By Tommy Rush

I have a dear pastor friend that I’ve known for almost 25 years named Boaz Omugah. Pastor Boaz is from Kisumu, Kenya. He and his wife, Helen are very special people and their love and faithfulness to Jesus has impacted my life and faith in a great way.

Almost ten years ago, Boaz came to the United States for the very first time. He actually came to Natchitoches during the Christmas Season and was beyond amazed at the City decorations and fireworks downtown. I will never forget how he waited each day for the sun to go down in order to walk downtown and see the lights. He simply could not get over the downtown decorations, the lights and the fireworks.

Every Christmas since his visit, Boaz contacts me between Thanksgiving and Christmas to catch up by phone or text. Even though it’s been almost ten years, he still asks about the lights and wants me to send pictures of our city decorations. He loves to tell people in Kenya that he’s been to our city and experienced the lights in person.

This past Sunday evening we talked by phone again. Again he wanted to know about the “lights and asked if I could send him a new video of the fireworks. In our phone visit he said it again, “Bro. Tommy, I will always treasure my visit to America and my stay in your home. Thank you for the blessing of preaching before your wonderful church family. I will forever remember your beautiful city and the way your city celebrates our Lord’s birthday!”

In the conversation he also shared with me that his month long visit to the United States was a major highlight of his life but he struggled a bit when he returned home. He was not angry or jealous, but struggled to understand why his country and community had so little when others have so much. Then Boaz made a statement that I hope I will never forget. He said to me, “You have so much in America and I know you are grateful. Your blessings are many, but I’m afraid that many blessings would cause me to lose my grip on my day-to-day dependence on Jesus.”

Many people, myself included, can miss the greatest blessings of life when we live in abundance. The greatest blessings of life are godliness with contentment. The Apostle Paul said in I Timothy 6:6 that “godliness with contentment is great gain.” Sometimes our material blessings hinder us from drawing close to Jesus and depending on Him for the peace and joy that gives us life. My prayer for me and my family this Christmas season is to not lose our grip on our day-to-day dependence on the One whose birthday we are celebrating!