What? Yes, a burger

Whataburger confirmed that social media rumors claiming the restaurant wouldn’t be opening due to staffing issues is false. The NPJ reached out to Whataburger’s media department and received a swift response to our inquiry.

Whataburger has been hard at work hiring great local talent to serve the community through its Natchitoches location. Construction delays are due to the recent wet weather.

The plan is to get this location up and running as soon as possible.

10 thoughts on “What? Yes, a burger

  1. Everyone in town is trying to hire. There’s a sign in the drive thru at McDonald’s that says hiring 11.00 and 15.00 for managers. So what are they paying to get a crew?

  2. “As soon as possible.” Not soon enough. Yay, Whataburger!! And, the “staffing problem” wasn’t the problem. It’s the rain.

  3. Too much free money. Something else we can thank JBE for. Current federal and state governments are ruining our country.

    • Gov. John Bel Edwards on Thursday became the first Democratic governor to announce he’s planning on pulling the benefits, joining 25 Republican governors in doing so.

      • Hi Gail, what benefits are you talking about? I’m confused because this is a bout What a Burger. Excuse my ignorance!

        • Someone will correct me, but I think it’s about —
          rumors have been swirling that Whataburger was having a difficult time attracting applicants – I heard only 3 applied. Why? Becuase you get more $ from the benefits (for the pandemic for the unemployed) from the gov’t than being employed…

        • Terri- I think the benefits are those extended unemployment benefits. The ones where staying home is better than a job.

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