Acquittal: A Recap of the Latest Impeachment Sham

Royal Alexander/Opinion

This has been a fraudulent, politically motivated show trial that has ignored both constitutional law and the requirements of due process

The three principal reasons this second impeachment was a sham are these:

1). The Senate did not have jurisdiction to hear this case because President Trump is no longer president; he is a private citizen, and the Constitution requires removal of a sitting president. 2). Even if the Senate retained jurisdiction to hear the case, everything President Trump said on Jan 6th is constitutionally protected speech under our First Amendment and did not nearly rise to the level of incitement. 3). President Trump was not afforded due process during this rushed impeachment effort.

There were essentially two grounds of acquittal and Senators, sitting as jurors in the case, had a right to vote to acquit on either ground.

The first is that the Senate had no jurisdiction to hear the case because President Trump was no longer the president and the Constitution requires removal of the president. Chief Justice Roberts’ refusal to preside over the impeachment trial highlights its illegitimacy.

The second ground is that even if Senators believed the Senate retained jurisdiction to hear the case even though President Trump was no longer president, President Trump’s speech on Jan 6th was constitutionally protected speech. As such, there is simply no credible argument for impeachment on grounds of incitement.

This was constitutionally protected speech because the “Brandenburg principle” stands for the landmark proposition that “core political speech” amounts to incitement and may be prohibited only when there exists “a clear and present danger of imminent lawless action.” Here, President Trump used the words “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” to describe the actions he anticipated which means he was asking his supporters to march and demonstrate with their voices and nothing else. This is not incitement. This is core political speech used as part of a political protest and President Trump, and all of us, are entitled to engage in this form of speech.

[In addition, the breach occurred while President Trump was still speaking, which mortally wounds the allegation that Trump’s words stirred up the crowd. There is also mounting evidence that the Capitol attack was preplanned].

By the way, if President Trump’s comments are the legal standard for what qualifies as “incitement” and “insurrection,” what about the highly inflammatory comments made by Democrat members of Congress last year that unquestionably encouraged and condoned rioting by mobs who attacked cities and committed an orgy of property destruction, arson, violence, and murder.

For that matter, recall the 2018 Supreme Court nomination hearing of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. That insurrection involved hundreds of Democrat protestors who stormed their way into the Capitol, charged into the hearing room, and interrupted the hearing while threatening lawmakers as they yelled and screamed. They cornered Senators in the hearing room, hallway and even in their offices. Senators and Senate staffers said they felt frightened, intimidated, and overwhelmed by the mob fearing they would be physically injured or even killed. However, there was no resulting media outrage and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer later defended the protest and protestors because it occurred in the “People’s House.” Do you see the hypocrisy?

Finally, this rushed impeachment scheme unquestionably violated President Trump’s due process rights by not providing he and his defense team an opportunity to mount a defense to and/or formally challenge the articles of impeachment.

This incident never ever rose to the level of an impeachable offense. Rather, it has been a politically motivated effort to convict President Trump so he could then be disqualified from ever running for president again. This farce has undermined our Constitution and the rule of law and the acquittal is necessary, just, and timely.

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67 thoughts on “Acquittal: A Recap of the Latest Impeachment Sham

  1. Just one more note:
    MEWHP I am so very sorry about your son. Your pain must be excruciating. Here is a big cyber hug.

        • Thank you, sir. It has been long enough now that I can think on things other than losing him. But that is something that is always there, just barely healing, and feeling that it could all come loose at any time.

          • I understand,lost dad less then after ago. Toughest thing for me,we didn’t get to see him for the last 3 months due to covid. I just think of the good times

  2. I agree with your thoughts Mr. Alexander,

    (I don’t know if it will do any good, but the “comments” section, I believe, is really intended to comment
    on the article, not for a general, blog soapbox, and not for commenting on other people’s comments.

    What do the editors of NPJ think, ya’ll want to weigh in ?)

    • My opinion of Royal’s piece? Lies. All of these posts on here are opinions. We stick to a subject he brought up. Sham. What he opines is based on lies. Is that opinion ok? Or does that truth hit too close to home?

  3. And one more “project” of your cult leader brought down. His casino was brought down. So nice to see it fall too.

        • Poly want a cracker?

          That joke’s as old as the pyramids.

          OK–here’s a test, Honorable Mention: try to insult me in an original way.

          I’ve done that to you dozens of times–but only in retaliation for your memorized, impotent, worn-out monosyllables.

          • As for your claim to have been “serious,” of course you weren’t. You can,t even write one sentence without lying.

            Here’s another test you’ll fail, Honorable Mention: explain to us why the old “Polly want a cracker?” joke is funny.

            Take your time. I know you’ll try to Google the answer.

