Rush Limbaugh: The Lion That Roared

Royal Alexander/Opinion

By simply but powerfully extolling the virtues of traditional American values, he built a vast conservative movement still growing at the time of his death

Despite what his critics have claimed in the wake of his passing, the legacy of Rush Limbaugh is really not complicated at all.

Over 32 years, he reached millions of Americans daily and, by merely reminding his vast audience of the unique nature of America’s miraculous founding, he created a solid, permanent, conservative movement in this country. They trusted him to be their constant, their anchor in an increasingly putrid cultural cesspool. He, in turn, empowered them with the truth and they never left him because he never left them.

Some of his detractors this week have referred to Rush’s legacy as “controversial” or “divisive” or that his rhetoric was “harsh.” Only to the Left, which was not nearly as offended by his manner as it was by his message.

However, to the great Silent Majority in this country, he was positively and powerfully enlightening. Using simple but compelling word pictures, he articulated daily what traditional American values really are. His substantial but succinctly stated commentary created the opportunity for millions of Americans to listen, learn, and ultimately come to the conclusion that “I’m a conservative.” It’s hypocritical to hear the Left describe Rush as having “dog-whistled” various “dark” messages to conservatives. All the while, of course, the harsh daily mocking of conservatives from the tabloid media on the Left is never condemned.

What is some of this “negative” commentary Rush offered? That it is Ok to love America, to believe that America, while not perfect, is truly exceptional and truly the “last best hope of man on earth”; that it is perfectly acceptable and logical to put “America First”; that it’s perfectly acceptable and legitimate to be unapologetically pro-family, pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment.

He made clear that it’s not only acceptable but completely accurate to believe that our free market economy has lifted millions out of poverty and is the envy of the world; to believe that a strong national defense, lower taxes, less regulation, limited government and religious freedom are, demonstrably, the best national policy; that it’s Ok to expect legal immigrants to learn our language and assimilate into our culture and to expect illegal aliens to be kept out of our country; to recognize that much of our public education system has failed abysmally and that our children are not being educated at all but, rather, indoctrinated in Marxist thought.

He was one of the first to notice and then call out the Cancel Culture that, fueled by the unfettered power of a social media sector that enormously benefits from (and abuses) federal law—as well as the national tabloid media, had arisen like a virus to stamp out conservative speech. He was also one of the first to note the treacherous effect on our constitutional republic of a massive, permanent, liberal federal bureaucracy we now know as the “Deep State.”

Rush Limbaugh was truly a lion who roared and his voice and message will continue to ring out long after his death by providing a political and historical roadmap in our quest to preserve America’s liberty and greatness.

99 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh: The Lion That Roared

  1. Why is it progressive to “cancel” Dr. Suess? Cancel books that help many kids learn to read?

    I guess some don’t want children to read so they can be more easily brainwashed?

    • Old RN I heard about this today,what the hell? This kinda crap doesn’t make sense, it’s just getting out of hand.

      • Mike:

        Oh oh, Vicki is right that the books are still available, but just not on the read across America Day. But still why take them out of this event?

        Dr. Suess taught all of my children to read before they started kindergarten. These books could be so helpful to kids learning to read.

        Mike lets watch how bad this dictatorship gets. So much has already been cancelled out. History books and our history- poof- not good enough. We can make it better they say. Doesn’t matter if the truth is cut. The truth will only block the brainwashing.

        We are living in “getting out of hand” times.

        • Amen to that Old RN. I have read some disturbing things lately about what is happening in DC and I have had some major concerns about them.This morning I heard that there is a man with the ability to kick things out, and he has used his authority to do just that. I thank God for a man like that watching out for at least some of the things that are going on and throwing out some of the ridiculous items that were inserted into the Covid Relief Bill. Thank goodness we, the tax payers won’t pay for Schumer’s bridge or Pelosi’s tunnel, at least in this bill.

          I know the original article was about Rush Limbaugh, and all I can say is that he would have been talking about leaving Dr. Suess off the list. If there were any books that were offensive to anyone, those books should be removed, but others left on the list. Rush would have been making some people angry about the fact that he dared speak up at all. I think a lot of us will really miss Rush because he let us know what was happening in the political arena. It is always nice when we don’t have the wool pulled over our eyes, and Rush kept us informed. He may have made errors in judgment when he made certain remarks, and certain decisions. The point still remains, he spoke up to inform the silent majority.

          • Dr.Seuss Enterprises removed 5 books off the list themselves last year. It was after holding discussions with teachers, academics and specialists in the field.

          • MEWHP – I never did listen to Rush. Just have never been a radio person since I was a teen. I know he was very vocal in telling how he thought things were. Just reading all this information about him, makes me wish I had listened to him.

