Hard Work Pays Off! Pumping Iron at The Chiefs’ Invitational Powerlifting Meet

The NCHS Chiefs were joined by teams from ten other high schools from around Louisiana in the 2022 Chiefs’ Powerlifting Tournament held in the NCHS gym, Saturday, January 8. Natchitoches Parish was ably represented by lifters from Natchitoches Central High School and St. Mary’s.

The tournament serves as the main fundraiser for NCHS Powerlifting and has been held at the school for over seven years, becoming a fixture of Louisiana High School Powerlifting. The event packed the gym for the all-day event as families and well-wishers cheered for their favorites and their teammates. With opportunities for both male and female lifters as well as different weight classes, there is a place in Powerlifting for any young man or woman who is willing to put in the work to get better and stronger.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes to extend its best wishes to the lifters, coaches, and parents whose hard work and support made the tournament a success. The event was a joy to watch, as young men and women of every race cheered each other on as they competed. Work Hard. Get Better. Get stronger. The lifters exemplified everything that is right and good about sports that day. Well done ladies and gentlemen!