Public Letter from the Citizens for Democratic Action

During a visit with Mayor Ronnie Williams Jr., Citizens for Democratic Action (CDA), received an overview of some of the things that the mayor plans to do. The topics included; the age of the field house and the condition of the swimming pool, as well as, the Ben Johnson ballpark across from the MLK Center. Other concerns involved Texas Street and the businesses that have shut down. His idea is to bring Texas Street buildings back to life.

The Citizens for Democratic Action (CDA) would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mayor Williams on his decision to relieve portions of the extremely large water bills stemming from the hard freeze that we experienced earlier this year that affected the seniors, elderly and citizens of Natchitoches. The City entities decided to help the citizens by letting them gradually pay their water bill over a 12month term. After informing Mayor Williams that the burden was too high, he said he would take this into consideration, and he did. Against popular opinion, he decided to forgive 75 percent of the water bill during that time period, expressing that it was no fault of the citizens for water they did not use.

CDA is a civic service organization, not a political organization. We are concerned about the welfare of the citizens and so is Mayor Ronnie Williams. On behalf of the CDA and some of residents of Natchitoches, we want to acknowledge the mayor for being concerned about our citizens. God Bless.

7 thoughts on “Public Letter from the Citizens for Democratic Action

  1. Where in the City Charter is the mayor empowered to dismiss any portion of a utility bill? That power is vested in the City Council.

  2. And how much of a “hit” is this going to be to the General Fund? It’s not trivial. It’s like drilling a hole in a leaking boat in order to let the water out. As a homeowner that spent the money and time to install, maintain and protect my plumbing from freezing temperatures, I resent any government official excusing those that did not. Here we have a City official doing the exact opposite of the desires of the majority in order to make this disaster “go away”. Again another example of people wanting those that do the right thing to support those that don’t. So when the City starts whining about how it needs more money I won’t be surprised when more people that are paying the freight finally say “We’re done!” and then Natchitoches will be “done” as well.

    • The key word here is HOME OWNER, which is what you are, but for those that are just RENTERS it’s not their responsibility to weatherproof property that doesn’t belong to them. So because you, as a property owner, had to endure the cost of repairing your own pipes felt that it’s unfair that those that are not homeowners didn’t? Also unless you chose not to, CITY FORGAVE PORTIONS OF YOUR BILL ALSO!!!!

      • The article did not make that distinction. If you are a renter then take it up with your landlord. But I keep forgetting it’s just easier to expect taxpayers to take care of your problem. Justice apparently doesn’t pertain to those doing the right thing.

      • Well “Justice” I guess you’ve never heard of the phrase “equal protection under the law” I suggest that you look that one up . The Mayor did not forgive any of my water bill and it wasn’t necessary because just as Anon 7 I paid to have my plumbing done right. Additionally I think he acted illegally in cancelling the bills. So now I have to pay for the Mayor’s generosity. By the way the renter, just as the home owner, have the contract with the City for water service not the Landlord. Don’t like it? Sue the landlord, that is the proper way to handle this and protect everyone else under the equal protection clause.

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