            Glad things have been kicked out of the so called covid relief bill. So much of this bill and others is wasted money.

            Certainly, there is a lot to be concerned about. Seems every day I become more concerned. Have a nice evening MEWHP

    • Dr.Seuss’ books have not been cancelled.
      “Dr.Seuss and his books are no longer the emphasis of Read Across Wmerica Day in Loudoun County public schools citing racial overtones of his work.” They have not been banned by the school system or cancelled. They are available to students in libraries and classrooms.
      Totally new concept..try getting your facts straight.

      • Seems like the old moron decided it didn’t need to be in the program this year. And that’s after King and Queen Obama strongly endorsed it.

          • President Biden appears to have erased Dr. Seuss from “Read Across America Day”, the annual celebration of reading in honor of the legendary children’s author, whose birthday falls on March 2.

            While Biden followed presidential tradition in proclaiming Tuesday “Read Across America Day,” he bucked his predecessors by leaving out any mention of Dr. Seuss from the proclamation.

  2. Here’s another that I copied. This one off a very conservative newsletter: “Just remember, when someone annoys you, it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown, but it only takes 4 muscles to pick up your beer and ignore them.” Got my shots and feeling good.

  3. Dang Mr.Allen, I did it again. The internet service is terrible in dat bayou and it skips around. That response was intended for M1.

  4. I found this definition on a University of Nebraska web site: “Trolling is defined as creating discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people by posting inflammatory or off-topic messages in an online community. Basically, a social media troll is someone who purposely says something controversial in order to get a rise out of other users.” IMHO responses only encourage more trolling and play into the troller’s game plan. The failure to generate responses can be a disappointment to trolls and responses that are actually rude can be seen as accomplishments. Want to get back at a troll? Ignore them.

    • Wow, Ray!

      Thanks for that cutting-edge info you copied off the InnerTubes on “trolling”!

      Who knew!

    • Ray please excuse the nutty professor, his med refill is running late and his TDS is out of control.

      Nutty Professor I didn’t see where he even mentioned Trump or even politics for that matter but you just assume he does. Please seek help!

      • Ray, please excuse Dan’s parroted right-wing internet jokes about “late med refills” and “TDS” that some of his predecessors came up with literally decades ago.

        An original thought coming out of Dan’s mouth would be about as likely as Krugerrands coming out of his fundament in the morning after his coffee kicks in.

        And, yes, Dan, I just wrote that joke especially for you, Because you’re not full of Krugerrands, you’re full of…well, even you know what you’re full of..

          • Dan and M1,

            Then why aren’t you two losers laughing?

            Maybe because your Cult Leader is the Greatest Loser in the history of American politics? He lost the House, he lost the Senate, and he lost a second term–in his own 2016 metrics–“in a landslide.” Or maybe it was by a Tremendous Landslide, since Donnie Fatso lost the popular vote by 3,000,000 votes to Hillary but got crushed by Biden by over 7,000,000 votes this time. And don’t start the “Electoral College’ blather: Trump 2016 and Biden 2020 each got 303 Electoral Votes.

            What’s really Titanic Loser behavior is Trump’s delusion that he could sell his Big Lie to anybody other than his gullible stooges that over 7,000,000 votes were mysteriously stolen from him by somebody, somewhere, somehow. He couldn’t even sell that to GOP election officials in freakin’ GEORGIA! Trump campaigned hard for Perdue and Loeffler there, but he was the kiss of death for both of them. And after all, they both were financial crooks just like Donnie.

            Your Greatest, Fattest, Weakest Loser will now lose in all the upcoming criminal and civil trials he’s facing. He’ll lose Melania and Barron, but they were just rentals anyway. He’ll lose all his money, and he’ll very likely get to live in a cage–where he’ll sit on his cot with his head in his hands, without a cellphone or computer, and slowly but surely go clinically insane.

            And you’ll “forget” you ever supported him.

          • Oh and funny you should mention clinically insane, The Old SNIFFER fits that to T.

  5. As a Democrat who expects personal and professional responsible behavior from all of our elected officials, I will be calling the office of Democratic Governor Mario Cuomo tomorrow to demand his resignation.

    Governor Cuomo has been credibly accused of sexually harassing two women in the workplace. Even more seriously, he has admitted he manipulated COVID numbers coming in from some New York nursing homes. While his tireless work to stem the spread of COVID has been admirable, he has behaved in a manner unworthy of his important office.

    I will call for him to resign because we Democrats are a party of principle, not personality.

