More than a Blood Drive!

One of the best things about living in a small town is that when trouble comes, so do your neighbors, ready to help. Natchitoches parish resident and retired sheriff’s deputy Ronnie Quick was seriously injured in an accident a few months ago and is in rehab after a stay in the hospital.

A group of friends, family, co-workers and church members came together to sponsor a blood drive in his name Saturday, June 5. Rev Mike Honzell of Campti’s United Baptist Church graciously allowed the use of the church’s facilities to host the drive. The church hall was packed full throughout the day as people came in from all over the area to donate, often having to wait an hour to do so due to the crowd. The drive garnered 30 units of blood, a phenomenal number of donations that well exceeded the day’s goal of 12 units.

The blood is urgently needed throughout the region. There is no substitute for human blood. According to Philip Maxfield of Lifeshare Blood Center, our state needs 531 units of O+ blood, the most commonly used type, in order to have a safe and adequate supply. For most of last year, the state had only a precarious half day supply of blood. Surgeries, emergency transfusions, and burn victims all require blood, sometimes quite a lot of it. Cancer patients account for about half of the blood used in our region. The need is constant, urgent, and our help is desperately needed. We will never know who, but it is certain that at least one life will be saved and many more made better by the men and women who donated.

The blood drive held in Ronnie Quick’s name was more than a blood drive. It was a microcosm of everything that is right and good about our country. People of every race and walk of life came together to help a neighbor in need. In a church hall in Campti, Louisiana, America was at its best.

Mr. Ronnie Quick has dealt with this adversity with the same grit and determination he displayed in his career in law enforcement. The Natchitoches Parish Journal extends its best wishes for a full recovery.

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One thought on “More than a Blood Drive!

  1. There were times when I was pumping blood into a critically ill patient. Pumping blood means it is one unit after another until the bleeding can be stopped. It often takes many, many units of fresh blood.

    With my patients, there was enough blood because of donors like these. Can you imagine what would have happened if that blood was not available? The patient would have bleed to death right there in the hospital.

    Blood donations are a gift from you to another. It is a gift of life. Everyone should give blood if you have enough and your blood will be transfusion able.

    To not give blood – to pass the Life Share van without a thought, is selfish indeed.

    Please remember that somewhere, someone could be literally dying without your help.

    And lastly, please consider the family.

    I say “horray” to the people of Campti.

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