Goldonna News 10-26-21

Principal Cori Beth Manuel and staff are pleased to announce the Goldonna Elementary Junior High School 3rd to 8th grade

Honor Roll.
Principal’s list:
Anthony Giannone-Flores
Brody Guin
Leland Kay
Haiden Black
Grace Day
Zalien Paul
Carlie Spears
Saydee Flack
Jasiah Grayson
Piper Killingsworth
Matthew Cherry

A Honor Roll:
Daylon Ayres
Chaylie Cox
Bronson McLendon
Bryson Carter
Gavin Spears
Tucker Ivy
Caleb Rowell
Kara Slaughter
Nathan Black
Cortney Cheatwood
Janiah Grayson
Cruz Bandaries
Autumn Hightower
Kathryn Lester
Loden Riddle
Warrick Ybarra

B Honor Roll:
Maggie Johnson
Cassidee Kay
Austin Ross
Joshua Sanders
Raylee Stewart
Kayden Bedgood
Alaynna Day
McKenzie Dodge
Posey Riddle
Case Sampey
Trevor Collinsworth
Jerremy DelRio
Victoria Stewart
Emma Anderson
Emily DelRio
Aubrey Olivier
Maria Johns
Chrstian Burke
Preslee Jones
Brent Smith
Ericlynn Tatum

The drawing was also held for the Annual Deer Corn Raffle, Mr. John Norwood was the lucky prize winner.

The Goldonna Wildcat Basketball season is underway and the next home game will be October 28th at the Goldonna gymnasium. They will take on Natchitoches Magnet School.

The Christmas in the Park Committee is selling split the pot tickets and the pot is already growing! Please contact Mayor Smith or Eugene Garner if you would like to purchase a ticket. The Parade Committee is being chaired by Jade and Randall Burke, they are also searching for participants for the Christmas Parade. Letters are also being sent to businesses asking for donations to make the 28th Annual the biggest year yet. If you or your business would like to donate please contact Mayor Smith or Reba Phelps.

If you have news to share please contact Reba Phelps at