    Conversely, the Trump Party cultists who post here refuse to admit that Trump tried to overthrow our democracy on January 6, or that his lies about COVID have lead to the unnecessary deaths of at least 200,000 Americans. Have you held him responsible? Of course you haven’t.

    Shame on you.

    Your continuing support for his pathological liar and crook will come to haunt you in the coming months, as he is held to account for his crimes in court.

    But I can see some of you starting to back away from him, quietly, already–for all the wrong reasons.
    You back away not out of principles, but because your would-be tin-pot dictator’s insurrection against our country failed. Had Trump succeeded in bringing down the world’s greatest democracy, you’d be euphoric right now.

    But who ho of you wants to be explaining to your grandchildren why you voted twice for the worst criminal and traitor in American political history?

    • Buddy you sound like those guys on tv looking for big foot when they sit down and discuss their theories.

      • Thanks for the irrelevant non-response, Trump Stooge.

        At least you exercised your fingers for a bit, if not your impoverished brain.

        • Look if there would have been an organized attemp to take over Washington by President Trump he would still be sitting in the Oval office. There would have been more then a few antifa nuts and a guy in a Viking hat running around. Geez come on think about it. It was an unorganized mob of idiots,most not even Trump supporters. And if you truly believe it was anything else,then you’re just stupid.

          • Ah, the Trump Stooge gets embarrassed into trying to squeeze out a thought from his atrophied brain stem!

            But what a poor, stillborn little thought it is: The proof Trump didn’t organize and incite and deploy the mob on January 6 is that the riot failed to overthrow American democracy! If the Great Trump had really put his Very Stable Genius Mind into it, he would still be, well, not President, but Dictator for Life!

            And the worst thing is that you take solace in that lie.

            It’s quite a trick for you to manage to be unintentionally hilarious and depraved at the same time.

            Please squeeze out another one, M1!

          • The insults were just to get your attention, Ray.

            The message was that you’d be happy to do away with democracy as set out in the Constitution as long as you could have your racist cult leader as Dictator for Life.

            But you can’t have that, Ray. We the people won’t let you have it.

            So go back to your candlelit Trump Shrine in your back room and think about what might have been if you’d only sent Trump fifty more bucks than the twenty-five you sent him.

            But it’s never too late in the mind of a Trump Stooge! Sell everything you own and send that money to Trump 2024!

            Donnie Fatso will be happy to take it from you.

          • One individual led the crowd of insurrectionist t.s. away from their intended targets. Just like the sheeple they are, they obediently followed. I take it that you supported these traitors?

    • If you were telling the truth you would be on the phone all day calling about 99 % of them. Lol lier!

    • Did you make that phone call? Is he going to resign because you have your opinion of him? And I’m sure if you not the lier I think you are you called Nancy Polosi too! I’m sure she will walk out today if you did.

      • Yes, Dan, I called Cuomo’s office.

        I’ve made hundreds, maybe over a thousand phone calls to politicians’ offices over the past four years.I only started doing that when the Psychopathic Orange Circus Clown lied his way into office–with the indispensable help of Putin. Trump is Putin’s gimp, as anybody can see from his groveling fear of his Russian master.

        I know all the staff member’s names who answer the DC offices of Trump Stooges Mike Johnson and John N.Kennedy.

        Bill Cassidy is off my Trump Stooge list because he voted to convict Trump in the second Impeachment Trial. Six other Republicans voted that way.

        The Trump Cult is dying, Dan. And you have a front row seat to its death spiral.

        • Lol you wish it was dying,it’s just getting stronger! When people like Cassidy are out of the party it gets even stronger! Trash like you can keep lying to yourself!

          • Cults always die, because they can never deliver what they’ve promised their devotees..

            Poor, poor, pitiful Daniel–without intelligence, imagination, moral compass, or even simple human decency.

            With only a long, hard road ahead.

            Better get a new plan, Dan.

          • Not a long hard road for me I’ve made mine. I just worry about my country and little insects like you try to destroy it.

  6. If you hated the man,why do you come here on the topic and post so much?
    You people are just trying to antagonize people into and argument and district from the mistakes being done daily by the biden administration.

    • Talk about distracting!

      The thug you support tried to overthrow our democracy to stay in power and stay out of jail.

      Do I have to put that in all caps to get your attention?

      The Trump Party consists in large part of shameless seditionists, racists, liars, and crooks.

      We have some liars and crooks too, but we can’t hold a candle to you degenerates.

      • So I’m a degenerate? You don’t know me are anything about me. So I see you’re a typical democratic,when you have no legitimate argument you start name calling and try degrading people. Sign of a loser!

