Child Care Centers Adopt Handless Temperature Kiosks

The Natchitoches Parish Early Childhood Network and Ready Start Natchitoches collaborated to provide Hands-free temperature kiosks to all nine Type III Child Care Centers. These devices assist students entering centers more efficiently than the use of handheld thermometers.

Under the Covid-19 pandemic influence, temperature kiosk solutions have kept students and teachers safer when reopening. Since safety, healthy and high-quality education is of the most importance for Natchitoches, it was an easy decision to provide these kiosks to all our participating centers.

All nine centers received their kiosks recently and were able to immediately utilize the benefits of the machine to help prevent fever students and staff from entering the facility. Temperature kiosk devices were placed at the entrance of programs and provide fast measuring accuracy up to ±0.3 degree. It will provide alarm warnings when measuring abnormal temperature. If any student temperature is higher than normal temperature, we can discover precisely and follow next steps protocols. These contactless methods for temperature measurements are completed by just simply standing in front of the kiosk, so simple our youngest children under the age of 5 can complete independently.

“Our students use this process as a learning experience, children walk up to the screen and repeats the phrase “green means go, red means stop,” if green they enter the building, if red appears staff begins to immediately take safety precautions with the parent prior to the child entering the building,” stated one childcare center.

Additional centers have stated “Love our temperature kiosks” and “Thank you and the team so much for the kiosks, anything you do to make a day a little easier, we appreciate it. Its’s a big hit at our center.”

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