Parish Council holds brief meeting, discusses status of planning and zoning department

The Natchitoches Parish Council held a brief meeting Monday night, Dec. 20, right before the holidays. Councilwoman Patsy Ward Hoover announced her intentions to run for Mayor of Natchez and questioned Parish administrators as to when the Parish will have a new Director of Planning and Zoning? Parish President John Richmond said the Parish isn’t required to have a director, pertaining to requirements of the Home Rule Charter. He said in the absence of a director, his office has worked well with IBTS and Melonia McDaniel, who is the new executive assistant for planning and zoning.


Agenda items included:

Reappoint David Guillet to the Natchitoches Parish Tourist Commission Board
Appoint Elvin Shields to the Natchitoches Parish Planning Commission
Appoint Michael Sesvold to the Natchitoches 911 Board
Reappoint Ludlow McNeely to the Natchitoches Parish Waterworks District 2 Board

Introduction of Ordinance 017-2021 to affect t a zoning amendment of a 3.64 acre tract of land from IA to B1 zoning for the purpose of an office (118 Campti Bayou Road in Campti) for tribal business for the Natchitoches Tribe of Louisiana.

Introduction of Ordinance 018-2021 to affect a zoning change from IA to B3 for the purpose of opening a restaurant with alcohol sales on a 1.15 acre tract of land (1678 Hwy. 504 in Natchitoches).

Introduction of Ordinance 020-2021 to put Quitman Mitchem Road back into the Parish Road system (road is now named Donald Tynes Road). This ordinance comes at the request of Joshua Loyd and his wife

Amanda who live on Hwy. 478 in Robeline. Joshua and his wife are asking the Council to add a quarter of a mile road to the road system off of Donald Tynes Road. They purchased family land in 2003 and have cleared it off to put a home on the old house place fro, back in 1946. In doing so a problem was discovered where the Quitman Mitchem Road was taken out of system at some point in time and a new road was added and named Donald Tynes Road. The original road was Quitman Road back from 1946 until it was taken out of the system completely.

Adopt Resolution 064-2021 that the Parish has complied with all requirements of the Federal Off-System Bridge Replacement Program. The Code of Federal Regulations as enacted by the US Congress mandates that all structures defined as bridges located on all public roads shall be inspected, rated for safe load capacity and posted in accordance with the National Bridge Inspection Standards and that an inventory of these bridges be maintained by each state. The responsibility to inspect, rate and load post those bridges falls under the authority of the Parish of Natchitoches.

Approve removing Section 1.11 Recording Policy in the Natchitoches Parish Personnel Manuel due to the Louisiana Constitution and Revised Statute.

Approve Resolution 065-2021 to be sent to the Attorney General to give an opinion on the legality of Section 1.11 Recording Policy in the Natchitoches Parish Personnel Manuel.

Approve Resolution 066-2021 that OCS Executive Director Sharon Harris has been given authority to enter into and sign the low income housing energy assistance program for grant period 10/01/2021 – 09/30/2023 on behalf of the Natchitoches Parish Government to receive and administer LIHEAP funds for the agency.

Change Jan. 17 Regular meeting date to Jan. 19 due to Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.

Change Feb. 21 Regular meeting date to Feb. 23 due to President’s Day.

Change the June 20 Regular meeting date to June 22 due to Juneteenth’ Day Off.

Award redistricting for the Parish of Natchitoches.

Authorize the Parish President to procure consultant services for Grant Management for approved Louisiana Watershed Initiative Project for East Natchitoches Drainage Improvements.

Authorize Parish President to sign agreements with the Natchitoches Humane Society and Natchitoches Hope for Paws organizations for the 2022 budget year for $5,000 each.

Authorize Parish President to execute a certificate of substantial completion for the resurfacing of Fish Hatchery Road, retroactive to Dec. 3, 2021.

Approve amended 2021 budget and the proposed 2022 budget for the operations of the North Louisiana Criminalistics Laboratory Commission. In accordance with the requirements of RS 40:2261-22678.4 the annual budget for the operation of the NLCLC must be approved by a majority of the parish level governing bodies in the laboratory service area.

Authorize Parish President to enter into Cooperative Endeavor Agreements with Chris Nuegent for Brandon Cotton Road and Calude Wilson for Cox Lane Road as good samaritans for road maintenance and upkeep.

Approve revision to Good Samaritan CEA. The substantial changes are the removal of the Highway Directors name and the yearly renewal of the CEA, while allowing the CEA to be terminated by wither party with a 30-day written notice.

Authorize Parish President to execute an amended Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Cane River Waterway Commission which provides for additional funding by the Commission for the resurfacing of Bermuda Road and subsequently to award the contract to the low bidder, Regional Construction LLC, in the amount of $2,028,833.95. This total exceeds the $1,900,000 amount of funding to which the district previously committed to for this project three years ago. The increase in price is due to Covid and rising material costs.

Award bids for following Highway items:
Tires – Despino’s Tires
Grader Blades – Wear Parts and Equipment Co.
Silty Clay Soil – FFT Trucking
Stone Rip Rap 30lb – Madden Contractors
Stone Riprap 3×5 – Madden Contractors
HP Cold Mix – Diamond B Construction
Base Course Aggregate SB2 – Madden Contractors