  7. I have my thoughts on Rush, and the people who expect me to answer their ridiculous comments. I don’t apologize for the way I felt about Rush Limbaugh nor do I apologize for what I see when some people try to convince others that the liberals are right in their messages. They will not convince me that I’m wrong and I should follow their liberal ways. I’m a conservative, I don’t believe in what Biden in doing with the budget today. It will only hurt the USA, and Rush was one man who saw it like it’s going to happen. He might have sharp. Or he might have made fun of things, but it was normally to make us see that if we laugh at our problems, we get past them faster and easier. People who benefited from his generous gifts to help will agree with me, not with others. People who only bring up a problem in someone’s past are people who seem to think they have never had any problem that they should apologize for. If Rush admitted he had a drug problem and got the help he needed, then I don’t understand why some people don’t want to leave it in the past. Yes. He was an addict, and got help for it, then moved on. Do any of you that want to smear the name of a dead man maybe need help for a problem that you need to seek help for. I certainly hope you can be as brave as he was in confessing to millions, then be brave enough to get help for it. And I hope that no one sullies your name the way you just tried to sully his.

    • Again, MEHWP, I didn’t “sully Limbaugh’s name”: he did that all by himself. I just pointed out the truth about him. And you’ve declined my invitation to pick out a single thing I said about him in my post that’s untrue.You want to speak in geralities that avoid the real issues I raise.

      And, no, I’ve never been addicted to drugs, MEHWP, as you so clumsily insinuate.

      It’s strange how self-proclaimed “good Christians” try to make heros of figures like Limbaugh and Trump, since neither of them had or has a single virture encouraged by Jesus and all of the vices and damaging character triats Jesus condemmed.

      Your only defense of them is to grudgingly admit Trump and Rush “weren’t perfect, but they did good things.” Even if this were true, it’s like saying “Hitler wasn’t perfect, but he did good things–like making the trains run on time.”

      Yes, yes, HItler was far worse than Trump or Rush. Hitler murdered at least 8 million people in his guest for power. “Only” seven people died because Trump incited the Capitol riot. But then Trump’s lies about COVID did lead to the deaths of at least an additional 200,000 Americans, according to all the medical experts. 2000,000 additional dead Americans aren’t even close to Hitler’s numbers, but they’re still absolutely horrible. If a Democratic President had done what Trump has done to cause that much death, you’d be screaming bloody murder. And you’d be right to do so. And I’d be right there with you.

      I urge you to stop trying, every day, to defend the indefensible. Trump’s taxes are now in prosecutor Cyrus Vance’s possession. They will reveal Trump’s massive tax fraud and how much money he owes and to whom. E Jean Carroll’s civil suit, in which she alledges Trump raped her, is moving forward. She says she has the dress she was wearing when Trump did it. She says his semen is on it–just like Bill Clinton’s was on Monica’s dress. But President didn’t rape Monica Lewinski, did he? You’ll have to watch Trump dodge having to be deposed under oath by settling out of court with Carroll for millions of dollars. It will happen, MEWHP. And you, who undoubtedly cried out for Clinton’s impeachment, will apply you’re double standard to your rapist hero. You’ll deny he did it. You’ll say that he “had” to settle out of court. And other nonsense. Maybe you’ll say “but Bill and Hillary had dozens of their political enemies murdered!” No, they didn’t. And Obama wasn’t born in Kenya. And The Mueller Report didn’t “exonerate Trump.” And Trump’s call to try to extort the President of Ukraine to smear Biden wasn’t “perfect.” And the 2020 Election wasn’t “stolen.” and Antifa didn’t storm the Capitol.

      Will you ever tire of trying to deny these true things?

      I think you’re already tired of it, but it’s all you know how to do.

      Tragically, as long as people cling to the Trump Cult, you will be a danger to our democracy. You will be undermining the futures of you dencendants, and mine.You will be betraying the vision of our Founding Fathers.

      That’s why I post here.

      • Rodney Allen, technically you are correct. Clinton did not rape Monica Lewinsky (correcting your spelling). He just sexually molested her by sticking his cigar you know where, then masturbated, spewing cum all over her dress, while he was President and in the Oval Office. Then he lied to the public on television, you know the rest, “I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman…” Just wanted to clarify that.

        • Yes, thanks for “clarifying” what I already know, Sue Ellen. And what I freely brought up in my post.

          And thanks for correcting my spelling of Lewinsky’s name.

          And your point is?

          Get back to me in a few months on Trump’s rape settlement and we can talk that over.

          Also, please explain to me now why you continue to support a twice-impeached, disgraced one-term President who’s responsible for the unnecessary deaths of at least 200,000 Americans because of his relentless COVID lies, and who tried to overthrow our democracy on January 6 in order to stay in power and stay out of jail.