  4. I hesitate to give Royal one more Internet hit, but somebody has to defend the truth. The Kavanaugh protests were nothing like the January 6 insurrection. The protesters did not bring guns, tasers, spears, and zip ties. They did not dress like Comicon characters and they did not use the floors as toilets. Most important is the fact that nobody died!

    • Plus, Kavanaugh, a spoiled only child who acted out almost psychotically on the stand when pressed, lied under oath.

      It was a horrible spectacle to see from a grown man auditioning to be a member of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. He contorted his face and blubbered like a man being electrocuted.

      Just watch the tape of his testimony, Trumpers. Refresh your selective memories.

      • You are just so vindictive. I wonder if LA school knew about this side of you when you were teaching children. I feel for the parents who had kids in your class. You do have a serious problem, but I guess that is just typical democrat. Try to destroy them if they don’t agree with you. Remember the IRS scandal when your cool dude Obama was president. They targeted conservative groups and individuals to ruin them because they did not follow the lead of the ”we know it all and you better do as we say or we will destroy you” far left liberals. Tell me Professor, how would you have handled all the lies and threats coming at you with half the world watching and judging because of the lies and the so called witness who could not remember anything except that it was him. Even her friends did not support her tale. And now you come along spewing your poison.

        I’m telling you, you are to wound up and angry to even act like a decent human being. You need to cool down because all you are saying is so vindictive and mean. You are a typical lie telling Democrat. Now I don’t feel that way about all Dems, I have good friends who are Dems, but you, professor are part of the problem, a big part. You were a teacher, you wrote and edited books and you may love your family, but the more I read of what you write, the less respect I have for you. I shutter to think about you in a classroom filling impressionable teens with your political drivel. It was not your place to do it, but seeing you lose it here, I have no doubt that you did.

        Now if you will stop this nonsense, I will stop telling the people about what you are trying to do on here. I have no problem knowing they will believe me, for the angrier you get, the more you testify against yourself. So go ahead and finish yourself off, if that is truly what you want.

        Now, since this has gotten so far off topic, I truly wish the publisher would put a stop to these comments. Should he not and you want to come after me with your hate and lies, go for it. I will only keep repeating that you need help, anger management and someone to help you understand that because you wrote a few books and needed us to know of your superiority, you are only another human being with faults like the rest of us. I could almost pity you, but your arrogance will not permit that.

        • So many words, so much hysteria, so many empty threats, so much nothing from you but rage.

          This rage is what you offer, even after I offered you the ultimate olive branch: an acknowledgment of any good father’s love for his children, be they alive or dead.

          Surely, one could hope, we could agree on that?

          But no: Trump is you, and you are Trump. Always deny, always attack.

          Now you’re pleading with the NPJ editors to save you from hearing the truth.

          Maybe they’ll step in and “save” you.

          But you’ll still be you.

          And I’ll still be me–a person with faults like anybody else.

          But I’m one who knows the horrible truth about Trump and will never tire of telling it to those who deny it.

          Because there’s always hope they may one day admit the obvious, and in part redeem themselves.

          • There is one thing you have refused to do Professor. You have not answered one, not even one question I have asked you. You bully and taunt us to try to get us to comply, and you can’t, but I have noticed you will not answer my questions. Truthfully, I hope you tire of telling and telling and telling, but I know you won’t. You believe you are the PERSON who know it all, I don’t believe you, and neither do most of the others on here.

            What do you have to say about the cars and vans coming into the counting centers very late at night or early, very early morning. We see people getting out of those vehicles and taking suitcases and boxes into the centers. Who are they? Why are they there so late? What are they taking into the centers? Are they taking in fraudulent votes? We saw poll watchers being kept back from the counters, and therefore not being able to do their jobs. Why was this done? Was it legal? Did the counters do this so they could falsify ballots? What were the boxes on the floors in counting centers? People kept coming by and getting sheets of paper out of the boxes? What were they getting? Why did they count ballots without certifying that all information was correct and verifying that signatures matched. Answer at least some of the questions please.

