The Housing Authority City of Natchitoches Announces Appointment of New Executive Director

The Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority City of Natchitoches is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. A. “Weda” Anthony to the role of Executive Director, following the upcoming retirement of Mrs. Monica Llorence. Mrs. Llorence has served in the role since 1999. We are deeply grateful for her service and wish her well on her new adventure. Mrs. Anthony will begin her new position on May 1, 2022.

Weda has been a dedicated and highly respected staff member and leader at the agency for over 22 years, with an impressive mix of management and administrative experience that has positioned her well for this role.

Weda has demonstrated an enduring commitment to the Housing Authority City of Natchitoches residents and communities. She is a lifelong Natchitoches resident, who has strong family roots to the Natchitoches Parish area. Her passion for people, her faith, empathy and ability to connect with others makes her a strong leader for our organization, and makes us excited for the Agency’s future.