By Tommy Rush

This week all seven of my grandchildren have been together. Let’s just say we’ve had a “Humm Dinger Cousin Party” all week! Since three of our grandkids live in Virginia and four live in Natchitoches, we don’t have many opportunities to have them all together at one time.

Forgive me if my article this week is full of errors or fails to make sense. If you’re a grandparent and have had the joy of spending a week with seven grandchildren, who are all eleven years old or younger, then you will understand. When grandchildren come to visit, schedules and daily routines get adjusted, or thrown out altogether. You can plan, but plans seldom work. I’ve learned the best thing to do is to just “go with the flow.” If you can keep everyone moving in the same direction and get a short nap at some point in the week, you can survive. Seriously, when the grandkids are with us, our ultimate goal is to be a blessing in their lives and to remind them that they are the VIP’s of our family!
As school begins this week, many parents are having to adjust and rearrange work and family schedules. It’s amazing how complex and crazy life can become when our children are young and in school. I pray as your family works together to get into a good weekly routine, that you will remember your children are a gift from God. I hope you will pray for your children and remind them often of your love and commitment to them.

Jesus had an awesome view of children. When children came into Jesus’ presence He always the dropped everything in order to be a blessing to them. Children were a big priority to Jesus and He wants them to be a priority in our lives as well. Today the sad reality is that many children are often pushed to the side or seen as interruptions or problems. Whenever children are in your presence, if you are a follower of Jesus, I hope you will have a Jesus-Heart! Jesus stopped everything in order to be a blessing to them. In Matthew 19, Jesus told his disciples to “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

One grandmother summed it up in a prayer that she has on a plaque on her wall. It really
emphasizes why the children must be where we do not ignore them in our lives. Here’s the
prayer. I really like it. “It is my greatest prayer that on that resurrection day, I may stand before
my Savior and say, ‘Here am I … and the children You gave me.'”

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  1. I always enjoy your writings. I am at the great grandchildren stage of my life. I enjoy them and live them so, but I miss the summers when I took my grands on trips in the summer. They are all grown now, working. I never thought I could love anyone (earthly) more than them, but I found out that my love for them was equaled by their children. I think God gives us that live for them, along with the desire to see them receive salvation! I pray for all of them daily.

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