          Changing the subject will just show you can’t defend your cult leader.

          • You know I’ve noticed that you are just about the only one who continues to bring up Trump’s name. No matter what the topic seems to be you have to cry TRUMP!
            TDS MUCH?

          • Daniel,

            Since Trump’s horrible four years have ended in chaos, and all his phony claims have been proven to be lies, it’s no surprise that people like you have tried to avoid mentioning him–lately.

            But he just left office on January 20.

            He deserves a lot more than a month plus change to be exposed, humiliated, prosecuted, and very probably jailed for his crimes against the American people.

            Why play the victim, Dan? You’re one of the perps.

      • I would encourage you to think up your own words and quit using mine and telling people what you think I would say. You are taking words, then you decide in your own twisted mind, what I would probably say about something. Then you will have someone repeating something I supposedly said, and it’s really only something that came out of your twisted mind. I believe this is meant for your thoughts and comments, NOT what YOU think I would say. You are not writing one of your books. You should be held to what you think and it is wrong to try to put words in my mouth. I would urge the editor to stop that bit on nonsense your part. I say what I believe and I can continue to do so. You can take care of what you think, but do not presume to know what I think. Do not think I would have said again, as you have no idea at all what I think about things in life. The only thing you are sure of is that I don’t agree with your way of dealing with people. You have no concept of how to communicate people.

        • This post of yours is an excellent example of poor writing. It’s full of punctuation errors, redundancy, and scrambled syntax.

          First, calm down before you type.

          Then, edit what you’ve typed.

          Then you’ll have something like this:

          “I encourage you to stop putting words in my mouth. I also encourage the editor of this comment section to stop you from doing this if you won’t.

          I say what I believe and I’ll continue to do so. As for what I might say or think, the only thing you can be sure of is that I don’t agree with your way of dealing with people.”

          See how much clearer that is?

          You’re welcome.

          • Not any clearer, just written the way you would write it. Not my way. GROW UP, I wrote it just exactly the way I wanted to write it. I guess I made my point, didn’t I? You are the biggest fool I have ever had to scroll over in order to get to anything that made sense. You would be much better off if you quit thinking we wanted you to correct anything we write, and stuck to your own beliefs. Another thing, don’t try to put words in my mouth, for you don’t have a clue how a normal human being that doesn’t try to look bigger, better and smarter than everyone else might think. Come on out of teacher mode, you are not grading papers. If you were, give me a D or F. That is how much your thoughts mean to me. If I were a speech teacher, and I know I’m not, and never have been, I would give you an F in communication. I told you once before, you can yack up a storm, but you really are not communicating with anyone. Except maybe one with the same mindset, you little buddy Vicki. Now I would appreciate it if you would NOT try to put words into my mouth again. You can’t do it, you are way too far left for my beliefs, so therefore you don’t have a clue.

            By the way, I did not say thank you and never will I say thank you to you. Let’s see what you come up with this time, it should be interesting. You don’t even pretend to stay on topic any longer, all you are doing is insulting people that don’t agree with you. Can you think of anything to say that is not to us about us, but about the article written? You do know that is what these comments are supposed to be about, right?

          • Rodney, I read a very interesting quote today that describes you perfectly. Man it fits you like a glove. I leave you all with these final words.

            “The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance.”
            Albert Einstein

    • MEWHP what about the posts of me and weed you made about me because of an anonymous post? Just for the record I am a recovering everything! I am recovering from stuff that they haven’t form focus group for yet! That stuff that Rush Limbaugh was hooked on was a lot worse than weed! You defend him and ridicule me because of what someone anonymously post about me! People know who I am! I don’t post anonymously! MEWHP I don’t I allow what people think or know about me to affect me negatively! GOD knows it all! God put term limits on Rush Limbaugh! I am still talking! My day will come but hopefully it’s not today! For I live only one day at time! Peace!

      • Randy, I asked. Two different people said that you did and you never denied. When you go off on a wild tangent against me, I asked if you were smoking weed again. You never said that you don’t smoke weed. I don’t care if you and Rodney think I don’t know I don’t know what I’m talking about. Trust me, I do. I know the pill that Rush was taking is a dangerous, highly addictive prescription drug. I know that marijuana is now being used medically, snd I know it helps with pain in some circumstances. However, Rush did start those pills while under a doctor’s care. He became addicted. I don’t know all the circumstances surrounding this, but he did admit it on air, then he got help. Am I going to continue to hold this against him forever. No he got treatment and beat the addiction. What else do we expect him to do? He no longer used.

