned it. It was a shame that it happened, and I hate it, but I do know they were not a part of any conservative group. Just as you don’t want Antifa called a part of the far left dems, we are the same. They are no part of us.

        • Totally agree! Even after the second impeachment he continues to lie, even as he took off for Mara Lago on Inauguration day. Remember his audacity after the first impeachment when our Senators refused to try him, he lied repeatedly, blew off the Mueller Report, had AG Barr in his pocket to also lie and distort various releases of the Mueller Report. That was more impeachable conduct. Barr still needs to be dis-barred for all he did before resigning. We are on the way to being able to believe what the President says again. Trump needs to be convicted in the Senate, not be able to run for any public office again, face his accusers on all the other civil and criminal issues against, and accept the consequences. The other Senators who continue to knowingly spread his lies should also face the consequences, even if it means their removal — IMO.

          • It always amazes me that some people know exactly what someone did in the privacy of an office. No one talked of it, but Trump lied repeatedly and he blew off the Mueller report (as there was nothing there to prove that he did anything – millions spent on NOTHING). Barr needs to be disbarred for all of WHAT? What do you KNOW he did? What LIES are they spreading and how do YOU know they are lies. It gets me that you people seem to know it all, but never give any references as to where it can be found.

            In a way I hope they do follow Nancy’s lead to impeach him again. What will it do? Not much of anything, he is already out of office. The only thing would be that he can’t run again, they are not really sure that a win of an impeachment trial would be a sure thing and worth the time and money that it would take to try impeachment again. It is just a hate filled vendetta. Did you know that if they start an impeachment trial, all business in Congress stops. The only thing that can happen during that time is the trial, so that means old Joe will not have a cabinet in place, and as someone put it, there would be lots of witnesses, so I’m sure a trial would last a long time. So go ahead, in spite of all the damage y’all would be doing to you own party, go for the impeachment. It will only slow down the damage old Joe can do to this country. (If they didn’t get agreement to conduct additional business during the Clinton impeachment in ‘99 they’re not going to get it now for an impeachment of an ex-President a lot of Senators think is unconstitutional.

            Biden vowed to do so much on his first day. Well, he did a lot. Fired the Trump’s Butler or keeper of the door as soon as he took office, and got himself locked out of the White House. Yep, old Joe thinks ahead and looks the fool. He signed the executive order on the pipeline, and the unions, who weren’t really behind him, are truly not behind him now. In addition, when Joe stopped the pipeline, he stepped on a lot of toes, fingers, and feet of the leaders in Canada and now they are furious for having spent a fortune on the pipeline, only to have Biden mess it up for them. Now there is an improved pipeline that goes no where. Seems the only friends he is making in other countries is China. Oh boy, aren’t we lucky there. His son and family make a fortune doing shady deals, and the labs of China let loose a virus that kills millions, and now we are friends. Oh great!

            There are miles of a South Wall already up and many miles already paid for, yet he halts the building of the wall, which will cost us millions, PLUS he is letting in millions of people who are storming toward the wall to get into the USA, DURING A PANDEMIC!!! Sorry, but I call that pure carelessness, how many of these people will come in carrying COVID. Great call old Joe, just pure stupidity. And they are all saying “Joe will take care of us.” I wish that were true and the money to care for them were coming out of his pocket, but NO, it’s coming out of our pockets. So you don’t think your taxes will increase, guess again. And as the price of gas goes up, so will the taxed amount on that gas go up.

            So keep your head in the clouds, you will be glad they are there as you get screwed over by Biden and his crew. I feel sorry for the folks who think they are voting the right man in, for they don’t have a clue. And they say the attitudes of the Trump supporters need to be adjusted. Not to your way of thinking, no thank you, no way. Let’s just wait to see what other fool headed thing old Joe does, and how he leads us down a path that leads to a place we don’t want to be.

          • Welcome Mary Ann. I keep hearing that we shouldn’t impeach Individual 1 a second time. That is like saying since the bank robber is out of the building or the murderer left the scene of the crime, let’s not prosecute. Ludicrous. You know the old saying You reap what you sow.

          • MEWHP don’t leave out that he greatly offend your closest ally, Britain, by removing the bust of Churchill. Also don’t leave out the offense to the Armed Forces by removing their flags from the Oval Office. Yeah he’s on a roll.

