Take the NPSB Broadband Speed Test Today to Help Connect Our Community

The Natchitoches Parish Broadband Commission was formed to bring together local and state leadership along with other community leaders with a common goal of finding a way to connect all students of NPSB to broadband. The Commission’s goal is to execute a broadband infrastructure project that would bring fiber to the home by providing a fixed broadband connection.

This idea was brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic. All students were assigned an iPad for virtual learning, however many students in rural areas of our parish experienced difficulty connecting to the internet. Broadband is basic infrastructure and yet many of our neighbors lack access to it.

The state legislature passed HB648 that will allocate funding to rural communities for broadband infrastructure. These grants will be awarded based on need and the lack of available access to affordable and reliable high-speed internet. In order for our area to receive allocated funding for broadband, we need your help in gathering accurate data on the current status of your broadband connection. We need this data to help make our case for these funds.

Please take a few seconds to complete the speed test by clicking the link below. Please DO NOT use your cell phone to take the test unless you are connected to your home’s WIFI. If you do not have Internet available at your home, please select the “NO AVAILABLE SERVICE” option.

We need as many tests completed as possible to obtain good data and improve our chances to obtain funding for critical infrastructure. To take the speed test, please visit https://ineedspeed.org/. Thank you for helping us connect our community.