        If the girls that said they were smoking weed with you at your house were lying, I wish you had called them out on it. I would not have asked you if you were smoking weed again if you had.

        One thing I wish you would not do. Twice now you have tagged along and jumped on me because someone else did. If you have a problem with me, tell me so that I can answer you without wondering why you just don’t do it when it happens. Are you doing it because you think it makes me look worse? If that’s what you think is best, join up with Rodney and Vicki. I don’t agree with them, and I never will. If you agree with everything they say, are you sure you are not a democrat?

        If I falsely said you smoked weed because of what 2 women posted, I apologize. I will admit I do not know you, and I would never presume to tell readers what you do in your home.

        My problem with most of this has been that some people portray the former president and Rush Limbaugh as evil through and through, and there is no good in them. I believe that you cannot ignore the good that a person did just because you hate that person. I will always believe that. I’m not talking about thugs, gang members, drug dealers and such. The two men who have been discussed have done good and each one of them are just as entitled to their beliefs as you and Rodney are!

        • MEWHP, I find it curious that a self-proclaimed “good Christian” like yourself would appeal to the authority of Albert Einstein, a man who considered belief in a personal god who entered into human affairs–or even cared about them–“naive.” For Einstein, “god” was simply the “laws of nature,” or the way the universe works. He never believed Jesus was the “son of god,” or that he rose from the dead, or in heaven or in hell.

          That’s pretty arrogant of him to have believed that and even said it out loud, wouldn’t you say?
          I could give you a little lecture on the history of the philosophy of science, MEWHP, but it would be, as they say, “lost on you.”

          So I’ll just observe that you mistake my confidence and sense of authority in the areas in which I’m well versed for arrogance. I’m humble about what I don’t know, and I don’t know a lot. I don’t know math beyond calculus. I don’t know organic chemistry beyond the simplest levels. I don’t know any non-English languages beyond a fair to poor reading comprehension of French and Spanish. And on and on. We are what we are, and we are where we are in terms of our knowledge acquisition.

          BTW, Einstein was just simplifying when he said “The only thing worse than ignorance is arrogance.” There are many things worse than arrogance, I’m sure you would agree? Mass murder, for example.

          As another example, I’d say someone who is both ignorant and arrogant is worse than someone who was just one or the other.

          You thoughts?

          • Daniel,

            And you’ve got the ignorant side covered, so I guess between us we’ve got both sides covered.

            Who says Trumpers and Democrats can’t work together?

            But seriously Dan, my posts contain actual ideas, not just lazy insults like yours.

            Do you have anything worth contributing, or do you just come here to grunt?

  8. Nice article, as always. Thanks for citing Cancel Culture.

    On Jonathan Cahn’s facebook page, there was an article written by Daniel Payne entitled “Cancel Culture Hits Fever Pitch”.

    The article states: “Cancel Culture has long referred to the fury often faced by conservatives who become the VICTIMS (emphasis mine) of social media mobs, dismissed petitions and 48 hour news cycles. Often the precipitating incident is one in which the target expresses a conservative opinion – or at the vey least, one that offends mainstream progressive sensibilities – and the end goal is usually something like total marginalization, reputational harm, a social media ban, the loss of a job or public ostracization.

    And from Andy Ngo’s book “Unmasked”, this also includes intimidation whenever there is a program scheduled by conservatives (like pro-life rallies), conservative demonstrations, and public religious gatherings. Antifa finds news of these events on the internet, and a counter rally is planned. Antifa begins their counter rally: first with insults, intimidation and many times this left wing counter rally escalates to physical assaults. The Antifa may be arrested, but the processing of these acts are usually not taken seriously and there is a fund by liberals to give them money for bail so they are right back on the streets. Conservative photo journalists are attacked physically (Ngo suffered moderate brain damage in one such attack).This all to destroy evidence of what really happened. To mask the depth of what really happens. Also doxing- intimidation and threats to the safety of the victims family. Many times BLM is right there with Antifa according to NGO.

    So of course the left wants to cancel this man, Rush Limbaugh has met with so much hate even at the time of his death.

    • Mainstream progressives don’t like hateful, hate filled racists. He liked his kind of America. White. Mainstream progressives also think people should have affordable healthcare. We don’t make fun of those that can’t afford it. And we work to make sure kids are taken care of with some type of healthcare. We do not make fun of those less fortunate. And the long long list goes on.. Sorry you folks cannot see what he really was.