            Now, lets visit the scene on January 6. There was a huge crowd, and Donald Trump was speaking to the crowd, as he still believed that there was a lot of votes that were fake, or forgeries. There were thousands there. Did you hear the entire speech? What exactly did President Trump say that makes you believe he ordered the crowd to go break into a government building, any government building and threaten Vice President Pence and Nancy Pelosi? What words did YOU hear him say? Did you check each person out that was involved in the break in to see if they were Trump followers or if possibly there were some Antifa members in with the group causing some trouble? We do know there was an Antifa presence there, do we not? What would you say if I told you that I knew someone in the midst of the crowd that day. Listening to the President and talking to the people around him. What would you say if I told you his testimony is that the core of the large crowd didn’t know the outer part of the mass of people had started moving. They knew nothing. They weren’t incited to riot. So how did he say words that incited the outer part of the crowd, but those right in front of the President didn’t hear him say anything? I guess I don’t understand. And it was said earlier that people said Trump personally called them and asked them to hang Mike Pence and do evil deeds to Pelosi before they killed her. Do you even realize that is a little, no more than a little, far fetched? Do you realize that there are videos of Trump’s speech and he told the people to go quietly and peacefully and protest the illegal voting that had taken place? Do you know that votes were counted that came in far beyond the cut off date? If you wrote a book, and someone said that you didn’t write it, you just copied other writers, wouldn’t you fight to prove you wrote the book? But you still believe things are as you say, but you weren’t there, you just hate a man. A man with faults did a lot of good for the people of this country. A lot of good for this country. He understood a lot more about how this country should be governed than Biden ever will. You are something else.

            You bully, you threaten, you accuse, you try to prove to us you are better. I’ll tell you now, you are just an almost ordinary man, but one with way too much hate in his heart to ever influence anyone. You and Vicki together are a bit much. playing off each other in your accusations and double standards. I am of an age where I remember a lot of things that have happened in politics over the years, and I’ll tell you one thing. Being a democrat now is nothing to brag about. Soon you will be a follower of good old Bernie with the mittens, AOC and all the others who want socialism in this country. Hey, it’s a good thing you have royalties from books, because that means they will get some good money from you to give all the illegal immigrants crossing the border, and old Sniffer Joe wants to let them all come in. Why? Because he was so kind to them, they will always vote Democrat, and so a lefty, a far left liberal will be assured he will be voted in. Ain’t it gonna be grand! I’m personally glad I probably won’t be around to see the worst of it, but you will, and you will no longer be a proud man, you will bow and scrape like the rest of the country, bowing to the new ruler of the this new country. However, I do have high hopes that there are people with enough guts to stand up to the Pelosies, the Shumers, the Bernies of this country, and not let our freedoms disappear. Now I bid you good night, and pray that you think on these things, and see if you have any answers.

  5. Unfortunately, the ship has not sailed, maybe a canoe or raft slipped away, but the ship, meaning the problem is still at the dock and ready for more trouble. There are people who still want to take Trump to court, sue him, put him in prison, and I don’t know what all else. As long as there are people with so much hate for him out there doing their best to destroy him, there will be American people who are willing to stand up for Trump and the job he did as President of the United States. Some people are so blinded by their hate for Trump, and they are led by the Speaker of the House. She kept on, for 4 years, trying to find a way to get him out of the oval office. You would think that now that he is gone, she and others would be satisfied with that. BUT NO! The hate will not die down, and as long as the hate is strong, the people who did benefit from the things he did while in office will defend him. At least, most of them will, some don’t care that they did better financially while he was President. Hate clouds the judgement, and all they can see in their minds is a cloud of red hot hellish hate. When that rhetoric dies down, so will the all the other. We will live in peace again, but it will take years for all the wounds to heal.

    • What you intentionally mislabel “hate” is our righteous indignation at the monstrous crimes of Trump.

      You know what the crimes are, because I’ve spelled them out to you over and over again here. The worst are his COVID lies and his incitement of insurrection against our country.

      The real question is where’s your righteous over what Trump as done to the American people?

      In cowardly violations of their oaths, 43 Trump stooges voted not to hold him responsible in his latest impeachment trial. But 7 GOP Senators did vote to impeach him–including Senator Bill Cassidy.

      And, yes, Trump–no longer protected from his crimes by being President–will be taken to court in civil and criminal trials in the coming months and years. And you’ll have to see it all unfold. His guilt will be confirmed by juries over and over again. How long will you defend him? Until your last breath?

      Let me ask you this, Lawyer?: if your son or daughter had been the Capitol Policeman beaten to death by the Trump-incited mob that savagely attacked the Capitol Building on January 6, would you be suing Trump right now in civil court for his murder? Or would you give Trump a pass on that too?

      • Know it All, give the name or names or someone beaten to death by the mob. If you want to look along those lines, can someone sue the VP, the current one, for all the deaths of anyone, police or civilian, by Antifa or even a BLM member, should be a part of any of those riots. After all, she did beg her supporters to bail them out of jail so they continue their rampage. Can we sue them for destruction of property of the USA, which means it did not belong to them, and they had no right to destroy monuments. You are one sick man, and you do need anger management. I suggest you seek it sooner rather than later. I’ve never seen so much hatred in one human for others. Are you sure you are not a supremacist of some kind. You certainly sound like one.

        • Officer Brian Sicknick died of injuries sustained in the Capitol attack.

