Local Cadette Girl Scout Troop #462 completes woodworking badge

Cadette Girl Scout Troop #462 of Natchitoches completed their Woodworking badge sponsored by Olivier Woodworks. Over two meetings the girls learned about woodworking, tools, types of wood, safety and how to draw plans. Then on Saturday, October 16th the girls visited the woodshop and built tool boxes under the direction of Rob Ahbol and Chalon Ahbol, owner of Olivier Woodworks. They used the chop saw, drill press, band saw, nail gun along with drills, tape measures, squares and hand sanders. They learned valuable skills and confidence thanks to Rob & Chalon Ahbol & Olivier Woodworks!

Group picture left to right: Olivia Ahbol, Juliet Hyams, Alexis Broadway, Ana Reynolds-Perez, Vivienne Parr, Lilly Westfall, and Danette Westfall, Troop Leader.

Chalon & Rob Ahbol are pictured in other photos with the girls.

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