  6. How sad it is too listen to people that would not even entertain the possibility of uniting there own country! You may as well put on a shirt that says “ I am red if you are blue, do not help me up if I have fallen, do not heal me if I am sick do not feed me if I am hungry” Be certain to never pledge allegiance to your flag and please do not walk into a church and smile at your neighbors!
    Good for you to reach out Mr Terrell, I am sorry for your countrymen that are so staunch in their choice for “division” or “payback”.

      • I listened to a president that mocked a handicap person, generalized a nation as rapists and murderers, gave the thumbs up to a group of white supremacists then lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied knowingly and openly, then golfed and golfed and golfed and golfed and golfed followed up by patting himself on the back. Oh then he left his own Vice President for dead!

    • I’ve been singing Kumbaya since 1968…we have had divides before, but not like this one. I did sing Kumbaya for the last 4 years. I have had plenty of virtual discussions with those who agreed and those who disagreed with me. I have maintained ALL my contacts but one; those who disagree included. Only one “unfriended” me because on day one after Trump took office, I wrote: “Let’s at least give the man a chance.” She called me a “monkey-faced, lying, racist, misogynist,” and promptly unfriended me. (Can a woman even BE a misogynist?) Anyway. If you haven’t been singing Kumbaya since 1968, maybe that’s part of the problem. I didn’t always agree with Trumps policies or things that he said. He did some good things. But agree with EVERYTHING? No. He made lots of mistakes; every President has. I tried to tell Clinton not to lie when he went on national TV to say, “I did not have intercourse with that woman.” I was sitting on my sofa begging him to come clean. But, nooooooooo. I also told Bush that there was not enough proof of “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq and not to invade. Did he listen to me? Nooooooooo. (Hussein needed to go, but this was not the way to do it.) Anyway, so I will sit around with Mr. Terrell and Mr. Joseph, Jr. and sing Kumbaya. Let us know if you would like to join. (Virtually of course.)

      • Gail I get you.. we have lost no friends or family members through all of this, thankfully. Please in spirit add me to your kumbaya list. However never having done virtual stuff, I wouldnt have a clue how. Just know that I’m on that wagon and will try to do better in explaining my view. People willing to come to the middle is how it all starts.

  7. Thanks for your beautiful essay, Dane! I agree that we need to tear down the walls, because, I think, we are all pin the same tribe, and Jesus has shown us that we must all love each other despite our differences! I’m just sorry that some people can’t open themselves up to let others in a bit! I’ll be trying also!
    Chris Evans

  8. So for the past 4 years while the left has burned cities, attacked conservatives, called them racists, called them xenophobic, and been nothing but obstructionists, now you want us to forget about it and be friends? Nah.

  9. Vicki, I don’t think your reply was exactly what Dane was talking about. You are still blaming others, while you did nothing wrong. You are not coming with open hand and open heart. You did not seem to understand anything he wrote. You say you come with all the facts, but it’s your idea of the facts, and you don’t ever think that you could be wrong. You could be passing on lies that you read and construed as facts, but they are anything but facts. I could work with anyone to right the wrongs of this county’s problems, but not when someone wants to blame me for all the problems of the country You just built that wall a little higher. Way to go.

    • Actually, I apologize to those that think I’m guilty. If stating facts is wrong nowadays, then I am guilty. How else do we get to the core of the matter without stating facts and discussing without yelling? You state your facts. I state mine. The sense of right and wrong is in question. I try to discuss, not yell.

      • No one yelled Vicki. But you said, “We come with facts, easily proven. We are met with closed ears and yelling.” Now would you like to try to explain how you try to discuss. You do not respond to questions, you throw out a new topic. Now you have said you are met with closed year and yelling. Who yelled at you Vicki, certainly not I. Yes, I will say that you do have your version of facts, but who knows where you get the supposed facts. I know where I get mine and will often reference the source. You don’t, and the things you come up with are so far from the truth, they are not even on the same continent. You are one confused person, filled with things that have been fed to you by the puppet masters, so that you even deny what you see with your own eyes. And you are the most insulting person I have ever read in any paper. I’m afraid you have said some disrespectful things so often, I am now striking back. Why, because you can speak nicely, always insulting. You reap what you sow, if you understand that saying.

  10. This is part of the problem. If some think I’m guilty, I apologize. We come with facts, easily proven. We are met with closed ears and yelling. I so miss the debate, the back and forth. That is how problems used to be solved in our government and at home. Thanks Mr. Terrell for your words to try to bridge the gaps.

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