          Days later, Officers Howard Liebengood and Jeffrey Smith committed suicide.

          Scores of police were grievously inured by the mob. One lost an eye. You can read all about the details of the injuries if you have the guts to do so. I’d make it easier for you by posting the links, but the NPJ doesn’t allow that.

          And only a truly heartless Trump Stooge would start saying that suicides don’t count, or that the officer still has one good eye. You want to try for that honor?

          Again, what would you do if your son had been Brian Sicknick, or Howard Liebengood, or Jeffrey Smith?

          But you’ll probably say, if you say anything, that it didn’t happen to your son. Or that you don’t have a son. Or that you read somewhere on 4chan that Sicknick isn’t really dead. He was just a false flag to get at Trump.

          • That’s terrible I have the utmost respect for all police officers. But why didn’t you mention the officers killed and wounded during the democratic riots that took place over the summer?

          • Look at you, trying to put words in my mouth. I said or hinted at nothing of the sort, and you know it. I do believe your intense anger has affected your ability to comprehend. Or would you be one of those people who savors twisting the words of others because it is just who you are.

            I asked those questions because I read and heard that no policemen were killed and only one of the intruders was shot as she stood talking to a group. I did hear that 2 or 3 policemen died later, but were not killed during the break-in. I simply asked a question, and I will not ask you for an apology for twisting my words. First, if you gave one, you would not mean it, and second, I don’t need one from you. I know it one would not change the way you are or the hate inside you.

            You really do need to calm down man. A neighbor just asked about you and wanted to know why you are acting so weird. He said the woman was out there but you had lost it. You gonna have a stroke if you keep losin it this way.

          • No I won’t say anything about my son, who I lost recently to a mass murderer – CANCER. Now I don’t bring your family into these discussions, I ask that you extend to me that same courtesy.

          • Sicknick and four civilians died in the violence that erupted at the Capitol on January 6. That is what I read. Then I read that he didn’t die at the hospital, he was treated and released. He died a day or more after he got home from an apparent stroke.

            Yes I feel terrible that this man died. I have always had a very high regard for police officers who put their lives on the line every day. I just don’t know that I’m buying the Dems version of what happened. It is to the point that reporters don’t know how to do their jobs anymore. They are supposed to cover a story, investigate to make sure it’s true and follow up on that story to see if there is any change in things at any point. I just don’t believe too many of them.

            So you are taking certain news casts as gospel, and the other reports, you just toss away, as if they don’t matter at all. You make judgement calls based on incomplete evidence, so when you make your comments, you often look the fool. Sorry, but I have to call them as I see them.

    • I think the cool aid is laced with LSD and these people are on a very bad “reality” trip. It’s amazing that so many, allegedly, educated people can buy into verifiable lies. Question for Mr. Alexander; if the election was stolen by democrats, then why were so many Republican officials, including Trump appointed judges & attorneys complicit in the conspiracy by announcing there was no fraud? Are all the Supreme Court justices really “wolves in sheep clothing”?
      And, his rant about temporarily halting mineral leasing on Federal lands demonstrates he knows absolutely nothing about the oil & gas industry. He is not aware of the years long and fluid timeline of lease bid nominations through drilling, development and production. Leasing of Federal lands does not create jobs overnight. And, there are enough established producing leases providing jobs in the oil sector for those who want them. World oil price stabilization is the key, not the democrats New Green Deal. Once oil prices stabilize above a certain economic threshold the oil shale plays will resume horizontal drilling and production. This will provide many more immediate jobs in the oil industry than Federal offshore leases. We certainly are not at a crisis point where we need to allow exploitation of Federal lands onshore as these mostly pristine wilderness areas need to be preserved.
      We also need to think about the planet and saving it for our grandchildren and future generations. Geeenhouse gas effects are proven, scientific entities and fossil fuel emissions are a leading cause. We can switch to alternative forms of fuel for surface transportation to reduce the greenhouse effects. We healed the hole in the ozone, to a large degree, by eliminating hydrofluocarbons. Airplanes will continue to rely on oil for fuel for the foreseeable future as will the many everyday products derived from a barrel of oil. The oil & gas industry will not be decimated anytime soon. But we do have a responsibility to the planet our only home. Do we want to keep it beautiful for our descendants or reduce it to squalor for our own selfish agendas.
      I worked in oil & gas exploration/development for 40 years as a geologist/geophysicist. The industry was good to me and I still love the excitement of exploration. I see the development of alternate, land based transportation fuels as a good thing and not a threat to the industry. I strongly believe in the preservation of our natural resources, conservation and a renewed investment in the integrity of our planetary home. Think of the future and the legacy we can leave to our descendants.

