FFA forestry career development event

By Katie Bedgood

This year, I participated in the FFA forestry career development event (CDE). There are 6 different parts of the competition. Some of the events we competed in are tree identification, forestry equipment identification, map reading, saw timber, chainsaw practicum, and compass and pacing. One of the reasons we choose to compete in this career development event is because of the impact the forestry industry has in our parish and state. Forestry is our biggest commodity in Louisiana. A commodity is a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold like cotton or corn. Forestry accounts for 69% of the total value of all plant commodities grown in louisiana.

A forester is a person in charge of caring for, planting and managing trees for forest. They do a range of activities including registration, conservation, timber harvest, and managing protected wooded areas. Foresters have many responsibilities, for example collecting forest data, inspecting trees for hazard potential, and marketing and investigating trees that are ready to be harvested. Most forester roles need a bachelor’s degree in areas like forest management, natural resources, fisheries, wildlife, and conservation.

My team and I placed in the top 10 at the Area II Forestry CDE. We were proud of our placing since it was our first time competing and we will be working to place higher next year.