      • Like the way you insult people on here who don’t agree with you? Huh, sounds like a hypocrite. But you know what they say, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck……c’est la vie

        • Since when is telling the truth insulting? I’m not the name caller. Truth hurts sometimes. Facts hurt those that cannot handle the truth. There was one centuries ago that spoke truth. He spoke of love, caring, kindness and compassion for your neighbor. He died for it. Some people claim to be a follower yet all they do is spout hate and lies against their neighbor. It gets to such a fevered pitch they are encouraged by a rabid leader to invade our government and to kill in his name. Who supports that? Who does that? All this done to prevent the truths from coming out. It won’t work.

      • What do you think about the Biden administration opening back up the exact same holding facility on the boarder? What kind of person do think he is? Keep in mind this is the same place and treatment the left slammed Trump for and after Obama had done the same thing but with no blowback.

        • Families are being returned across the border as a unit. Children coming across alone are being housed with beds, they receive schooling and recreation. They are not housed in cages, on the floor with mylar blankets, taken from their parents. Covid precautions are being taken. Big difference. It’s not being done as a punishment.

          • Partially correct,but what you DIDNT mention is very little of the plan has been put in place. The surge is much larger then anticipated and Biden doesn’t have a back-up plan. So basically it’s being handle the same way Obama and Trump handled it.
            Now I’m not going to sit here and go back and forth with you like the others,these are the facts deal with them as you may.

          • Vicki, do you ever get tired of defending your double standards? Has it ever occurred to you why these children are alone? Do you honestly think, at 6 years of age, they have made the political decision to leave their parents and flee to the land of opportunity? Your koolaid is clouding your thinking skills. Those children are being brought into this country for horrible, sick reasons and you are fighting for this behavior.

          • If everything is so different now, so much better for children, then why are reporters refused entry into the facility? Are we all thinking, so much for the Biden administration’s transparency. Why not prove that things are different. It is not being done as a punishment and I don’t believe it was ever done as punishment, not to children. Make sure you know the policy for how people from different countries are handled. OTMs must be processed and the people of Mexico are simply returned to the border to go back to their homes. Many of the children you speak of did not travel to the border with their parents, their parents sent them with coyotes to get them into the US. There have been instances where the parents have been found in in their home countries, and they refuse to be reunited with their children. So what are the authorities supposed to do? Send them home with other coyotes, the coyotes who have been know to abuse the children in many ways, sexually, physically and emotionally. This is a situation that is difficult to deal with. If parents refuse to take the children back, what are we supposed to do with the them? If there are no relatives in the US, what do we do? We don’t have the authority to do much of anything with them. We can’t just hand them over to anyone.

            It is a sad situation to be sure. But I can’t see that sending a child, your precious child, with a total stranger who collects a lot of money to take your little one to the US. If the child does not die along the way, and does not make it into the country, he or she will be kept in a facility. Parents know it and send them anyway. But as far as being a lot different than it was, no, I’m sorry I don’t believe it. They would have been showing the people what it was like on the inside if it was.

        • The last 2 Repub presidents have left America in the hole. Dems keep having to dig us out. This time we need a bigger shovel.

          • The oval office does not control the purse strings. That is congress. So yes we need a big shovel to get rid of every incumbent and then get term limits passed. And while we’re at it—get line item veto enacted so bills like covid relief doesn’t pay for an expansion of mass transit in Seattle..

    • I agree Ethelene. His name is smeared by some and his legacy is lied about. The things he did wrong, he admitted to his listeners, he apologized to the world and said he was wrong and that he was addicted to drugs, then checked into rehab and cleaned himself up. Every one has failures in life, and that includes Rush. He never claimed to be perfect. He had problems, but he was not afraid to speak out on issues. Sometimes I agreed, sometimes I did not, but I am thankful that he called a lot of things to my attention that I did not know. He was a talented man and a smart man. How many of us could do a radio show for 3 hours every day? He made a lot of money and he gave a lot of money to various charities. He had many listeners snd was liked by a lot of people. I have to wonder if those going on and on about how evil he was ever listen to his program. Or do they get all their information from the internet. I always take internet information with a grain of salt. You don’t always know if the writer is truthful or is just someone who hates because of jealousy of a man’s success. I know what is coming next, they got it from newspapers, and as I said, you don’t know if a writer is being truthful or looking for accolades on what amounts to a fiction piece.

      • MEWHP,

        Since you insinuated I’m “smearing” Limbaugh in my post (I know, I know, you didn’t call me out by name because you’re trying to avoid that for reasons we both know), let’s see you prove anything I said about him is untrue.

        Otherwise, it’s apology/nonapology time for you.

  9. What is some of this “negative” commentary Rush offered? That it is Ok to love America, to believe that America, while not perfect, is truly exceptional and truly the “last best hope of man on earth”; that it is perfectly acceptable and logical to put “America First”; that it’s perfectly acceptable and legitimate to be unapologetically pro-family, pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment.