  6. For that matter, recall the 2018 Supreme Court nomination hearing of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. That insurrection involved hundreds of Democrat protestors who stormed their way into the Capitol, charged into the hearing room, and interrupted the hearing while threatening lawmakers as they yelled and screamed. They cornered Senators in the hearing room, hallway and even in their offices. Senators and Senate staffers said they felt frightened, intimidated, and overwhelmed by the mob fearing they would be physically injured or even killed. However, there was no resulting media outrage and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer later defended the protest and protestors because it occurred in the “People’s House.” Do you see the hypocrisy?

    So many people forget this happened.

    • “But what about….” is no defense for Trump’s monstrous behavior.

      This is all you ever do. You never even acknowledge the mountain of Trump’s crimes, but always bring up the relative molehills of “Emails!” “Benghazi!” and other manufactured “outrages” you feed off of like manna from heaven. But the real sources of your “nourishment” are the propaganda outlets where you’re willingly duped every day.

      Of course some Democrats have done illegal things: but we’ve done nothing on the scale of the mass negligent homicides perpetrated by your cult leader by his COVID lies, or by his craven attempt to destroy democracy in our country to save his sorry hide from jail.

      Shame on you.

      You disgrace yourself every time you post.

      • It’s just another example of the double standard. Shows the Dems are ok with riots,burning, beating people, destroying property public and private,killing of police and anything else they choose to do as long as it’s them or their supporters doing it. And there’s plenty of video of the Dems promoting violence!

        • There is no comparison to riots from protesters last year and violence on Jan 6, 2021. The protesters last year should be prosecuted for anything they did. Protesters did not attack our Capital with bombs, a gallows and threatening to hang VP Pence and to kill Pelosi with other violence against her first. Rioters did not go there to destroy our govt.The insurrectionists went with murderous intent to defend a candidate that lost a race, to over throw our hovt. Even Repubs admit he lost. And that he incited the attack on our govt.

          • Yes, the only argument they have to “support” Trump is that Democrats are worse than he is.

            But that’s a lie. Another Big Lie.

            Biden has 62% approval as of yesterday. HIs disapproval was 33%.

            GOPers with any conscience are abandoning the insurrectionist party.

            After a few months, only the dregs will still be Trump Stooges.

          • You 2 idiots are one of 2 things!
            Just trying to push peoples buttons or just delusional!
            There’s no way you morons can’t see what’s been going on. Neither one of you can actually believe the crap you post. And you big wuss,you want to show the people of Natchitoches what type people we are! Damn you’re showing what type a person YOU are.
            Think I’ll move some of this over to FB to get some more opinions.

          • Yes, I admit Trump lost the election that was skewed to make sure that he lost. Why do you think they allowed old Sniffer Joe to hide in his basement for months? Because the fix was already in, and if he went out on the campaign trail, he would blow it because his mind was mush at that time. He had to be led to the podiums. He had that glassy eyed stare. He didn’t know where he was going most of the time. His rallies were few and far between, but when he did have them, he was speaking usually to no more than 6 to 12 people. Do you honestly think anyone who ran a campaign that way could HONESTLY win a presidential election.

            And the last question for you. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN VANS COMING IN LATE AND BRINGING SUITCASES AND BOXES TO THE PLACES WHERE VOTES WERE COUNTED? I have asked that question along with others, and you won’t even go there. Are you scared to?

        • Please do call the FBI about me, Honorable Mention.

          I’d love to hear a recording of that conversation.

          Thirty seconds in, the FBI would warn you not to waste their time again.

    • They do not see the hypocrisy, and they never will. I guess they don’t think ChuckyBoy wants to do away with our outdated no longer relevant Constitution either. By the way, those are ChuckyBoy’s words, not mine!

      • Congrats, Honorable Mention! You got me this time!

        I misread your “FB” for “FBI.” And I won’t blame my presbyopia

        That mistake is all on me. 100%. Guilty as charged. I did it.

        I should never even have imagined you’re nuts enough to call the FBI on me.

        You were, however, nuts enough to call Face Book on me..

        Which isn’t as bad as calling the FBI, I freely admit!

        But why’s the “Polly want a cracker?” joke so funny, HM?

        I’m sure you know the answer–by now.

  7. Royal Alexander’s latest sham op-ed on Trump’s second impeachment in today’s NPJ is one of the most abhorrent, dishonest, and transparently propagandistic excuses for disgraced ex-President Trump I’ve ever had the displeasure to read. It’s literally shameless.

    Alexander finds Trump guiltless despite the fact that Trump assembled the misnamed “Stop the Steal” mob on the Mall in DC on Jan 6, incited them with his Big Lie for over an hour that the election was somehow stolen from them, and then directed them to march to the Capitol. Trump promised he would go with them, but of course he lied. He fled the scene of his crime for the safety of the White House to watch the riot on TV.

