By Tommy Rush

If you have lived in Louisiana for any length of time, you know what a 3-H summer day is like… hot, hazy and humid. You know it’s hot when you pour a bottle of cold water on your head to cool off and the water is warm by the time it touches your face. On Tuesday, I took my lunch break and before getting in my truck, I stood in the parking lot to speak with a friend. By the time we finished talking, my shirt was drenched in sweat and I had to change clothes before returning to work.

I cannot even begin to try and explain how humidity works. I do know that humidity is the moisture content of the air around us. I’ve heard people say, “it’s not the heat but the humidity that makes us the most miserable.” I do know that the more humid it is outside, the more difficult it is to get cool. When it’s hot and humid, I sweat and I sweat a lot!

Recently while on a mission trip in Honduras, several in our group experienced a little dehydration. We were told that in the mountains of Honduras it’s hot, but not hot like we’re used to in Louisiana. In the mountains there’s not as much humidity. Seldom do you hear a Honduran say, “It’s 90 degrees today but it feels like it’s 110.” It’s actually pretty nice to be in a place where it’s hot, but you don’t sweat as much.

The difference between a hot place and a hot, sweaty place is the thickness of the air. When the air is thick and the moisture doesn’t have anywhere to go, it’s sticky hot and humid. When the air is thin or clear it can still be hot, but not as sticky and a lot less humid.

There are times in life when our day heats up very fast. Sometimes we begin our day with so many heavy and thick concerns that the anxiety and stress clogs up the air around us and even inside of us. We sweat when the anxieties on the outside and the inside have nowhere to go. However the good news is that God has given us a great way to “clear the air” as we begin each day. I Peter 5:7 tells us to “cast all of your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you.”

The longer I live, the more I am learning the importance of “clearing the air” before heading into the heat of the day. I do that by beginning my day in prayer. The Lord wants me to share my worries and burdens with Him. Scripture teaches me that He cares about all the details of my day, even the 3-H days. I know God loves to hear His children say with enthusiasm on the hottest of days, “No sweat! Everything’s cool!”

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