Terrence W. Luke of Dobson was sentenced to the maximum term of 40 years or incarceration


Natchitoches Parish District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington announced the sentencing in a recent criminal case in the 10th Judicial District Court.

Terrence W. Luke, 55, of Dobson, was scheduled to go to trial for the homicide next
week, instead pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Judge Desiree Duhon Dyess sentenced
Luke to the maximum term or 40 years or incarceration.

“After numerous meetings and consultations with family members of the deceased victim, they felt the 40 year sentence would help bring them closure to this painful chapter in their lives. In this regard, the family will not have to re-live the tragic events of crime at a trial. Additionally, the sentenced offender is 55 years old and a 40 year sentence will likely result in a life sentence.” said District Attorney Harrington.
Assistant District Attorney Cloyd Benjamin Jr. prosecuted the case.