    Then we all saw with our own eyes the pitiless mayhem the terrorists engaged in at the symbol of democracy for the whole world. With their superior numbers they attacked and tortured law enforcement officials for hours, screaming obscenities and the worst of racial epithets at their victims. They permanently maimed several officers and beat one of them to death. So horrifying was the carnage that two Capitol Police have committed suicide in its aftermath. These traitors carried Trump flags and Confederate flags. They defecated on the Capitol marble floors and smeared it on its walls. They wore the costumes, face paint, and tattoos of savages. They screamed that Trump had sent them there to do what they were doing.

    Alexander finds no fault with Trump despite the vote against him in the House, and the 57 votes against him in the Senate–seven of those votes by Republicans with a conscience. One was by our Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy. Alexander found no fault with Trump despite the findings by 60 courts–including the Supreme Court–that Trump’s claims about the election were baseless lies. Alexander finds Trump blameless for perpetrating the most radical, reckless, despicable attempt to overthrow the government in our nation’s history.

    And for what? So Trump could steal the Presidency and therefore evade justice for his many crimes for at least four more years.

    Royal Alexander, with this reprehensible op-ed, has forever labeled himself as a professional liar, an insurrectionist, and a traitor–and all in the service of his vile, twice-impeached, psychopathic cult leader.

    • Rodney- we all know what the liberals claimed. Open your mind. See the other side. Can you??? Can you see both sides of an issue??

      Your hate. Oh please Rodney, this is not the way to live. Think of what this is doing to your soul. Will you ever stop with writing cruel minded publications trying to destroy people?

      Psychopathic? Basically means a person has no conscience. Where is the world is the conscience of lying about himself, and racist Biden? Where is the conscience of Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and especially Kamala Harris. Where is the conscience of the liberal news media that you follow?,

      Why can’t you mind see where the real lies are?

        • Rodney, you need to stop and read things again like a calm rational person. She did not slander you, nor does she owe you an apology. You are out of control, and the way you talk to people is offensive.

          First, you need to look at what she wrote. You are wrong! Now stop your bullying. We have all had enough of your superior attitude and threats and wanting to bet and when we don’t, telling the readers here that maybe we don’t have the money to bet $1,000. If she slandered you, you slandered others, including me. Do you agree with that assessment? I would imagine not, since it would put you in the wrong, and you are one person who always has to be right. What a shame that you can’t see both sides of a problem. You will never be part of a solution, you will always be part of the problem. And that is the way I see it, and it doesn’t matter if you agree with me or not.

          • There’s no reason for her to apologize, nothing she could say that would make me think any less of you then I already do. I’m sure I’m not they only one.

        • I an sorry if I did hurt your feelings. But I don’t apologize for what I said about what you feel. I totally disagree with all you say, especially how hurtful YOU are to others

          You slam people openly and your insults are serious (Royal, Mike Johnson and Kennedy).. If you had my name, how in the world could I trust that you would not publish things like that about me?. I just as strongly disagree with you as they do.

          Is doxing a wrong thing to do to a person?
          Do you condemn what the thugs did to Michael Van der Veen and Josh Hawley? They also intimidated others and painted grafitti on others’ personal residences. like Mitch Mc Connell and even Nancy Pelosi. They put filled body bags on Mc Connell.s front entrance.

          Recently a catholic church was vandalized. Busted statues of angels, and left grafitti in which the terrorists painted BLM on the outside of the church. A cop was shot and killed in this terrorism but the news acted like they are investigating this murder. Do you agree that all terrorism is wrong?

          So the question is- Do you support republicans being doxed and other rioting, terrorism against those who just disagree with you and your party?
          Tell me you denounce it, and I will give you a full apology.

          Would you apologize to those you aggressively and unnecessarily insult, and hurt, who are elected officials in which their reputation is vital to them?

          Are you intimidating me with a law suit?

          • I only invited you to apologize for slandering and even libeling me when you suggested I wanted to know your name so I could do physical harm to you.

            It’s clear you refuse to apologize.

            But it’s a lie for you to say I’ve threatened to sue you for slander. So you’ve slandered and libeled me again–to people in this community who know my real name.

            Have I ever called you names? Have I ever belittled you the way your friends here have constantly belittled VL? They’ve said vile things to her. You can easily look up what they said to her. Have I ever done that to you? Have I ever insulted you for being a woman? You’ve addressed me personally many more times than I’ve personally addressed you. You say I’m filled with hatred. That’s a lie. It’s not hateful for me to tell you that. It’s simply the truth. You called me a “coiled cobra.” And I could quote back to you a lot of things you’ve said to me. Why don’t you look back over your posts to me, and mine to you?

