Podcast: Marcus Jones joins Billy West LIVE

Marcus Jones joins Billy West Live and discusses his Interim Appointment as President of Northwestern State University.

The interview includes Marcus’ educational background and experiences teaching and in administration of higher education.

Marcus answers questions about his vision for the immediate future of NSU and increasing on-campus enrollment for Students in Natchitoches.


Marcus Jones answers questions related to his commitment to higher education in general and specifically related to keeping NSU competitive in Division 1 Athletics, especially football.

Marcus also discusses the position of permanent President of NSU and whether or not he will be a candidate for that position. Marcus also discusses his views on whether a terminal degree is necessary or required to be the permanent President of NSU.

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5 thoughts on “Podcast: Marcus Jones joins Billy West LIVE

  1. I think this decision will be up to the search committee. Does anyone know who will be selected for this committee??

  2. Who really believes Jones is NOT going to be the next President if NSU? It’s a done deal.

  3. I am super proud of Marcus Jones—who has a terminal degree. His accolades are superlative, and I am thrilled that Dr. Henderson selected him to be our Interim President. He is dynamic and transformative. Further, Dr. Jones has worked tirelessly to help our region for years, and will continue to do so in this role and as President, if he so chooses to apply.

  4. The best way to start this comment is that I am very concerned. I had doubts when I found out Marcus Jones was going to serve as interim President of NSU. After carefully listening to the interview, my doubts are now fears.

    I assume that Mr. Jones is a very capable business school instructor, but something that is not in doubt is that he is no Dr. Henderson or Dr, Maggio. Billy West Live gave him ample opportunity to to make a favorable impression, but he completely missed that opportunity.

    A dynamic leader is what NSU needs in these tough times. Someone who has the personality to draw high school students, donors, business leaders to Natchitoches and quite frankly gather political clout throughout the state to benefit Northwestern State University. I’m sorry but I just didn’t hear it in that interview.

    One question asked was will you be a candidate for the permanent position. The answer needs to be no.

    NSU and the Natchitoches area needs someone with accomplishments the we and others in the region can be excited about. I realize diversity is very important in our world. Let’s go find the best qualified person for this job that is so important to not just the future of Northwestern but the future of our region.

    1993 NSU Alum

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