NRMC: Visitor Policy Update

In response to a rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations and case counts, we have implemented the following restricted visitor policy. This applies to all, regardless of vaccination status, according to LA Dept. of Health.

Please note that, for your safety and the safety of our patients, MASKING is strictly enforced for all employees, patients and guests and those unwilling to comply will be asked to leave – no exceptions.

Masks must also be worn properly, ensuring that the nose and mouth are covered continuously.

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6 thoughts on “NRMC: Visitor Policy Update

  1. Anon 7 Bernadette
    They tell you this and much more on the LDH coronavirus website. I think we are region 7, But if I am wrong, you can easily find out that too on the website.

    Statistics, graphs, vaccinated, unvaccinated, hospitalized, on ventilators, incidence among age groups( children and young adults: probably the most important of the data), type of tests, and more.

    On Friday, there was a press conference with JBL and a state doctor in public health. They shared a lot of current information on this new strain of covid, and how Louisiana is one of the worst states for being unvaccinated.
    Why is this state the worst, or next to the worst in so many areas?

  2. Is “The rise in Covid19 hospitalizations and case counts,” at NRMC? Are they making policy based on state numbers, global numbers, or what? Thats a very vague statistic to be using. How many patients in this Parish were admitted to NRMC because they have and are being actively treated for COVID-19 only? We deserve to know these real numbers.

  3. Yeah we have to play along so they don’t miss out on the Covid cash cow. I guess the vax doesn’t work.

    • They will never tell you how many fully vaccinated people have contracted Covid. Yep, the cash cow…

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