            Telling the truth about Trump here is not “hatred”: It’s a public service. Calling Trump a psychopath isn’t my diagnosis: it’s the diagnosis of literally thousands of mental health professional around the world. As a health professional, that should have some impact on you. Trump’s lies about COVID literally led to the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans. He tried to overthrow our democracy with his Big Lie that the election was stolen from him. It wasn’t. This isn’t just “what liberals say.” This is the truth. It’s 100% true. Seven GOP Senators even said it is true. Even Mitch McConnell said Trump lied about the election and is completely responsible for the savage acts against our Capitol Building and the people inside–some of who could have been murdered if not for the heroic resistance of the outnumbered Capitol Police.. For you to say otherwise is incredibly naïve, willfully blind, delusional, or utterly cynical.

            What you describe as “looking at the other side” is demanding I accept what Trump did. What he’s his whole criminal life: sexually assault women, commit tax fraud on a massive scale, defraud those who believed in him, and much, much worse.

            I would go on, but I sincerely don’t want to hurt your feelings. I’d just say that I’ve respected you enough to tell you the truth.

            As for hurting my feelings, I can assure you honestly that you haven’t hurt my feelings in the least.

    • To show you how some trumpians think (just as Dear Leader taught them), one of my friends sent me this typical heartless fb post.
      Colorado City, TX Mayor Tim Boyd posted this on his fb page: “If you don’t have electricity, you step up and come up with a game plan to keep your family warm and safe…No one owes you or your family anything; nor is it the local government’s responsibility to support you during trying times like this! Sink or swim, it’s your choice!”
      From this heartless post to the lies about wind turbine failures causing the outages in Tx, this is what is wrong with this country. One party’s continuation of heartless “rule” and flat out lies.

      • He should not have said that, but some people refuse to do anything for themselves. I was taught growing up that I should look to the future and plan ahead. If you know there is a bad cold front coming, then do something so that you don’t freeze to death when you you lose power. It was a cruel thing to say to people, but some people are not taught to take care of themselves. It is something the dems seem to love to teach. Be dependent on BIG GOVERNMENT, WE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. Face it folks, we are not all alike. We do not all have the same work ethic. Some people just generally expect to be taken care of, I know some of them. I do believe in helping those who NEED help, but a lot of the people complaining are not doing one thing to make sure their families are provided for, that their families are safe, and there is food on the table and heat in the house. I have been through some very tough times, not really enough money to do all I wanted, but I always thought ahead, planned and my family never did without the important things of life. I taught my children to help others when they see a need. We give to people in need, and help as far and as much as we can, but at the same time we need to help teach people to spend wisely. They take care of necessities and then have the fun or get the expensive phone plan. Or buy goodies for the kitchen to snack on. There are ways to get by, and some people are just to lazy to do it for themselves.

        As for the wind turbines, did they freeze up, and did it affect power. Yes and yes. So you really can’t say anything except your theory, and that really doesn’t amount to much. We cannot exist on that alone, we need oil and gas, and I guess you expect us to buy it from our friends in different parts of the world. You know those friends who want to destroy us. If the turbines failed, you could at the very least be truthful and admit it. Instead you just keep putting frosting on the whole mess, thinking that will somehow save face for you. What are you going to do when the whole mess fails, and we are broke buying what we need from people who want to destroy us, because YOU thought the pipeline was a bad idea. I would venture to say you got your education on the pipeline from people who were against it, and never listened to one word from people who were for. Until you get a complete education on things, don’t say too much.

        People have to learn to do some things for themselves. Like I said, the mayor was wrong in what he said to the honest hardworking people who tried, and still didn’t have enough. But for the lazy ones, it’s time they learned that they are not like our children and we are not supposed to support them for their entire lives. I was taught to work, and it’s time we changed BIG GOVERNMENT enough to teach those who are able but just don’t want to work. Oh but wait, Biden just started the tide rolling toward 70,000+ people being unemployed. We just might be in real trouble later on. It is hard to live when you lose your job, can’t find another, and gas has gone to $4.00 per gallon.

        • Some people can’t afford a generator or live in an apartment with no where to put one. Because of the icy roads, gas trucks cannot bring in fuel.
          Funny that Canada doesnt have trouble with their turbines freezing. Neither do the plains states. They purchased correctly. Carbon blades and heated blades. They have equipment for different climes. Texas tried to get by cheap. They failed. And like I stated earlier, the coastal turbines are still plugging along filling in the gaps. It is the rest of the energy chain that failed big time. What a shame. Big ol Texas, the state in which I grew up, failed in the energy chain…all over the state. My son’s family, a friend’s daughter’s family with a baby, are struggling. The party in power there (for now) needs to quit lying, and looking to blame. They need to find a heart. Just fix it.

