Marthaville Injunction, Relief and Temporary Restraining order Hearing today – 9am

As reported June 4,  A Petition for Injunctive Relief and Temporary Restraining Order was filed in the 10th Judicial District Court, Natchitoches Parish, by Randall Hennigan, “Plaintiff”, in his capacity as a taxpayer for the community of Marthaville, Louisiana, on behalf of himself and others asking the Court to issue a Preliminary Injunction and a Temporary Restraining Order thereby preventing any vote on the consolidated districts by the NPSB. The assigned judge granted the request and set the matter for hearing for June 16, 2021 at 9am in the Natchitoches Parish Courtroom before Judge Lala B. Sylvester.

Since that time, The Natchitoches Parish School Board “NPSB” counsel has filed a Motion to Dissolve Temporary Restraining Order alleging that Hennigan failed to give proper notice to the School Board as required by law before seeking the TRO rendering it void. NPSB counsel also filed a motion to dismiss Hennigan’s injunction alleging that it is premature because the NPSB has taken no official action confirming consolidation, making his claims speculative.

Injuction Issued – No vote last night at the School Board Meeting

2 thoughts on “Marthaville Injunction, Relief and Temporary Restraining order Hearing today – 9am

  1. Move all the school board property taxes paid by pipeline companies into funds for the whole system and out of the specifics districts where they are arbitrarily chosen.

    Very little taxes are paid by individuals in the Marthaville school district yet they applaud themselves for voting a mileage of 20mills. Only people paying outside of homestead exemption are paying that and 98% of those are pipeline companies. That money should be used for all-parish schools!

    • I can’t help but recognize the irony that while the username you hide behind pays homage to the author of Common Sense, a book that helped spark the Revolutionary War, thus leading to the creation of what is arguably the greatest democratic society in history, your “spread the wealth” proposal is a purely socialistic one.

      I wonder if Thomas Paine or any of the Founding Fathers envisioned a future for America where we began applying principles of communism?

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