    I always liked hearing him talk on these topics.
    RIP Mr.Rush

    • Daniel, I think this post of mine responding to Royal Alexander’s tribute to Limbaugh is some of that “negative commentary” you were asking about.


      Just when you think Royal Alexander couldn’t possibly sink any lower with hisTrump Party glorifying op-eds, he sinks lower. “The Lion that Roared”–Alexander’s sycophantic eulogy of Rush Limbaugh–is unabashed hero worship of the portly shock-jock bully who made a fortune over the last thirty years by peddling hatred of “the left” on right-wing talk radio.

      Here’s Alexander’s first pious sentence: “By simply but powerfully extolling the virtues of traditional American values, he [Rush Limbaugh, mind you] built a vast conservative movement still growing at the time of his death.”

      But Rush didn’t build his following by “extolling traditional American values”: he spent 90% of his air time attacking, mocking, and slandering anyone who wasn’t on board with his noxious political views. He offered his listeners a racist-lite, anti-intellectual, misogynist, “government is the problem” version of the politics he’d learned in his youth from the John Birch Society. Just as the KKK had made The John Birch Society possible, the JBS made Rush Limbaugh possible, who in turn made Donald Trump possible. They all offered their target audience the same addictive “drug” labeled “White America First.” And a solid one third of the disaffected population of the United States eagerly bought Rush’s poison and swallowed the whole bottle. Why? Because “Rush is so funny! He really owns the libs!”

      Here’s Royal describing Rush’s “ditto-heads,” as Limbaugh himself called his audience:”They trusted him to be their constant, their anchor in an increasingly putrid cultural cesspool.” So it was Rush against the “putrid cultural cesspool”! Who’d want to “anchor” in a cesspool, Royal? But was this the same Rush Limbaugh who on July 27, 2006 was detained by US Customs for having prescription erectile dysfunction pills in his possession that weren’t in his name? Four times married and divorced, Rush had just returned after having vacationed for a week with three other men in the Dominican Republic, widely known as “The Sex Vacation Capital of the Caribbean.” Back in the Land of the Free, Rush laughed off the incident on his show, teasing his listeners with this patriotic line: “I wish I could tell you what we did down there.”

      Limbaugh had a later encounter with law enforcement after their discovery of dozens of prescription bottles of OxyContin–a highly addictive Schedule II narcotic–in his possession that were also under someone else’s name. Yet Rush-Bo was somehow never charged with this illegal activity. Is this the same Rush who was so tough on drug offenders other than himself? Was this the same Limbaugh who had a daily radio segment during the AIDS epidemic mocking the deaths of people who died of the disease by reading out their names while Rush played background songs like “I’m back in the Saddle, Again” and “Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places”?

      Was this the same Limbaugh who mocked Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease on air? Trump loved that gag so much he did the same thing to a reporter on live TV at one of his rallies. Trump’s audience loved it. Rush delighted in calling President Obama a “Half-Rican American” and “Barack, The Magic Negro.” Trump called Obama an illegitimate Kenyan and insisted he could prove it. Of course Trump eventually was forced to admit his “birtherism” was a lie.

      It would be all too easy to catalogue literally thousands of vile things Limbaugh has said over the years. It’s a sorry, vulgar legacy. But even so, Trump hung the American Medal of Freedom around this depraved man’s neck.

      So Royal Alexander, in his version of soaring rhetoric filled with mixed metaphors, ends his loving farewell to his Great American Hero thusly: “Rush Limbaugh was truly a lion who roared and his voice and message will continue to ring out long after his death by providing a political and historical roadmap in our quest to preserve America’s liberty and greatness.”

      Never were intended words of praise more misused than in this fraudulent post mortem of a modern-day American snake oil salesman.

      • Rush was a shock jock,a conservative shock jock that was in the right place at the right time. If you will research it,you will see a much larger group of left-wing shock jokes that will make you want to puke. Or should anyway

          • Lol research helps. Xm radio and live stream. Age demographics are much different. You will see they reach many more ears then Rush actually not even close. Most of those are listening when we have gone to bed and other that still use 8-tracks.

      • The term “Magic Negro” was coined by Richard Brookhiser of the National Review, and later used by Spike Lee. Limbaugh used it because it fit into what he was conveying.

        • Yes, Limbaugh’s calling President Obama a “Magic Negro” “fit into what Rush was saying” all right.

          And you know just as well as I know exactly what that was.

          “Negro” takes us right back to the segregated 50s, as Rush always dreamed would happen if he just kept up insulting black people long enough.

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