        • Rough to not have a job because of Covid. Hmmm, whose fault is that? And to get paid $7.50/hr when you cant buy groceries, gas to go to work or bus fare, medicine…? Your point there is, I dont know.
          Deregulation of the power system brought down the Texas system. They didn’t think to winterize. I bet Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz have power and water. They should be made to live that way too.

      • Ok people, I apologize if I caused offense. This is not how I want to spend the rest of my life. I did not say you threatened anything about a lawsuit. I asked if you were threatening me with lawsuit. That is a question . All it does is ask for a response.

        You just do not answer questions. I asked “are you intimidating me with a law suit?” You throw around all these legal terms. Libel, slander. I don’t think questions are libel and slander.

        No more of this back and forth for me. I will leave this for good because no good comes from this. None of us can show the other side anything.
        And like MEWHP said you do not answer questions.

        No real communication.

        I love my country, my police and military. I am trying to stand up for them. I feel protective of the police. So many brutal assaults and death to police and making them do a job with no respect and support. Elected officials allowing this to happen to them So many have left their jobs so now these and many other cities have inadequate police protection. Yes, they have been defunded all right. But you do not recognize this is happening because the Democratic party tells you these are all peaceful protests. No meeting of the minds. No reading what is offered showing the other side. It is all lies to you.

        I only wanted to show how your feelings, and feelings for many Democrats for Trump are the root of all these divisions. You cannot accept your wrongdoing here.. You cannot accept any one who has said a positive word about him. is it not slander to call me a member of a cult, a racist, and so many other cynical remarks.

        So goodbye all. I have never seen anything like this. Nothing good can ever come from this. We are defeated, silenced, and are now under the power of a dictatorship.

  8. I’m with you on that Royal. This impeachment was done out of pure hatred and spite. I am glad to see the polls are showing Trump is the front runner for the republican candidate for President 2024! We can already see Biden’s hand must be sore from signing all those executive orders undoing Trump policies to the detriment of our country. I thought this was a democracy. Somebody needs to tell Biden. And Cindy Jefferson you could be taken for Biden’s herald spouting off that the people’s opinion doesn’t matter. (Sounds like dictatorship to me)

    • Yesterday’s Politico/Morning Consult poll: Biden’s approval, 62%. Disapproval, 33%.

      That’s the “peoples’ opinion” as it stands today.

      Trump never exceeded 50% approval and averaged 42% over his single term in office.

      You’ll say “fake news.” But that will be a lie.

      And as for Trump’s running in four years, that’ll be pretty hard to do from jail.

        • You mean YOU won’t trust those polls.

          You only trust them when they tell you what you want to hear–which is never.

          And please spare me the “what about 2016” battle cry: going down the stretch, fivethietyeight’s poll of polls NAILED the actual vote: Hillary plus 2. That’s how much she won the popluar vote by. And please don’t start to explain the Electoral College to me. I’ve known all about it for fifty years.

          Fivethirtyeight also nailed last November’s vote.

          But then your cult leader continued his Big Lie, and you believed it. Why did he lie so brazenly? Because he was terrified of going to jail for his crimes when no longer protected by being President. Imagine how he feels right now.

          Your believing the Big Lie, which was so obvious a ten-year-old wouldn’t have believed it, will be on you for the rest of your life.

          Unless you grow up and learn to live with the truth–especially when you don’t like what the truth is..

          You’re welcome.

        • Danny you’re right about that, politico has been bias for a long time. Their right wing all the way. They know who to poll to get the results they want.

          • Honorable Mention, apparently you’ve been a little too deep in your Coors Lite stash this afternoon. Maybe you’re trying to drink it all before it warms up in your powerless fridge. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

            I only brought it up because your grammar–which I’ve embarrassed you into cleaning up at least a little over the past weeks–has reverted to 3rd grade level.

            This is what even a marginally educated person would have written instead of the goober-talk you just exhibited. Sober up and learn;

            “Danny, you’re right about that: Politico has been biased for a long time. They’re right wing [whoops, HM got mixed up on his “wings”] all the way. They know whom to poll to get the results they want.”

            That’s six mistakes in three sentences. That’s embarrassing. That’s an F.

            But if you tell us why the “Polly want a cracker?” joke is so funny I’ll curve your grade up to a D-.

          • Politico is a good place to get news. It is however left leaning. The reason you like it is because it gives accurate news.

        • Of course the snooze channel has Biden under 50%. That way your Dear Leader doesn’t look like the loser he is. Biden is at 62%. That has been pointed out earlier on here and also many other reputable news sites.

          • Why do you attack people everytime they post something? He just pointed out Politico is a right wing joke,and he is correct.

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